Thursday, August 30, 2012

Amway WWDB Free Enterprise Days 2012

WWDB Amway are holding Free Enterprise Days FED 2012 in 3 different places this year so that means IBO's will be pressured to attend all of them.
Gotta make them Diamonds richer while the masses get poorer!
So another post where I use some key words to draw in IBO's who are desperately searching on the Internet for more information about FED because no one tells them nothing useful at Amway meetings.
This year WWDB Free Enterprise Days will be held in:
Irvine, California October 5 - 7, 2012 at the Bren Events Center
Portland, Oregon October 12 - 14, 2012 at the Portland Memorial Coliseum
Denver Colorado October 26 - 28, 2012 at the Colorado Convention Center
Cost of tickets is unknown. Top secret information you know! It was $225 and considering Diamonds want to make more money from the ambots by boring them to death they've probably jacked up the price, say add another $25 to $50. Usually someone who is married to an ambot shows up to one of these posts and lets us know this year's actual cost.
That's just basic costs. If you don't live within an hour or so drive of any of these locations add on your transportation costs, hotel, and restaurants for 3 days. Or more if you're a keener and get there a day or two early to check out the area. Budget at least $1000 if you're driving. $2000 if you're flying/renting a car. That's per couple.
What happens at FED? Besides getting FED up with all the bullshit. Gee actually that just about covers it!
Friday night is one of these rah rah patriotic ceremonies with various branches of the military represented. The type of stuff that might look at place at other events but at an Amway function is creepy. Its nice to recognize the men and women who serve our country but the fanfare is just all wrong at an Amway brainwashing convention. Listening to a bunch of rah rah Diamond speakers getting the crowd fired up for the weekend with promises of all the great things they're going to be taking away from the Amway WWDB function. Probably starts around 7 or 8pm and goes on till 11pm or so.
But don't you dare think the night is over! The assholes in your Amway upline are gonna want to do night owls and all the obedient little ambots better haul ass to the designated meeting place and be prepared to stay there for a few hours. The cult leaders know the best way to brainwash their cult followers is to keep them tired so they'll be easier to brainwash cause they'll agree to anything.
Then the serious bullshitting sessions start on Saturday morning. And they go on and on and on and on until 11pm or so that night. There is a dinner break for a couple of hours. Good little ambots better not dare leave their seats for any reason and miss very important information that is being shared.
And just what is this very important information that ambots must devote to memory? Its one Ken and Barbie after another strutting across the stage in evening wear like they got invited to a Presidents gala at the White House or something. They all have the same stories about how they used to work shitty minimum wage jobs until a very dear friend showed them the Amway business plan and now they're bazillionaires and travel first class all over the world and when they're at home in their mansion that they've built out in the boonies somewhere they entertain important people and show off their garage full of luxury sport cars.
Even though midnight is closing in after the day's bullshit session is over ambots can't think of going to bed because some asshole in their upline has demanded their presence at another fucking night owl.
Sunday morning is a day to sleep in if the ambot is lucky. But more than likely the upline assholes will be pressuring the ambots to attend the Amway church service and get preached at by some Diamond who makes extra money doing this when he passes the hat around to the ambot congregation.
Sunday afternoon is more of the same from the day before. No real teaching or training. No useful information. Just Diamonds bragging about worldly possessions that they can afford thanks to Amway. Or maybe that's pretend to afford thanks to credit cards and bank loans.
The weekend of hell is usually over around 5pm. Maybe. Unless you're traveling home with other ambots who will torture you for a few more hours about how they're going big in the business.
So there you have it. No need to waste your time or money going to FED. Its just another social gathering for ambots.


  1. Hi Anna! I also hate Ambots and have been reading your blog for almost a month now, ever since my boyfriend dropped the dreaded A-word. Would you believe (and you probably do) that he told me not to look it up online "in case I found out something bad"?! That was my first warning bell.

    It's horrible. It's so sickening, this sniping of prospects and how he stays up late now taking calls at 11 PM. People at 11 PM should be sleeping or have a damn good excuse not to be, like a friend's wedding...speaking of weddings, I'm afraid to bring him to my cousin's in case he starts hunting for prey there.

    How did your Ambot escape?!

    1. Hi Caleigh! Thanks for reading! Yeah been there done that. What you say has been echoed by tens of thousands of women maybe hundreds of thousands! The dreaded A word. Ambots nev say it out of fear of chasing off a prospect. Hook them and sign them up first and then tell them it's Scamway.

      If you bring him to the wedding he will be prospecting as many people as he can. That's what ambots do. Single mindedness.

      Most ambots escape when they run out of money or they've maxed out the credit cards and then they realize they've spent all this money and got nothing to show for it. Never made no money. Then they quit. Some figure it out within a few months. Others up to a couple of years depending on how much they like the ambots they spend all their free time with.

    2. Hey guys! Just wondering if whatever you do right now (this blog, or responding to other blogs?) is making you better money than your ex's from amway?

  2. Before anyone can say that none of the above is true, I can say that it is 150% true. I cant believe I actually wasted my money in Vegas to go to that ridiculous meeting where you learn absolutely nothing.

    Sure, take your energy drinks and food bars with you but I can promise you they will not do a thing for you(I needed to eat about 5 of them to feel even remotely full and I usually only need a bowl of oatmeal) and you feel extremely drowsy and tired the entire time. Then, you will parade around the stage and worship your diamond as he walks out(I never did this, I thought it was ridiculous) and then just watch video after video after video of bullshit stories that just draaaaaag on.

    Night owls, ha! Its just one more long continuous drag about how rich they are and how you can be there too if you just work and work and work. Dont let them see you complain or not record what theyre saying, or else they'll use you as an example for a failing ambot. Trust me on this; GO UPSTAIRS AND GO TO SLEEP!

    At the end of the day, the smartest thing to do is attend the Colorado convention and just stay at the hotel and spend your day hiking, biking, swimming, and just touring some of the awesome breweries they have there! Anything else would be a waste of time and money.


    1. Sammy you forgot to say how much those 5 or 6 food bars cost. Depending on what you bought $20 - $30 right?

      Nothing ever changes about Amway functions except for the new faces in the audience!

  3. I loved reading your blog.This is something that I personally have seen.Lost my dear Sister in Law to Amway.They seem to go from bad to worse every year.The kids don't get to do much kid stuff.The meetings on friday seem to be their only social exposure.The FED days they are left in hotel rooms with baby sitters.That is their so called "vacation".I do like some products, but some I just can't afford and won't venture to buy them.I wish they would realise soon where they are headed.I'm concerned there may be a point of no return.

    1. Hi anonymous. I love having you read my blog! Yup we all have the same story don't we about how a loved one got sucked into Amway.

      The only social activities you have once you sign up with Amway involve other ambots. Nothing else is allowed. You have to ask permission of you want to do anything that is not Amway related.

      Even though it may seem like they've reached a point of no return within. Oaths of becoming an Ambot I would say the point of no return is between 2 and 3 years. Any more time after that invested in this scam the Ambot is probably a lifer. Then they have to hit rock bottom to see the lit and quit. That might mean divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure. I hope they get out before it gets that bad.

  4. I would not bother going to any of these nonsense events; All there just to get squeezed by their uplines

    Much better of showing the plan and selling a few products, thats the way it should be done, just dont spend money on this

    1. Anonymous - if a person is so driven/brainwashed to be part of Amway you are correct they are much better off not spending money on meetings and other tools. Forget showing the plan. You'd be better off trying to sell a few Amway products on the side to make some commission. Otheise you waste too much time showing the plan to people who ain't interested.

    2. hi anna

      why do you say forget about showing the plan; a relatively high number of people still join each week so people are interested and one would get a share of them; Surely eventually one would recruit a few leader types who would just run with it and build it. I presume these diamond types are just strong mentally and achieve what ever it is they
      set out to do. You probaly have the statistics but there must be a big number of people coming in all the time . just stay away from spending money on the tapes and meetings and tell people the truth ; sell a few products sponsor a few people and spend little of your money and things would be better

    3. Anonymous - everyone is just going to run out and build the business. And that's what they call it instead of referring to it as Amway.

      You'd make more money on a paper route and spend less time than you would in Amway. Te upline makes it sound easy sell a few products sponsor a few people but the reality is it is very hard to find even one person to sponsor and they probably won't do anything anyway. Most people sign up to get the Ambot off their back and don't do nothing else. Likewise with selling Amway products. You might sell a few to friends and family in the beginning but getting repeat clients is nearly impossible.

    4. To me, recruiting "prospects" into Amway just because there are still suckers out there to reel in is no less immoral than saying it's okay to do tried-and-true bait and switch conman tricks just because there will always be someone gullible to fall for them.

      Amway is based on illusion and lies, has a less than 1% chance of success even with those who "work" it and anyone with a conscience wouldn't want to drag other people into it, potentially ruining their lives, marriages, finances, friendships, just to try to make a few bucks off of them.


  5. $125 per person as it has been for years. No price changes. They did take away the free tickets to new IBO's they used to offer. I think they still may have 2 free guest (non-ibo) tickets though.

    1. Thanks anonymous. I knew someone would show up with the ticket amount. We never got free tickets to nothing when we were new ambots. We got the usual drivel about how business owners have expenses and we can write it off on our income tax.

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  7. Hello, there seems to be a rediculous amount of negativity on this site, and most of you are thriving on it. I personally don't enjoy speaking about anything in an angry way. Granted, sometimes it's needed, but not in mass amounts.
    I am, and always will be, a proud IBO. Not for Amway, because let's get this straight, Amway is only our SUPPLIER. They're a tool, so to speak, it's up to you how you use the tools given to you.
    I'm sorry to hear all your misgivings, maybe your loved ones in this business aren't doing quite right, because there's always a wrong way of doing anything, but this business is profitable, I'm experiencing this first hand.
    I just thought I'd say something positive, because nobody else seemed to want to. I won't see this page after I send this, fyi, busy with the business. I was just curious about what was being said online about the business I'm working in.
    Anyway, I hope you all find what works for you, this definitely works for me, living the good life. Take care.

    Anonymous <3

    1. Amway is not only a supplier. You are dead wrong if you believe that. When you get a check, doesn't it come from Amway? When you sign up as an IBO, you are bound to Amway's rules. They are not just a supplier for you. You also cannot compete with them.

      If your business is profitable, then explain what you are doing and also how profitable your downlines are.

  8. Well, I for one was an IBO for about 5 years, and I totally disagree with your assumption that you get NOTHING out of the events or the business model. While I did not achieve my goals, and have been out of the business for a few years now, there were alot of things that I found very valuable. It helps some people who may be introverted to become more extroverted, as they need to "contact" people in the outside world. While maybe you did not like the food bars or the energy drinks, I found them pretty good, and found them just as filling as any other food bar and just as high quality. The energy drinks did not have as much of a "kick" as a Monster or Red Bull, but it also all natural, so you have to understand it will not be as powerful as something with unnatural chemicals or substances used to give you energy. But the best thing I found, and something I will take with me for the rest of my life in the traditional business world is that the books and fucntions DO teach a different mindset. A mindset that most successful business owners have. One that you cannot truly understand, unless you LIVE it!! I plan on opening my own sports bar soon, and I feel much more confident that I will be successful, since I can apply principles that I learned through Amway.

    1. Anonymous - if you got something out of your experience with Amway then it was money well spent on an education for you.

      People have different tastes. I'm guessing that no matter how much you liked Amway's food bars and drinks you didn't keep buying them after you quit!

      Good on you for starting up your own sports bar. Please do not rely on what you learned in Amway. They don't even teach people how to write a business plan and all the expenses and legalities involved in starting up a real business. You can get books at the library that are better and cheaper than you bought from Amway. Speak to a financial consultant at the bank or someone who owns a bar and get real business advice. Good luck to you!

  9. Amway is not worth shit. Of course there will be people that will defend it to death as long as you insert the disks in the robots over and over.

    These functions are a huge waste of time. Why spend money just to go out of state for a few days and watch a bunch of people brag about how well they have it. Ok you can say you have a lot of money, but who knows exactly how much you have? Also I can have plenty of possessions, yet obtain my money from selling drugs. I'm wearing a fancy suit how would you know what I've done? Can you even ask a diamond (WTF is that anyway?) what did they do specifically? All you'll hear is the same BS over and over.

    And how about the make extra money in spare time. Spare time? They have several meetings a week, then there are meetings at someone's home, group get togethers etc. Of course they expect you to try to find people at your job, your neighborhood, local store, the mall, your Church, etc. Then listen to the crappy, annoying, and repetitive cds and read books. Spare time my ass this is longer than a full time job.

    You hear about making money and how quick you can do this and that, but they want you to spend spend spend. Then after that you find all the people you know, your friends know, strangers, etc. Really all you will do is push people away from you, except of course your fellow Ambots. Then you have the mindset that they are your true friends, they didn't desert you. So of course you now try to be around them more and more. It's not worth it one bit.

    1. Sprigs leg - thank you for stopping by. You have summed up the Amway experience very neatly in a few short paragraphs!

  10. It's easy to criticize what you're not willing to do yourself. I never made any money in Amway, but I was sponsored by a Diamond and I've met hundreds of people who did make money. It was hard work - required a big investment financially and personally. I just didn't want it bad enough to succeed. It wasn't for me. That's all. It doesn't make Amway bad or the people who work it a cult.

    1. Larry that's Amspeak! Amway propaganda that's all part of this blame the victim scam instead of admitting that a business with a 99% failure rate is a system designed for failure. That's a standard Ambot response that you didn't try hard enough and I'm sorry you were brainwashed to believe it. Have you ever notice that no ambot will define what is tried hard enough. How many hours, how much money spent, etc. it don't matter how many hours you it in or how hard you try in a system designed for failure. The mass majority will fail no matter how hard they tried.

    2. Larry,
      After all that time boosting yourself up, learning how to be a better person, becoming more positive, how can you get so down on yourself? You know you tried hard. You know you worked hard.


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