Here’s a post I found on the Internet from a few years ago and the wife refers to the cost of tapes ten years before, so lets say they were in Amway through the mid-90s. Just in case anyone is wondering I didn’t edit the story just copied and pasted. Even though they used a bunch of **** to avoid saying bastards, I have no problem saying it like it is!

Its so spooky even 15 years apart how so many of us have similar stories:

When I realized my husband would never be able to bring himself to do the things they asked in order to "build the business", I asked, and then begged that he stop spending the money on books and tapes, seminars and major rallies.

He just kept going on with it, and the longer it went the more I realized that the primary reason we could not get any real help from our upline was that they were already making plenty of money from us off of their share of the tapes, books, seminars, and rallies. Just one example; it costs pennies each to mass duplicate a tape of one of these "upline" talking at a rally, and our price for the two tapes of the week ten years ago was over $7.00 each!

Finally I asked our oh-so-caring sponsors to talk to him and get him to drop the business since he was obviously not going to work it. Instead, they encouraged him to continue having contact with them behind my back, he got a credit card that I did not know about and put $6,000 on it while pulling the bills out of the mail so that I never saw them.

This was because I was working a second job to try and pay off the other two credit cards, 80+% of which were charged up with Amway crap. I was giving him $400 a month that he was supposed to be directly applying to charge cards. Instead, he was making the minimum payments and spending the cash on more motivational crap. They told him he was doing the right thing because once he became successful it would all be made up to me, in spades.

$16,000 spent in four years. One marriage nearly ruined. Bankruptcy. And to this day he will not throw out the pictures of himself with those Diamonds and Emeralds. He's not the same person and never will be, thanks to the brainwashing techniques they use, which strongly resemble those used by religious cults.

The only time in my life that I would refuse to urinate on one of those rat-faced Amway ba****** would be if he or she were on fire.

To read the original post and the ensuing comments

It has the usual typical following with people sharing their Amway horror stories but it doesn’t take long for the first ambot to show up and say there was something wrong with their marriage to begin with. A few brainwashed ambots show up to praise the glories of their hallowed cult with the typical Amway speak. Like we’ve all heard it hundreds of times before.

They’re lucky only $16,000 was spent in four years. These days that would not be an unreasonable amount to spend in only one year. There are more tools related expenses these days, cost of functions has gone up, as well as travel, food, and accommodations for the functions.

Let’s compare this wife’s story against mine using this check list:

  1. Wife asks/begs husband to quit. Check.
  2. Upline making money off the downline victim. Check.
  3. Sponsor doesn’t give a flying fuck about the wife. Check.
  4. Husband racking up the credit card bill. Check.
  5. Husband sneaking around behind the wife’s back to associate with the Amway cult. Check.
  6. Husband only making minimum payment on credit card bills so he still has money to buy more Amway shit and motivational products. Check.
  7. Bullshit propaganda from the upline about how one day the husband will be successful. Check.
  8. Thousands of dollars spent on Amway. Check.
  9. Marriage nearly ruined. Check.
  10. Husband has been brainwashed by the cult. Check.
  11. Wife calls the upline “rat-faced Amway bastards”. Check.

OK. OK. I know on point # 11 I call those upline bastards a lot worse than she does but close enough so you get the point.

I did not write that story but I could have just as thousands of other Amway widows could have written it. Its my story, their story, our story. The story never changes. Just the players.