Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is Amway the ONLY thing One Can Do to Succeed in Life?

When I attended Dream Night last year several couples were invited to come forward, take the microphone, and say something. I think they may have been eagles or double eagles. They’d reached some level but I’m sure it wasn’t Platinum or higher. I remember one couple who were extolling the virtues of an Amway business and the wife screamed out “What else is there?” Assuming she meant in the way of business opportunities or making money outside of a J.O.B.

Let me answer her question. Just about EVERYTHING else is out there! I know lots of people who have found success while successfully staying away from Amway.

Amway is the ONLY thing you can do to succeed in life” is a message I’ve heard over and over again at meetings run by Platinum, Emerald, and Diamond speakers. Part of the brainwashing technique. Can’t let IBO’s think there are other things out there where they can succeed in life that might redirect their time, energy, or money away from the Amway scam. Ambot already has reasonable success but once he joined the Amway cult his business was constantly put down for one reason or another (what if he gets sick, what if there’s a slow down, etc) and he was brainwashed into thinking his business won’t last but Amway success is forever.

Everyone has different opinions on what defines success. I could list hundreds of items and still not be finished. For some people success could be determined by earning a desired income, reaching a scholastic level, owning a restaurant that is packed every night with patrons, getting picked for a local circuit baseball team, publishing a book, playing a musical instrument, losing weight, getting married, buying a New York City penthouse overlooking Central Park..... The possibilities are endless.

Suggesting that to most rational human beings - Amway is NOT the ONLY thing one can do to succeed in life.

“There is nothing else out there except Amway” is a similar phrase drilled into IBO’s as part of the brainwashing techniques. The cult leaders tell IBO’s they must discard anything else in their life that isn’t making them succeed at Amway.

I also heard enough times “What are you willing to give up to succeed in this business?”

The possibilities of what an IBO should discard are also an endless list: spouse, friends, church, job, TV, books, hobbies, car, house......

Who says you have to give up things or whatever makes you tick as part of your lifestyle in order to become successful?

How many apprentice mechanics are asked what things they are willing to give up so they can fix cars? Who would tell a mechanic in order to open up his own garage he must give up his wife, his TV, his friends and his hobbies, sell his house, get rid of his dog, etc or he will never succeed.

Ridiculous huh? Well maybe only to people who are not brainwashed IBO’s. People are capable of juggling other things in their lives while at the same time succeeding at their chosen goals. Apparently not Amway IBO's if you listen to the hallowed cult leaders.

Amway is NOT the ONLY thing one can do to succeed in life. Based on mine and Ambot’s experiences I’d say Amway is about the only thing we’ve ever failed at. In a system designed to set up failure. What else do you expect?


  1. An Ambot tried to tell me that Amway would be more fulfilling for me than medical school.

    I didn't listen.

    1. Anonymous - good thing you didn't listen!

  2. That is the second level of developing cultism. First they tell you all the crap about how easily(?) you can make money and so on. In India 6-4-3 plan was shown, in fact I could show the plan in sleep as well, only to realize it never works for anyone. When I was leaving the business only circles were drawn so as to avoid MLM tag from the business. Once they show you the rally CDs, rich dad poor dad and magic of thinking big (books designed based on Amway System requests/propaganda) they will start screaming that - is there anything other than Amway. Absolutely true if you put so much effort selling Tea coffee I guess you can make more money than Amway:)

    1. Hi amwayscam. Thanks for stopping by! I saw plenty of circles that all looked like pyramids to me when we were being taught how to show the plan. You can make more money doing just about anything than selling Amway products. Just walking down the street picking up loose change makes more money than in Amway!

  3. Amway is a joke. I've heard that same message at one night owl I went to when the diamond said that Amway is the only thing out there and that your job would let you go any day now. Mind you he said that where there were people that were still working at that restaurant. Thankfully I didn't listen to the brainwashing. If Amway is the only thing you can do to be successful, everyone else would be doing it. It's hard enough to sponsor even 1 person, and you may get one customer at best. Other than that, it's a huge waste of time and money

  4. Hi Anonymous. Amway is a sick joke! We've all heard that message because all those Amway cult leaders do is duplicate what everyone else is saying. Amway can let their commissioned sales reps go any day too but I bet the cult leaders don't tell you that. Every now and then you hear of Amway firing some Diamond but you don't hear about the little guys like our sack of shit Platinum who Amway fired last year. I'd say your chances of making money and not losing your job are better anywhere else than Amway! And yup we didn't sponsor anyone cause its really hard to swindle people to sign up with this cult, likewise with most other ambots we knew.


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