Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Angry Ambots

The angriest people I’ve ever met in my life are Amway ambots.
Oh sure when you meet them for the first time they’ll have these dumb ass ambot grins on their face and they’ll love bomb you. They put on this phony ass act whenever there are people in the room who are not cult members. Gotta bullshit the prospects into thinking everything is all nicey nice.
But once you get to know these Amway assholes they are angry ambots!
And there’s plenty to be angry about when you’re stuck inside the Amway cult. Ambots have been brainwashed to devote all their time and money to their Amway cult leaders. They’ve been brainwashed to believe that people who are not members of the Amway cult are evil dreamstealers and to stay away from them, cutting out existing relationships with family and friends. They’re being told they must ask permission before doing anything so they are no longer able to do fun activities they enjoyed before becoming a cult member. They are “investing” all this money in “the business” and only seeing a return of $10 or so each month and that’s only if they consistently purchase about $300 worth of Amway products every month. I’m not counting a few hundred dollars more that must be flushed down the toilet with the Amway tool scam buying tickets to functions and CDs and books and other bullshit propaganda. The only people making a profit on those materials are the Diamonds sitting on top of the pyramid and there ain’t no room for no one else up there.
Wiping out your savings account and driving up the credit card debt are reasons enough to make ambots angry.
Then the ambot wants to quit. Then the Amway cult leader starts riding their ass. “You can’t quit now not when success is right around the corner. You’re about to go really big really soon I can feel it.” So the ambot believes the brainwashing message and sticks around to keep losing money and keep getting angrier.
And then the assholes in the Amway upline reinforce their message to the ambots:
“This Amway business is so easy that any fucking moron can succeed at it.”
“If you’re not making money in Amway then you’re not trying hard enough.”
“Only lazy people don’t make money in Amway.”
“If you don’t make money in Amway then you’re a loser.”
And on and on come the messages that only serve to make ambots angry. The Amway upline are the most fucking negative bastards around. Way to go to promote moral in your team!
Family and friends try to reason with the ambot. The ambot gets angry with them. Angry because somewhere deep down the ambot knows these people are right but the ambot can never admit that someone who is not in Amway is telling the truth and is right about something. So the ambot lashes out their anger at anyone who is trying to get them to understand the truth about the Amway and understand that they’re being scammed out of their money.
That would mean the ambot’s beloved Amway cult leaders are full of bullshit and are a bunch of fucking liars. That makes the ambot angry when they figure out they’ve been tricked and scammed.
Amway is no fun and that makes ambots angry.
The longer an ambot stays in Amway the longer they have to put up being bullied by the assholes in their upline and that makes ambots angry.
Don’t want to be angry no more? Get the hell out of Amway!

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