Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ambot Neighbor

Here is an accurate portrayal of getting hounded by an Amway ambot salesperson!


  1. lol And they wonder why eventually EVERYONE avoids them like the plague!


    1. Dave - to loosely quote the assholes in my upline:

      The people who avoid Amway and IBO's are too stupid to get it, they're losers, and they'll die broke!

      Ha ha ha!!!!

  2. The other night my wife and I were at our son's back to school night (private high school) and during one of the "breaks" a school film was shown in all the classrooms with the school president talking about all the things the school is involved in, doing, fixing, proud of... blah blah blah. Then he gets to the part on the cafeteria and food offered and said "We have partnered with Herbalife to offer delicious nutrition bars to be sold during lunches..." WHAT????? My wife and I looked at one another and grimaced. I'm going to guess that someone in the higher up of administration was sucked into the MLM scam and used his/her pull to get those nasty snake oil products a venue for sales to the unsuspecting kids. UGH!!!


    1. What!? That must be part of the joys of a private school. I don't know they'd get away with that in the public school system.

  3. Hello Anna, recently I wrote post about Amway on internet YouTube clean up mission with negative titles to have pro-Amway contents. Thanks for putting up this up, make it a sticky post, people should watch this!

  4. Hi, i have posted few times in the past in your blog. Recently i have not been around in your site often because MLMs seemed to fade away and I decided to move on. My wife and I have been approached at least half dozen times by different scam companies this year but not for the last couple of months. Today our neighbors invited us for lunch; I could not go because I have a flu and I am busy. We have been texting back and forth and turns out this lunch was a "business presentation". Right now I am so pissed off and fed up as I have never been... I hate amway, melaleuca, aegon, and the other two (based in Dallas) that I don't even remember their names. They are everywhere, strangers at the grocery store, neighboors and friends, job sites...I don't usually lose my cool...BUT F**K MLMs companies...I wish I was with my wife right now in that lunch so I could kick this business people asses.


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