Monday, September 10, 2012

How Do I Get My Son Out of Amway?

I get several searchers daily looking for how to get their loved one out of Amway but lately I have been inundated with people finding their way here hoping to find information on how to get their son, daughter, husband, friend out of Amway or how to convince someone to leave Amway or that their brother has been brainwashed by Amway.
The desperation from these people is evident. There is nowhere to turn but the Internet and hope to find the information they seek. Unfortunately there is no one size fits all answer. The ambot will always have some canned amspeak response taught to him by some upline Amway asshole to respond to just about every argument. This is part of the teaching that ambots learn at Amway meetings. Gotta have a response to everything those negative losers could question about Amway! About the only thing most people can do is let it run its course. 95% of ambots quit Amway inside 2  years and most of them will probably quit in 3 months to a year when they realize how much money they're spending on this scam without getting any money back.
The sad reality is usually you just have to let it run its course and hope the ambot figures it out sooner rather than later before too much damage is done.
Little comfort to those who are watching their loved one change before their eyes into a brainwashed ambot. A person who had previously been a nice person has all of a sudden become a mean, nasty, sarcastic egotist whose mission in life is to put down other people. Especially put down people who work for a living instead of owning their own business. Don't take it personally. They are duplicating their upline. That's how ambots talk.
I had a woman leave comments about her step-son and how disrespectful he'd become since signing up with Amway, especially to his father and sneering at him because he had a job and wasn't a business owner. They finally kicked him out. Tough love. I think the kid was 20 or 21 years old so old enough to support himself with a job that is as long as he wasn't throwing money away at Amway. She thought he may have slept in his car though its possible he went to an ambot crash pad.
Ambots are brainwashed by their cult leaders not to believe anything anybody tells them about Amway because everyone else is a broke loser who tried Amway and failed and they want to steal  your dream. The only people who care about you and have your best interests at heart is your Amway upline. These are the people who truly love you and want your business to grow.
A bunch of Amway bullshit!
And its frustrating. How do ambots get brainwashed so quickly by the assholes in their Amway upline? These people are basically strangers to them that they've only known a short time. And now all of a sudden these are people who are all knowing and all loving and all the other sickening cult bullshit that goes along with it.
Lets see? Who would actually be more caring and loving and have their best interests at heart? People the ambot has existing relationships with for their entire life or some fucked up Amway asshole they've only known for weeks or months?
You might be able to get a disinterested third party involved to help reason with a brainwashed ambot and it still might not do no good. The best person to seek advice from is a financial consultant or a business consultant. Maybe another business professional. Bring the ambot to a meeting where the Amway business plan can be evaluated. Ask the ambot to bring copy of their upline's profit and loss statement and tax return information. The upline will probably refuse to provide financials and will get all huffy and say that information is private. The consultant should tell the ambot that legitimate business owners will open their books. The consultant can take a look at the business plan and point out how unlikely it is that the ambot has a chance to be part of less than 1% who will make money at this business. Over 99% failure rate. If they still don't buy it ask the ambot to keep a profit and loss statement for the next 3 months. It might be necessary to show them what this means and how they keep track of expenses and income. Get them to agree to another meeting to reevaluate how their business is doing and hope that this works when they stare at the losses on paper. 
Unfortunately in most cases you have to let the ambot run their course with this shitty business opportunity and its really hard to watch someone dig themselves into a financial hole while you stand by helpless to get them to stop this insanity. Once the ambot has run out of the money in their bank account spending it all on Amway products and meetings and tools they will likely go into debt of some sort - credit cards or line of credit or personal loan. Once that's been maxed out they're stuck. There's no money left to buy Amway products. Ambots are forced to quit when the $$$ run out. Is financial and emotional distress worth it to an ambot to please their cult leader? During this period the Amway cult becomes more important than anything else in their life. Until the time comes when there is no money left to please their cult leader by buying Amway products. Then the ambot is shunned and ridiculed and abused by the upline that they don't have what it takes to be a business owner.
Worse case scenarios ambots dig themselves deeper into the hole and face bankruptcy, foreclosure, and often divorce because relationships can't handle that kind of financial stress.
And who will be there when the ambot hits rock bottom? The all knowing all loving assholes in their Amway upline who even though they only know you for a short period of time promised to be your best friends forever. Or  will it be the people the ambots have known all their lives.
To all those who search for how to get their loved one out of Amway. Just hang in there. They'll need you to pick up the pieces in a few more months.


  1. You are certainly right. Once an ambot tells his upline that he has nothing left to give to their pocket, the upline who had told the ambot how much they loved the ambot, were soulmates, kindred spirits, a caring team forever and ever, will suddenly disappear, like cockroaches scurrying under the kitchen baseboards. Thus proving, the only thing the upline loves about their downline is their money. No money, no love. Period.


    1. Dave - they're rats slinking back into the sewer! Yup friends as long as they can make money off the Ambot. No money to buy Amway products means no love and no friends no more. It also means being the subject of ridicule that what kind of a loser business owner can't put together $300 for 100 pv of Amway products.

  2. Absolutely true! It is impossible to get into a life long caring relationship based on business alone and it is never true that a stranger who met you in a restaurant or a shopping mall even if you do not become 9% after two years in the business. So more PV more love and once that goes out of control (you become emerald or diamond) it is more tools and more love :)

  3. it reminds me of what it's like to be in a relationship with a narcissist/sociopath. the love-bombing at the beginning, false promises of loyalty/success/love, and the inevitable discard when they have used you up and you have nothing left to offer them. it's a shame and heartbreaking to watch loved ones go through this.

    1. Anonymous - that sounds about right. The lifespan of an Amway Ambot.

  4. Do you know anything about Life Leadership? My husband is part of it and your story sounds very similar to mine. He's been in for 2 years now and we're worse off than ever. I haven't had any part of it because I refuse and got bad vibes from the start. But it's destroying us financially and he's turned into a negative cranky individual. There's a lot of pressure though because they want couples. And I keep hearing about how wonderful the other wives are etc because they support their husbands. I can't support that we're having to move out of our rental home and in with parents because we can't afford it anymore and our credit is shot and he maxed out a $6000 credit card in a matter of months behind my back. Can't support that.

    1. Hi Anonymous. No I don't know about Life Leadership but with a name like that it sounds like it would be one of Amway's cult sects.

      Yeah we all have the same stories when it comes to our Ambot husbands. Some details like the amount of debt will be different but the financial and emotional distress won't be different. Putting up with the husband's personality change for the worse is the same the rest of us wives go through. Putting up with the fucking assholes in the Amway upline is something we all put up with.

      Its scary how our Ambot husbands now choose to love their Amway cult leaders more than their wives. Its scary the control these cult leaders have over our husbands.

      You're lucky its only $6000 maxed out credit card. There are too many stories with much more Amway debt than that.

      We can put up with our husbands bad Amway behavior for so long. The bad news here is your husband is in for 2 years. That's the lifer point. He won't leave the Amway cult now or at least not until his life hits rock bottom and he has no more money to tithe the Great Amway God. He thinks he's real close to success in Amway and if he quits then he'll have to put up with everyone who told him Amway is a scam saying I told you so.

      No you can't put up with him sneaking around behind your back to worship the Great Amway God and running up debt.

      You need to see a lawyer immediately. I'd say put it on your credit card but it sounds like its maxed out. Most states have legal assistance. Do an Internet search for your location and legal assistance. Or maybe you have family that can help you out with legal costs. You need to talk to a lawyer about your Amway horror story and get your ducks in a row. You don't need to stay with a man you's destroying you financially and with his attitude change is destroying you emotionally too. You don't need to go through a divorce where half the Amway debt is yours. You need to get his Amway debt separate from you. Your lawyer may also be able to advise if you have legal recourse against the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. Like you might be able to get the police involved and charge those Amway bastards with fraud.

      Just because he wants to destroy his life in the pursuit of worshipping the Great Amway God doesn't mean your life should be destroyed too. You've put up with this Amway shit long enough. Get your ducks in a row and get out of this nightmare.

      Good luck to you. I'm really sorry you're in such a bad situation.

  5. Hey Anonymous and Anna,

    If you are looking for information on Life Leadership, then I highly recommend reading this article from LM has done a great job writing objective articles about MLM, and in 2011 he wrote an article about Orrin Woodward and LIFE Leadership as well as Orrin's connection with Mona Vie (A now defunct MLM).

    I hope this helps with getting your husband out of that horrible life, because it will only get worse the longer he stays involved.

    1. Thanks John Doe. Hopefully she'll come back and see your comment and let us know how it's going.

  6. Here is a link to a site on Life Leadership and a lot of the previous MLMs ( TEAM MonaVie etc. )that Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and Tim Marks were involved.


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