Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ambots Paranoid About Lazy

I get the usual bullshit amspeak from ambots who show up here and feel inclined to leave a comment: quitter, loser, negative, dreamstealer, unchristian, lazy, didn’t try hard enough, etc, etc, etc!!!!!!
Today I thought I’d write a post about ambots paranoia about their perception of lazy.
According to ambots that description belongs to people who quit Amway. Lazy.
Typical judgemental ambots.
Pointing fingers. And them fingers are pointing the wrong way you lazy ambots. You really think you’re going to become millionaires by working 10 to 15 hours a week even though your upline will deny deny deny deny deny deny that Amway is a get rich quick scheme. Making $100,000 in 3 months, 6 months, a year whatever time period the assholes in the Amway upline quote is pretty quick to most people. Amway is a get rich quick scheme for lazy people.
Most people who run their own businesses work long hours, maybe work every day of the week. These could be the same people who tried Amway and didn’t work out for them so they decided not to waste any more money and quit to focus on their real business and real income. Ambots point fingers and accuse them of quitting cause they’re lazy. Lazy ass ambots who have likely never owned their own business and know what hard work is really like. And no. Putting on a suit and spending hours on phone calls and texts with the assholes in your Amway upline and pretending you own an Amway business does not make you a real business owner.
Back to lazy. Years ago a coworker told me that she was over at a friend’s house and the kitchen wasn’t clean. According to my coworker there is no reason why a kitchen can’t be clean. If you don’t keep your kitchen clean then you’re lazy. I disagreed with her. For all she knew her friend had spent 30 minutes cleaning the kitchen and it was clean enough for her. What my coworker, her friend, and I think of as a clean kitchen could be miles apart. What’s clean for one person may not be clean enough for someone else. Doesn’t mean they’re lazy. Just different standards for clean. They got it clean enough and moved on to do something else.
Just because someone isn’t doing something that maybe they should be getting done doesn’t make them a lazy person. It just means they ended up doing something else instead of doing what they should have got done.
When we were in Amway there were a lot of unemployed ambots and ambots who got fired. A person who stopped by recently to leave a comment here said he had to fire an ambot. The usual reasons I think I’ve covered before. When you hire an ambot they’ve got better things to do than get the work done they’re paid to do. The better things they’ve got to do are taking/responding to phone calls and texts from the assholes in their Amway upline and harassing their coworkers to sign up, come to meetings, buy Amway products. Some people could look at ambots as lazy. Others that they’ve got better things to do with their time.
I know if I was paying someone to get a job done and they were busy doing other stuff instead I’d be pissed.
Bottom line if people are lazy that doesn’t affect my life one way or the other. Unless of course I was paying them to do a job.
So why are ambots so fixated on lazy? Why do they give a flying fuck if someone is lazy? How does it affect their life if someone is lazy? Why do they automatically label people who quit Amway as lazy? Why do they bother leaving comments on my blog that I am lazy because I quit Amway? Because they’re repeating the bullshit that the fucking assholes in their Amway upline say! Have to justify why all these people quit Amway. Couldn’t be that the person figured out it’s a scam and they’re not making money? Not according to brainwashed ambots. Its cause they’re lazy and that’s why they didn’t make money. Has nothing to do with the odds of actually making money only being a fraction of 1% of IBO’s who sign up.
If an ambot tries to prospect you into Amway just tell them right off you’re lazy and you know that ambots go nutso and judgemental when it comes to what they perceive as lazy people so you know Amway will not be a good fit.
Yeah we can throw it right back in those fucking ambot’s faces!
Lazy ass ambots need not apply!
Just because someone chooses not to do something or doesn’t do it to your standards doesn’t make them lazy. Just means it was good enough for their own standards or that they had something better to do.
Just cause someone isn’t in Amway doesn’t make them lazy. Just means they’ve got better things to do with their time and money. So fuck off judgemental ambots!


  1. People dont quit amway because they are lazy. I guess they quit mainly because the joined not realising its hard work, so why work hard if you have other options or desires. Or they worked hard and found this just did not work for them. Probaly the latter. I was platinium years ago and quit. Not because i was lazy. I just realised this was 24 hours a day 7 days a week for years if i wanted to make money. By the way i never agreed to spend money on tools. And i never retailed and i never used more than 2 products.

    1. Anonymous - for 99.9% of ambots no matter how hard they work Amway won't work for them because th system is designed for failure. It's amazing you got to Platinum and didn't retail or waste your money buying tools. At least you figured it out and quit. And yes Amway or at least the assholes in your upline demand way too much of a persons time.

    2. Well anna i certainly was not going to spend money on tools. My sponsor told me it was no investment and further more there was nothing i could see to encourage me to spend any of my money. Certainly the millionaire stories just made no sense. So they were not going to convince me.

    3. Anonymous - you were lucky. The assholes in our Amway upline put extreme pressure on the cult followers to buy/invest in Amway tools. We easily spent thousands of dollars and that includes out of town travel to attend Amway functions. All under the threat of the Amway cult leaders that if we didn't go then they wouldn't work with us and they wouldn't have anything more to do with us. That was OK by me!

  2. Anna

    As you know, I have previously described financially-doomed Ambot volunteers as 'KBOs' ('Kamikaze Business Owners').

    Sadly, this is not a joke.

    Just like the Ambot machine, during WWII, the German and Japanese military machines were programmed only to advance towards final success/victory and never to retreat or to surrender. In both cases, although faced with the reality of inevitable defeat, a huge number of deluded German and Japanese 'volunteers' swallowed their leaders' 'positive' propanganda, and sacrificed their lives. Finally, thousands of doomed Japanese boys were conditioned to believe that they were part of a 'divine wind, Kamikaze' that would blow the invading 'evil and negative' allied forces away from their 'sacred and positive' land.

    One of the age-old, techniques used to condition the minds of raw military recruits (so that they will stop thinking and obey their superiors without hesitation), is now known, technically, as ego-destruction. However, the military call it 'basic training.'

    In brief, the individual military recruit's self-esteem is gradually torn down to a point where he/she can begin to experience a severe identity crisis. In the classic military training system, at this point of ego destruction, recruits are offered the apparently 'free-choice' to rebuild their self-esteem, but only as an obedient cog in a machine.

    In effect, this is the same as the religious experience of being 'Born Again.'

    Military recruits' individual self-steem, and related psychological function, eventually becomes dependent on membership of their group and on their complete subservience to its leadership.

    Setting aside human psychology, in the final analysis, training ill-informed humans to obey commands whilst giving them the illusion that they are making free-choices, is not dissimilar to training a pack of dogs, for it is based on exposing them to fellow-creatures who already obey, in conjunction with the enforcement of a system of punishment (and exclusion) for disobedience, and reward (and inclusion) for obedience.

    Despite what your latest, former-'Kamikaze Business Owner' / 'Born-Again Businessman,' correspondent has steadfastly pretended, these techniques, dissimulated as 'optional training and motivation,' appear to have been universally used within 'income opportunity' cults like 'Amway.'

    David Brear (Copyright 2012)

    1. David - ego destruction or life destruction there is nothing that brings Amway leaders more happiness than destroying the lives of their downline. Sick sorry bastards that they are. Not unlike dictator militia group leaders I suppose.


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