Monday, November 19, 2012

Ambot Mantra: Nothing Else Is Important Except Amway

I sat in enough Amway meetings listening to our sack of shit Platinum or some fucked up Diamond whine and bitch at the cult followers that they’d rather be spending time with their family instead of talking to the group.
That was about the only thing I had in common with those assholes. I’d rather be spending time with my family than listening to those arrogant pricks spout off their bullshit.
Occasionally we’d get some bullshit list of the things in life most important to the cult leader. Amway would be down at the bottom of the list and god, family, wife, etc would be higher up.
The reality is when you’re an ambot nothing else in your life is important except Amway. Here is the list of important things to an ambot:
1.       Amway
2.       Amway
3.       Amway
4.       Amway
5.       Amway
I’m sure you get the pattern. That list could go into the thousands!
Here’s how I see the list in the order of importance to an ambot but the Amway cult leaders don’t tell it like it is. They use brainwashing instead to get this same message out to the flock.
1.       Buy minimum 100 PV ($300) in Amway products each month
2.       Attend all Amway meetings
3.       Buy all Amway related tools (a few hundred more $$$$ a month)
4.       Worship the Amway cult leader
5.       Kiss the ass of everyone in your Amway upline
6.       Devote your life to spreading the Amway gospel
7.       Ignore your wife and family – not as important as the great Amway god
8.       Quit your job if they don’t give you time off for Amway functions
9.       Skip your mortgage/rent and put the money towards Amway
10.   Alienate everyone you know to appease the great Amway god
Anything else in an ambot’s life isn’t important anyway – according to the preachings of the assholes in the Amway upline.


  1. That is very true Anna! Thank you for helping me be enlightened and for inspiring me to create a blog about my personal experiences on MLM. MLM has greatly affected my life and I'm so glad that I'm very much out of it! - ExMLMjunkie

    1. ExMLMjunkie - thank you for saying that. This blog is all about letting others know what happens when you get stuck in the Amway cult. The horror factory! Glad to hear you got out. Drop a comment with the link to your blog and we'll add it to the list so others can find you.

  2. Thanks Anna! My blog is at I hope you would continue sharing your thoughts and experiences regarding Amway. I was on a different group though but I can really relate to everything that you wrote. These cults are all the same, same faces just different names. I have no regrets turning my back on the group. I felt relieved and free!

    1. Yes there's a great sense of relief and freedom when you get away from the clutches of the Amway cult.

  3. Anna, when I quit I had told the same thing! I cannot make Amway centre of my life and hence I am quitting. In those meetings most of the time it is boasted about family and job being the priority but to do list is so big that core IBO needs about 72 hours a day for making Amway a part time source.

    1. Amwayscam - when you're an Ambot nothing else in your life matters except Amway. And you're right there aren't enough hours in the day to kiss your upline's ass nd everything that is expected of you when you're in this cult.

  4. I have no regrets turning my back on the group. I felt relieved and free!

    1. Khairulo44 - the real freedom comes when you leave Amway not anything else like the freedom the Diamonds brag about when you quit your job thanks to Amway.

  5. your blog and we'll add it to the list so others can find you.

  6. Do you usually optimize the blog posts for search systems?

  7. and to think amway sells it as working 10-15 hours a week, yet they want to to live, sleep, breathe, eat Amway. I started out in February, but imma bout to quit. I told them I wasn't going to a major function and they haven't talked to me since. Amway is a company that there is no limit how much a person can lose. It's a good thing I wasn't too brainwashed to understand that this is nothing but selling a dream.

    1. Hi Anonymous. You put in way more hours than that. I estimate my ambot put in around 100 hours a week into the Amway scam. No matter how much time and hard work you put in, its a scam and you won't make money. Well a small percentage of 1% all IBO's will but that just means they're better than most at lying and scamming. Oh yeah they'll ostracize you once you say enough of going to major functions. If they can't get your $$$ that means their upline can't get richer and they're only friends with you as long as they can make money off you. Amway is all about selling the hope not the soap. Glad you saw through it before you wasted too much time and money.

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