Thursday, October 18, 2012

Slice and Dice!

Getting back to being Amway WWDB FED up at the Bren Center in Irvine after hanging out behind the scenes for a bit Joecool and I wandered around the halls and arena area mingling with ambots. Well not really mingling more like blending in and watching the poor bastards. Its really sad and pathetic how these ambots are brainwashed to believe those bastards lying to them from the stage and how they have they doubt that in a couple of years they’ll be rich too and they’ll be on the stage speaking to everyone. That’s a tiny fraction of 1% of ambots who get to the stage level. Can’t you assholes get that through your heads! There’s not enough room at the top of the pyramid for all of you!!! And the ones at the top don’t want to share the wealth!
Didn’t spend too much time inside the auditorium where we could see the speakers. All I heard was the same bullshit I heard a long time ago so we went back to the hall. Actually you couldn’t get away from those bastards. I could hear them everywhere I went. Hear them not really understand what they were saying.
We’d seen enough. Enough to know that nothing changes. Enough to hear some bastard from the stage tell the same bullshit about how he worked at a gas station and his wife was a waitress and then some dear friend showed them the plan and then they got into “the business” and now they can buy anything they want. Puke. How many versions of that story can those bastards tell. All the while carefully avoiding the A word.
We left.
Went not too far away to get a cold drink. That would be soft drink not a real drink even though that wasn’t out of the question either it was just too early! I thought it was far enough away not to run into any ambots. Dumb me. A few blocks wasn’t far enough! There’s a bunch of suits in there. The ambots have descended! And what the fuck are you doing abandoning this function that your upline was riding your asses not to miss! The must go to event of the year. Not to be missed. And here you are missing it?
Then some of those ambot assholes are looking at us like hawks. Fresh meat!
Joecool suggests we take a table near some of them so we can hear them.
Mostly they’re drooling about how rich they’re going to be and what they’re going to spend their money on and bragging about their PV and how many downline they’re going to sign up when they get home.
It takes about 3 minutes for an ambot to make the mistake of approaching us.
Tells me he likes my shirt and wants to know where I bought it. I don’t remember so I tell him Target. And just in case anyone is wondering there is nothing spectacular about my shirt. Its light blue with a v neck. Buy one just like it anywhere I’m sure.
Then he asks where I work. Oh shit. I’m getting hit with FORM. So I decide to have some fun. Ha ha! What else do you do with an ambot asshole!
So I tell him we work at the Bren Events Center not too far away and we’re finally off shift and he wouldn’t believe what’s going on there. A bunch of fucking assholes listening the biggest bullshitters I’ve ever seen in my life. He looks shocked. Whether its at my language or my describing the people he loves and worships I don’t know. And don’t give a shit either!
So then he says wouldn’t you like not to have to go to work everyday.
I say I’d like that but my parole officer would be really pissed when he finds out I’m not going to work and I’ll probably get sent back to prison. Then I tell him that both of us are on this prisoner return to society work program as part of our early release from prison.
The guy looks nervous now that he realizes he’s talking to jailbirds. But he’s curious and he asks me what I was in prison for. That’s the problem with nosy ambots they can’t mind their own business!
I saw the movie Double Jeopardy not too long ago and inspiration strikes. I remember that scene where Ashley Judd is in the library and this guy is hitting on her and how she tells him she killed her husband so he’ll take off.
So I say murder, slice and dice. That my husband and I were sailing near Santa Cruz Island and I stuck him with a knife and kept slicing him. The ambot looks like he’s about to piss his pants but before he can get away I point to Joecool and ask don’t you want to know what he was in prison for? The ambot says no and gets the hell away from us. Whispers something to the other ambots and they all leave.
Yeah we had a good laugh over that!
What else can you do with ambots but make assholes out of them!
We were planning to go back on Sunday for awhile cause Joecool wanted to see what they’re doing in the Sunday morning worship session but something came up and I couldn’t go. And that got me thinking about all those ambots stuck in the brainwashing convention. If something came up for any of them, an emergency, a special function, what have you none of them would leave FED to go do what they should be doing instead of wasting their time, money and brain cells in an Amway function.


  1. Anna, you made me laugh so hard I almost choked on my dinner. LMAO, a slice & dice murderer!!Hilairous.

    1. Thanks Connie! Hope you got your dinner down!

  2. hi i like your blog......there's free enterprise day here in melbourne on sat and my upline has been behind me since one month to attend the function........i refused yesterday despite being in a good relationship with his family.......had to tell him i've had enough... and guess what he turned up at my place in the evening to convince me....i told him i've made my mind and i would rather spend time with my girlfriend on sat than attend a conference for 12 hours......anyway i used to hate lectures even when i was at uni.......i hope my 2 mates get out of this very soon like i did.....

    1. Anonymous - you made the right decision. You have now ended up on the Ambot shit list. They will be ripping you apart at the next meetings. Like anyone gives a shit what a bunch of ambots think!

  3. Anna, I was introduced to Amway years ago but steered clear! But now my best friend has been brainwashed by the Ambot. :( She's invited me to one of those "Christmas in October" sales things and I really don't want to go but I know our friendship will be strained if I don't show her support. Do you have any advice?

    1. Damn! My response to you went into cyber hell so I'll try again.

      Your friend will have to cough up some cash to help pay for the venue where the ambots are holding Christmas in October. October???? Sounds like something a dumb ass Ambot would come up with. Even if there is no charge for the place they're holding it some asshole upline will still charge the cult followers a fee. Amway is all about scamming.

      Why don't you try bargaining with her? If she reads the Merchants of Deception then you'll come to the Ambot Christmas party. Expect to get pounced on by every Ambot in sight if you show up. Can you deal with being love bombed to support your friend. Knowing that the assholes in her upline are doing everything they can to destroy her existing relationships.


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