Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Operation FED Up!

Woo hoo! Joecool and I have met in person. Had a lot of fun chatting about our Amway experiences and other stuff. Neat guy!
I have a connection who’s getting us into the Bren Events Center in Irvine where the WWDB Amway brainwashing convention is being held. Should be sickening seeing brainwashed ambots worship their cult leaders and listening to whatever bullshit is being spouted from the stage. I bet I’ve heard it all before! And I'll be just like you people gotta listen to us. You ain't gonna make no money at this scam no matter how many lies your upline tells you about how you'll be rolling in dough if you just stick it out a little longer. Free Enterprise Days. FED. Major function. Gotta get my keywords in!
Don’t worry. We won’t be there long enough that we’ll require deprogramming! Besides I have no desire to run into any of the assholes I used to know in Amway.
Just a little information gathering. Maybe have a little fun. Maybe!


  1. How could Anna Banana and JoeCool meet each other? I thought you were the same person, ha ha.

  2. Can't wait to read what you write about this! I hope you don't have any flashbacks! LOL

  3. Bring along with you all the facts you can and try to switch people!


  4. Don't forget to bring your lists of "Ways to Piss off an IBO".


  5. Someone kick IBOFB in the nuts if you see him!

  6. I haven't been to a conference in years! My upline never liked that I skipped the first night... where they introduce all the "Super Stars." I am the weird one I guess because I'm not that into celebrities. Maybe it was just me, but the FED felt more like a political ploy? It put a bad taste in my mouth. Especially how hateful some where about any religion other than Christians. Which surprised me because of some of the "Super Stars" on stage... hmmm... (anyhow, I don't think it's fair to post anonymously... so if you follow the electronic trail you will find that I am an Amway distributor. I did walk away for a couple of years and decided to give it a go again under the promise to myself that I don't attend conferences, or monthly meetings, or buy the "tools." I would operate the Amway business under the rules outlined & by what I was learning as a student of Business. I found that Amway does provide free training online & that I didn't have to cram hype or push gimmicks. I find that you just can't sustain that and more importantly I couldn't live with myself using those tactics. That all said, I wonder if you can come up with another name for someone like me. Ambot just doesn't fit! Or am I alone here?)

  7. Hi Ana, first and foremost let me congratulate you on your impeccable blog, second I join you in your hatred towards your upline! There is no better world than a world without an Amway IBO…or their leaders. However, some lunatic is trying to discredit your hard work; I believe she might be a stupid IBO! Yeah, you can tell I hate THEM by now, I mean, who’s going to feel a door-to-door deodorant vender is a lucrative career?

    Pulverize her AnaBanana!!!!!

    Here's her link:

    So yeah, I'm your #1 fan!!!!

    Simply Sussie

  8. Bridgett is an Amway defender who goes to great lengths to defend amway, and ibofightback. She often has things wrong and likes to defend bad practices by upline by pretending they don't exist. She's a tool.

  9. I don't understand why you're bothering. Seems like a waste of $100 to me, which is going straight into the pocket of some kingpin. But if you must, try and film it with a concealed camera, and upload to youtube... now that'd be a larf ;)

  10. Just dealing with a family issue since Sunday. Will update soon.


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