Friday, September 7, 2012

Come to the Dark Side - We have Amway Products!

Ever notice with ambots how they gush about how wonderful Amway products are. They are "high quality". They are priced appropriately - read into that overpriced, expensive, etc - for their high quality. Gush gush bullshit. And the only way you too can get some of these Amway products is if you cross into the dark side and sign up as an Amway IBO. Secret club. Secret buyers club. 
And these bastards think the best way they can entice people to sign up to be an Amway IBO is because they can now buy Amway products? Quality products for quality people bullshit slogan perhaps?
Before we signed up we went to a grand opening at the house of the asshole who ended up sponsoring us into Amway. This is someone we've known for a long time. My husband knows his brother, met him first many years ago, and over the years met the fucking asshole brother who ended up sponsoring us into Amway. Fortunately our paths haven't crossed too often over the years. Usually at his brother's house or a few other places over the years. Though the asshole was never able to sponsor his brother and wife into Scamway. So here we are at this lunch thing and who's missing. Brother and his wife. They smart enough to know better than to get involved in anything he's in. I tried to haul my husband out of there ASAP with a warning that he better not buy no Amway shit.
I eventually wandered over to see what the wife thought of this Amway business shit and the overpriced products. She was standing at a table loaded with shitty Amway products. She gives me some canned amspeak bullshit about how they changed their buying habits to shop from their own store and when their relatives want to buy things for them though she wasn't clear on what things these relatives were tripping over each other to buy for these ambots then they encourage them to shop from their store too. It seems to me she's not too thrilled about this Amway shit but trying to act like she's gung ho about their new business.
Back outside with the Amway good old boy's club the only other person that's shown up is his sponsor the eagle or double eagle in training or platinum in training or whatever the fuck he is. Just another lying Amway asshole as far as I'm concerned. No wife in sight. I can understand why. Going to Amway events is a waste of time.
Actually I rarely saw either the sponsor's or the eagle's wife at Amway meetings and there I was busting my ass going to them. Like they think they're the only ones who have better things to do with their time than go to Amway meetings?
Since heard that the asshole eagle or platinum in training or whatever fucking Amway title he has split with his wife and he's gone back to Iowa or wherever he came from. Running home crying to mommy because of his unsupportive unchristian dreamstealing wife who was negative to his business. Most of his downline eventually left him anyway as is the case with most ambots who quit within a year or so. Lifers like him gotta keep finding new people to lie to and sell the dream and fuck them out of their money.
Cross to the dark side for the Amway products. Stay in the dark side and lead a life of misery. The Amway future awaits: divorce, credit card debt, no savings, bankruptcy, foreclosure.
Come to the dark side - we have Amway products.
Stay out of the dark side. Life is so much better when you're not putting up with Amway assholes and products.


  1. Hi, this is pretty much unrelated to Amway products
    but I hope you can help, since you yourself have gotten out of Amway

    I quit 3-4 months ago (I think), whereby I got my credit card # changed, and ceased all activity pertaining to Amway, eg ignored all attempts to contact me by my upline
    A good decision; my finances are in much better shape

    For the life of me though, I have no idea how to get rid of Communikate. It's been a few months and I STILL get emails on a very frequent basis telling me that I have a new bullshit voicemail or that they could not process various upkeep costs from my (old) credit card and to contact them to prevent service interruption. They've been diverted to junk mail of course but it's still annoying that they keep coming.
    I already scoured the communikate website and there was no 'discontinue' / 'opt out' link anywhere, and I obviously don't want to talk to my upline again to ask them how

    Any tips would be appreciated, and if you would like me to share why I quit that can be arranged as well (though you've probably heard it all by now)

    1. Hi anonymous. I typed you out a response and it went into cyber hell somewhere! I wrote a post on how to cancel Communikate back in March so you might want to check that archive because my copy and paste ain't working right for me for some reason. A former employee said the best thing to do is exactly what you've done. Change your payment information. After a few months they'll cancel your account and they never go to collections.

      Sure come back and share why you quit. We all pretty much have the same story. We quit because we were losing money, destroying our relationships, being abused by our upline, had enough of the cult bullshit.....

  2. You guys are insane listen to what you guys are publishing. You glt itroduced to amway by crooks. Just like there r some good police and some bad. You are the minority of people who have suffered. I feel sorry for you guys. Im a young 21 year old student whose built the busjness myself and i am now earnin 2 thousNd a month. Meetings are not compulsory no1 holds a gun to ur head to say join. Seriously dudes u lot complainin about husband divorcing u. The problem isnt amway. Its the people who are in it from your side. My up line are fab. So supportive and im doing great.
    Products are awesomeee!
    Ive only been in amway a year or so and i love it.
    This probly wont get posted cos it seems like jus hate messages get posted lol.
    Goodluck with your lifes. Ur missing a big opportunity mmaan. And im only 21. Networking is the key and im successful. Il retire next year.

    1. Oh my god, I find it hard to walk with all that BULLSHIT piled knee deep. lol You think you are the first Ambot to come here and say "business is GREAT! I am making thousands and will be retired and walking the beaches of the world within a year". Yeah... right. Your nose is growin', Mr. Pinocchio. You're not fooling anyone. We've heard it all before. Just part of the smoke, mirrors and lies of "fakin' it til you make it" that they preach to fool the gullible.

  3. Hi anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your story. No problem posting your comments. I let assholes post here so why wouldn't I let a nice fellow like you stop by and say something!

    So how come you guys are all 19, 20, 21 have the best upline out there, think Amway products are awesome, and you're all going to retire next year? See a pattern here?

    Stop by next year when it happens because congratulations will be In order for sure because you'll be the first person in Amway's history to actually retire. Aside from the people who own the company that is! No one has ever been able to name one person who retired from Amway and just walked away while the money keeps rolling in forever. We are in the presence of Amway royalty! Ever been to an Amway function and seen those old geezers talking from the stage? They can't retire even as Diamonds because if they stop working the money stops coming in and they make the majority of their money by talking at Amway functions. But it's going to be different for you! You actually get to retire at 21. Wow!

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  5. I know this is an old post but my husband is in Amway and his father and I think it's a cult. How the heck did you convince your husband to get out Anna?!!

    1. Anonymous - like most women out there I just waited him out. 95% of IBO's quit inside 2 years, most of them within the first year. After a few months he stopped by products and going to meetings, only doing so when some fucking asshole in the Amway upline phoned to bitch at him. Finally he got tired of the abuse and quit for good. And yes, Amway is a cult, its all about brainwashing the ambots to believe they're going to have bazillions of dollars in residual incoming rolling in every month after a couple of years of attending all Amway meetings and buying minimum 100PV in Amway products ever month. Look on the right side of this page for Amway links. You'll see a free ebook called Merchants of Deception. Read it for help understanding more about the Amway cult and its brainwashing techniques. See if you can get your husband to read it too. Good luck!


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