Thursday, August 9, 2012

How Good A Liar Are You?

If someone is a good liar then they have the potential to be part of the less than 1% of IBO’s who make money at Amway. This is because you have to lie all the time when recruiting prospects or finding customers to buy overpriced shit.
Some of the lies that IBO’s are expected to tell:
“No, this isn’t Amway. We just use Amway to move our products.”
“Where else can you work a business 10 hours a week and earn $100,000/year.”
“After a few months you will be making thousands of dollars.”
“Business is going great!”
“You will save money by buying from your own store.”
“Everything to do with the business is tax deductible.”
“We’re debt free. We pay for everything in cash.”
“Amway saves marriages. There’s a low divorce rate in Amway.”
“People who don’t succeed in Amway are either lazy or they didn’t try hard enough.”
“Now is the time to get on board because exciting changes are about to happen.”
“People who are not involved with Amway are broke losers.”
“Tools are optional.”
“We will buy back your tools if you leave the business.”
“We sell high quality products and they’re reasonably priced for their high quality.”
“You will collect residual income for the rest of your lives.”
“I work with a team of millionaires developing online businesses.”
Its really amazing how ambots can spout off these lies and then claim they’re running an ethical business.
This shit just makes my skin crawl because everytime I heard an ambot say one of these lines I knew I was in the presence of a lying son of a bitch and I was very uncomfortable.


  1. Hi Anna, am a newly-defected ambot! Was shown the 'biz' plan yrs ago by a friend of mine, I signed up as a distributor back then 'to help her out', decided to give the 'biz' a go end of last yr, after 9 mths of socialising only with more senior (read: irreversibly brainwashed) ambots, a few thousand bucks spent on 'crap ass make u feel u are a winner' tools, seminars, prosucks (products that suck), communicating on an almost daily basis with my upline Platinum friend and her irritating, annoying, husband (whom she met in the biz, go figure!), 'privileged' coffee sessions counselling with our creepy upline Diamond, I decided to cut my losses n put a stop to this shit. My husband and I live in a huge house with a pool, a housekeeper, and 6 cars and for some stupid reason I felt like I needed to do something aside from my freelance professional job. Talk about being ungrateful. My close friends thought I was crazy for even having thoughts of Amway in my head but they humoured me, yet subtly kept away from me. My husband and I had countless arguments over this when I first started, but that stopped when I said I would try this out for a yr, and I would quit if it didn't bring us any good. Fucking obviously, it didn't.
    Yesterday I told my upline Platinum that I wanted out n she 'advised' me to keep listening to the CDs n reading the books to 'keep the dream alive'. Dream? What fucking dream? I am already living it.
    It felt so absolutely, indescribably FABULOUS & LIBERATING to be out of ambot mode. My inner self had rebelled from the very beginning but I fought it to apparently try to become as 'coachable' as I possibly could.
    Everything you have written here is true, from the creepy cult methods, to the perky love-bombs, to.... EVERYTHING! In fact, you have actually inspired me to write about my 9 months as an ambot. Perhaps when I begin my blog I'll add the link in a comment. Til then, I shall continue reading yours and silently nodding in agreement...

  2. Yes obviously, you need to lie about everything that is part of Amway propaganda... Their skin care products are world number one! Health supplements do everything almost replacing the food you need to take... You are going some direction, look at your friends they do nothing to their future - when you ask about the Amway.
    Adelle, I started writing blogs to help out people if they want to take note of my experience. If you want you can drop into my blog about some more truth which are termed negative in Amway. I could not continue there because of the above mentioned lies and even more -
    You spoke really well - for the one who speaks for the first time
    You are a go getter
    Your commitment level is awesome
    You are really common sensical
    You are on the right track just keep doing more
    We can break eagle in 90 days and platinum qualification can start in another 180 days
    He - some up line diamond, emerald crap - is here to help us, and he already achieved his dream
    If you attend 52 weeks open meeting continuously you are a platinum
    We are debt free
    I committed mistakes in my early days, if you avoid them you can beat my performance

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