Monday, September 17, 2012

Fuck You IBO!

It finally happened! Someone did a Google search for “fuck you IBO” and found my blog! You guessed it. Number 1 on the search engine!

Yes this is definitely the place to be if you want to tell any IBO you’ve ever met: “Fuck you!” Or live vicariously through me saying it.

Depending on your perspective there are different types of IBO’s to say fuck you to:

1. from the point of view of someone who is not associated with Amway and does not want to be associated with Amway and does not want to be hounded by Amway IBO’s
2. from the point of view of someone who has a spouse, family member, or good friend who is an Amway IBO
3. from the point of view of a former IBO who has found out the truth about Amway and the tool scam

So rather than say fuck you over and over in each sentence I’ll just say it once at the top of the list.


1.      for saying where else can you start up your own business for only $150 but neglecting to mention all the other costs once you’ve paid your start up fee
2.     for saying people who have nothing good to say about Amway are only trying to steal your dream
3.     for saying people who don’t support your Amway business don’t want you to succeed
4.     for saying “don’t say negative!”
5.     for saying buy from your own store
6.     for trying to break up marriages
7.     for saying the more meetings and functions you attend the more successful you will be
8.     for saying “You can’t quit now because you haven’t been in it long enough to succeed” no matter how many years you’ve been in Amway
9.     for hounding me to buy your shitty overpriced products
10. for lying about how the upline does not profit from the sale of Amway tools
11.   for lying about how you’ll only spend 10 to 15 hours a week in this business
12. for criticizing people who have J.O.B.s
13.  for saying you’ll always be broke as long as you’re working for someone else
14. for saying you must be on DITTO
15.  for saying you must be CORE
16. for being disrespectful
17.  for bringing misery to people’s lives
18. for saying you must always listen to tapes (oops I fucked up by saying TAPES!!! IBOFB will be in to leave a comment that tapes haven’t been sold since he was shitting his diapers and CD’s have been sold for the past few decades)
19. for forcing us to buy tools by saying you won’t work with us if we don’t buy them (even though the Amway literature says buying tools from your LOS is optional and your upline can’t refuse to mentor you and assist you to build a business if you don’t buy them)
20.for wanting your errands done for free
21. for saying attend all functions no matter what else is going on in your life
22. for not getting off my ass about recruiting me as an IBO
23.for getting bitchy if we question anything
24. for brainwashing us
25.for lying about how everyone in the upline is very successful
26. for telling us an Amway business is a great tax shelter and everything is tax deductible
27.for not taking “NO” for an answer
28.for telling us to sign up our dog and cat as downline IBOs
29. for not minding your own fucking business
30.for lying about being debt free
31.  for being bullies
32.for telling us to charge Amway products and functions onto our credit cards
33. for lying about Amway owning the Amway Arena in Orlando Florida
34.for lying about the health benefits of Perfect Water
35. for blaming people who don’t succeed in their Amway business as being lazy
36.for blaming people who don’t succeed in their Amway business as not trying hard enough
37. for underestimating the power of the Internet
38.for telling us to wear business attire to all meetings
39.for lying about how Artistry is one of the top 5 best selling cosmetics in the world
40. for telling us not to have any competitor’s products in the house if Amway sells a similar product
41. for telling us to lie to prospects so they don’t know they’re coming to an Amway meeting
42. for telling us to do what our upline tells us to do because they’re the only ones with a sincere interest in us
43.for lying about how you’ll be our best friends forever
44.for saying duplicate your upline
45.for telling us that self consumption is essential to our success in the Amway business
46.for forcing your personal beliefs upon us
47.for saying that people who refuse to be part of the Amway business are losers
48.for saying don’t do anything and don’t buy anything without first counselling with your upline
49.for telling us not to socialize with friends and family who are not in the Amway business
50.for saying “always edify your upline”
51.  for being annoying as hell
52.for lying about how you’ll buy back books and tapes (ah shit I meant CDs) if we decide not to build an Amway business
53. for lying about how we’ll collect residual income for the rest of our lives
54.for telling us to cancel our plans if you want to schedule a last minute business meeting
55. for saying “if the dream is big enough then the facts don’t count”
56.for berating us if we didn’t bring any prospects to an Amway meeting
57. for giving us “lines” to use to trick people into attending an Amway meeting
58.for holding late night meetings
59.for causing financial losses
60. for causing emotional distress
61. for scolding us if we miss a meeting
62.for being the biggest bunch of liars I’ve ever met
63.for being the greediest assholes I’ve ever met
64. for being the biggest troublemaking bastards I’ve ever met

OK I think I’ve said enough fuck you’s for now. If I keep thinking about it the list will keep growing and I have to stop this post sometime! Feel free to load up the comments with the many ways you want to say FUCK YOU IBO


  1. TAPES is my favorite:)

    1. Fuck tapeway, I mean Fuck Amway, Fuck Amway, Fuck Amway, Fuck Amway, Fuck Amway, Fuck Amway, Fuck Amway, Fuck Amway, Fuck Amway, Fuck Amway, Fuck Amway, Fuck Amway, Fuck Amway, Fuck Amway, Fuck Amway, Fuck Amway, Sorry Dude I just had to vent.

    2. Anonymous - totally agree with you dude! Couldn't have said it better myself!

  2. hello why did you miss that most important reason why I almost went into depression - so add to the list,
    teaching compulsive shitting positives even if they're straight lies
    asking not to save and invest money even if I knew about my life and finances better than my upline
    being hypocritical everywhere

    meanwhile my up line had called me Anna couple of weeks back and I told him I disposed CDs and Books... proud to be gutsy enough!


    Ambots ruin the latest craze in one of their "meetings".

  4. I threw away a couple thousand dollars and a lot of time over the course of a year, ten years ago. I consider myself one of the lucky ones who saw what a scam it is and how brainwashed its followers are before I went any further. I should have trusted my gut and never tried it in the first place.

    Amazing how programmed they are--"if the dream is big enough, the facts don't count" were exact the words also spoken by the wife of a (presumably former) high-level IBO who's now facing numerous charges of fraud, money laundering, racketeering, embezzlement, theft of business property, misappropriation of corporate funds. And he was nowhere near as repugnant as Dexter Y., living proof that the antichrist can wear a cross around his neck.

    Call it a learning experience. It's been a long time since any Scammers or Quixters have asked if I'm interested in supplementing my income, but on the occasions they have, I give them the buzzer sound and give them a stiff arm. I'll probably never get rich or "financially free," but at least I know I won't end up bankrupt with a house full of consumer products no one needs.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for sharing your story. And you are truly lucky you only lost a couple thousand to this scam. So many people have lost so much more money not to mention lost relationships and lost brain cells.

  5. Lol wow people's lives suck, you are where you are based on the way you think. Hope you make money from these blogs.

    1. Software Guru- at least we know how to think. A foreign concept to brainwashed Amway losers.

    2. It's "Soft-Headed Guru" again. Anna, this guy is in Amway. No doubt about it.

      He's posted comments on two different threads here, and in both cases all he can do is whinge about how Amway is "a great business" and how he hopes (sarcastically) you "make money" from this blog.

      That is pure unadulterated Amway bullshit-speak. Translation: Amway is wonderful, and everything in life is about making money.

      This shithead makes the bulk of his money from his software-solutions company, and probably does Amway as a sideline.

      Who the fuck else would come to this blog and post comments, except someone with an emotional commitment to or against Amway?

      But like most cowards in Amway, this guy doesn't want to admit he's actually a member of the scam. So he comes here and tries to sound above-it-all, like a dispassionate observer.

      Software-Guru is a lying piece of shit.

    3. Anonymous - of course Guru is an Amway Ambot. He's got the snotty snobby Amway attitude down. I was too busy today to deal with his bullshit Amspeak propaganda lucky day for that bastard right.

      See Amway Ambots are so full of themselves and pumped up about belonging to the Cult of Greed that they just can't comprehend that some people do public service work for free. Its our way of helping others who have been devastated by Amway and give them a place to vent or look for support.

      And we have no way of knowing if this bastard actually makes money with software solutions company. I can tell you our business email gets swamped with all these software gurus trying to sell their services to us. So must be a lot of competition out there. And here's the thing if I want a software guru I know how to find one without spam hitting my mailbox.

      Every Amway Ambot is a lying piece of shit. Guru's got to walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to being an Amway loser.


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