Just spent a week camping in Big Sur in California's central coast. This was the first place my husband and I went camping together and I love it here, its so peaceful and beautiful scenery. Some of our family got together and one of my friends near San Francisco got down for a couple of days. Kind of nice being away from computers and TVs for awhile and hanging out.
The campsite across from ours was occupied for most of the time by a bunch of young women in their 20's. I couldn't keep track of exactly how many there were but I guess about 12 give or take 2. It was hard to say because they were coming and going a lot I guess to buy supplies. They actually had 2 campsites and had showed up in 4 cars and parked 2 in each site. They had one tent. I didn't think it was all that big a tent for how many of them there were. Perhaps one or two slept in their cars I don't know. I wasn't watching their sleeping arrangements! I kept expecting a bunch of guys to show up but none did.
Then I got to thinking what if they are ambots. I doubt it in this case otherwise they'd have been all over us trying to sell their Amway shit. But it got me thinking about how many ambots try to cram into one hotel room at Scamway functions to try to save money. Though I guess one guy is responsible for paying the hotel bill and hopes the rest of the group coughs up some money. To really save money bring a tent and find somewhere to put it up. So how many ambots can you cram into a tent that could be pitched in a park, the front lawn of the arena, a vacant lot, or wherever. I don't know. 20 ambots in a tent? Tent city at an Amway function. Classy!
And what to bring along to eat on a camping trip? Here are some things that normal people might bring along on a camping trip: single size cereal boxes, eggs, bacon, bread, peanut butter, tin foods, hot dogs, hamburgers, steak, potatoes, cookies, marshmallows, potato chips, pop, beer.
What would an ambot pack in their cooler for a camping trip? Not much. Shitty food bars, XS, Nutrilite vitamins, perfectly expensive water.
What do normal people do for fun while camping? Depends on the location but things like swimming if there's a lake or ocean nearby, hiking, reading, chatting and catching up, telling scary stories around the campfire. Sometimes there's a park ranger who gives chats or does nature walks. The area might be suitable for activities like ATVing, 4 wheeling, biking, waterskiing.
What does an ambot do on a camping trip? Talk about Amway because that's all their lives are consumed with. How about harrassing other campers by trying to prospect them. Using lines like "see that big RV over there? Wouldn't you like to own one like that? You can buy a brand new one in 6 months if you sign up with Amway and find 6 other people to sign up. You could buy a new RV every year." Scary stories around the campfire? Just talking about Amway will accomplish that scary story criteria! And ambots have nothing else to talk about. Their old lives have been removed from them and their entire existence revolves around Amway and Amway products and Amway meetings and Amway fiends. No thats not a typo! Like I used to hear at Amway functions - what else is out there except for Amway.
If you're an ambot the answer is nothing.
If you're a normal well rounded person the possibilities are endless.
Instead of asking how many ambots can fit in a tent the question should be how many ambots would want to camp out in a tent? Probably zippo because ambots believe that is beneath their dignity. All those videos we saw at Amway meetings and functions the ambots were travelling first class if they weren't on a private jet and staying at 5* hotels. Not camping. There's no place for a tent when ambots have a fake it till you make it image to project.