Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Husband’s Amway Mistress

Usually it is our husbands who are approached by a friend who tells them about an amazing business opportunity. A home based business where they work 10 to 15 hours a week and can earn an extra $1000 a month or more by selling Amway products and signing up other IBO’s who will also purchase Amway products and sign up others to do the same, and so on and so on. At first the wife might be sceptical. You know the old phrase about how if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. The numbers look good on paper but in actuality it doesn’t seem believable that this can this be pulled off.
When our husbands get excited about something we want to be supportive. It doesn’t take long before we stop being supportive and end up getting more and more pissed off. Husband is sneaking around like he has a mistress on the side. And sure enough he does. A mistress called Amway. He’s out of the house for endless hours attending Amway meetings sneaking back in the house in the early morning hours after we’ve gone to sleep. He’s spending money like crazy on his mistress. Money he doesn’t have so he uses a line of credit, home equity loan, or credit cards. You know when he whips out the plastic he pretends he’s not really paying for it. After all it is a pretend business. That is until the bills roll in and then paying back real money is not so pretend any more.
After awhile the wife has had enough. She never sees her husband and their bank account is diminishing while their debt is going through the roof. “Choose your mistress or choose me.” Fortunately most men come to their senses and realize for all their hard work, time, and effort they are not getting the money back that was dangled in front of them when they were first looking into this exciting business opportunity and they stop going to Amway meetings and throwing away their money.
That’s the short version of every wife’s horror tale about their husband’s Amway mistress.
Many of us are lucky enough to have our ambots come to their senses. Usually because they’ve had enough of the upline’s abuse and the realization that the promised riches ain’t never gonna happen. All the ambots who promised to be best friends forever and ever abandon him. Can be kind of tough on some men who actually liked these people and thought they liked him. Wrong. They only liked his money because he was helping make their dreams come true.
How Good A Liar Are You?
If someone is a good liar then they have the potential to be part of the less than 1% of IBO’s who make money at Amway. This is because you have to lie all the time when recruiting prospects or finding customers to buy overpriced shit.
Some of the lies that IBO’s are expected to tell:
“No, this isn’t Amway. We just use Amway to move our products.”
“Where else can you work a business 10 hours a week and earn $100,000/year.”
“After a few months you will be making thousands of dollars.”
“Business is going great!”
“You will save money by buying from your own store.”
“Everything to do with the business is tax deductible.”
“We’re debt free. We pay for everything in cash.”
“Amway saves marriages. There’s a low divorce rate in Amway.”
“People who don’t succeed in Amway are either lazy or they didn’t try hard enough.”
“Now is the time to get on board because exciting changes are about to happen.”
“People who are not involved with Amway are broke losers.”
“Tools are optional.”
“We will buy back your tools if you leave the business.”
“We sell high quality products and they’re reasonably priced for their high quality.”
“You will collect residual income for the rest of your lives.”
“I work with a team of millionaires developing online businesses.”
Its really amazing how ambots can spout off these lies and then claim they’re running an ethical business.
This shit just makes my skin crawl because everytime I heard an ambot say one of these lines I knew I was in the presence of a lying son of a bitch and I was very uncomfortable.

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