Monday, August 27, 2012

A Bunch of Bananas!

Two years ago our baby was born. Married to an Ambot.
During this time we’ve been able to get the truth out there of what its like putting up with assholes in the Amway upline and overpaying for shitty Amway products that are not as good as their lower priced competitors.
The lies told by our upline. The lines ambots use to trap unsuspecting victims into coming to Amway meetings. We’ve covered Operation Hellhole!
In fact we covered most of it a few months after starting this blog.
Fortunately in addition to the posts we write others have contacted us to tell their stories so a blog post can be created around it.
Then the day came when someone left a comment pointing out that the recent post has an Amway sponsor who is single and on another post the sponsor is married. Another poster pointed out that the posts have gotten mellower. Oops! Yup not written by the same person! And we had to increase the swearing!
We can always use more ideas for posts. Sometimes a reader leaves a comment that can be turned into a post so feel free to give us suggestions. We want to get as many stories out there as we can so that we can help others.
Or if you’d like to give it a try to be a guest blogger it is very easy. Just leave a comment on the latest post and title it GUEST BLOG and then have at it.
Need some inspiration on what to write about? You can start off a post by using one of these lines if you like:
The sack of shit Platinum says....
The people in my Amway upline are a bunch of assholes.....
Amway functions are a waste of time because....
Throw in some swear words, channel your inner Anna Banana and have some fun cursing out your upline. Once you know how the big Amway lie functions, then any person can become Anna Banana.
Oh and if you’re an Amway lover and want to guest write a luvvy duvvy Amway post go somewhere else with that shit. Drop something like that in the comments and it will be published only so everyone can ridicule it.
Thanks to our readers for the past two years and I hope you like what is still to come!!!


  1. Yes, people do write to flush out the torrid time had while building their own business. I was a cult for that matter, telling everyone what up line asked me to tell! But I had the guts to go and say "I am done, I will not continue in Amway"

    1. Amwayscam - it's always good to hear from people who have emerged from the dark side.

      Reciting everything a cult leader tells you is all part of the brainwashing process so the cult follower no longer has the ability to think for themselves. Their view on life is their cult leaders.

  2. Well anna, it seems scamway has run its course in my town. You hardly see those imaginary business owners anymore. Or those piece a shit rust buckets with amway stickers on them. Or those "incredible business oppurtunity" flyers slid under the door or stapled to the utility pole. So i think ive run out of reasons to clown on them. Allthough i do still get the occasional laugh out of the ol tampon expert ibofb. I was a little dissapointed when i read he had been banned from the blog. Anyway its been a lot of fun at the expense of these anal retentive rocket scientists. But i must move on. There are other annoying groups of people who must be attacked with sarcasm and profanity. Thank you so much! God bless!!!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Glad to hear Scamway has run its course in your town. Must have reached the saturation point! I thank you for reading my blog and I totally understand what you're saying about moving on. A couple of associates who worked on the blog also reached a point where they needed to move on. Fortunately others have stepped in to fill their shoes but there will come a point where that will come up again. Just like readers. People come and go. And you're every welcome. I'm glad you've enjoyed the entertainment and god bless you too!!!!

  3. To Anonymous who left a comment here yesterday - sorry the person who moderates the comments deleted it. Nothing personal we try not to mention names unless they are well known in Amway such as Diamonds who speak at meetings or the owners. The people you mentioned are probably not well known except to their downline. They are just another Amway casualty. There's nothing the people in this cult take more pleasure from than destroying others lives. One of the qualifications of being in the Amway cult is you have to become a nosy ass Ambot who can't mind their own business. My blog is quite high on search engines and there are probably a lot of nosy ambots who will be searching for information on this tragic event and they won't find it here. But thanks for stopping by.


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