Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Brainwashed Ambot Amspeak Bullshit

I had an ambot leave a comment on the blog a few days ago. Typical Amspeak bullshit rant that we’ve all heard from the assholes in our Amway upline hundreds of times. You don’t know whether or not to insult the bastard or feel sorry for him. I made a couple of edits for the post here. In his original comment Aaron put in his last name and email address which I removed for this post. But I’ll say good on him for having the guts to go public because most people affiliated with Amway present or past are too embarrassed to put themselves out there. I don’t know Aaron. You should have just left yourself anonymous. That’s OK to do that here.

Yes! I am part of the Amway cult and I love it, and just looking at the negativity here, I can honestly say that it was the best decision I ever made. let's think, I can keep listening to people like the ones writing here, full of negativity, OR I can hang around people that have achieved greatness and show me how to do the same. The reason so many people fail at the business is because they can't shake the mentality that surrounds them and they listen to folks, like all of you, and let their dreams slip away. What's gonna happen to all of you when you retire? What then? What other option do you have if you even qualify for retirement? Pay cut in half, nothing to look forward to but poverty... And I am supposed to listen to YOU? Ha! Give me a break. Amway isn't an easy business. It takes work and being able to change daily habits, get away from all the broke, negative people around you and form your own darn opinion. So gather together, try to take the dreams out of view of those who want change and continue living a mundane existence. What else do you all have to offer people besides complaints and misfortune? Nothing. Oh well, your loss, your life. My name is Aaron. I have been in the business for 2 years and haven't made any money yet, but you know what? It was all because I didn't make use of what I was taught and was lazy. Who would want to follow someone who can't even follow their own direction. Well, I made a decision to get serious and I alread have 6 different legs ready to get started. I am a leader that teaches them to disregard public opinion. Negative opinions can only produce negative results. No wonder you hate successful people. Jealous much? Remember my name. One day very soon you will see what I do, and not just in the Amway business. I teach people to better their lives, whether in their current job or in this business. I teach them to have their own opinions instead of listening to people like you. Who in their right mind would want to follow someone who can only point out everything bad in the world? Foolish. Keep your opinions, though. We need garbage men and janitors and Walmart workers. Thank you for making sure I have people I can be inspired from to make a change in my life. Bash away! I love it! Bring it on! Aaron. Remember it.

You love being part of a cult? The assholes in our Amway upline weren’t able to brainwash me so I don’t have the same experience you do but its my guess that members of any cult will speak highly of their experiences and how much they love it.
Negativity here? Typical ambot response who can’t tell the difference between negativity and the truth.
Joining Amway was the best decision you ever made? Poor deprived soul. Your life really must be the shits!
The reason most people fail at Amway is because they don’t have the right mentality? I think you probably mean the mentality of a business owner. Absolutely there are people out there who don’t have what it takes financially, emotionally, physically whatever to be a business owner. I’ve said that lots of times. I don’t go around insulting them. Get with the program. The only people who own an Amway business have the name of De Vos and whatever the other guy’s name is and their heirs. Everyone else is a commissioned salesperson. An employee without no employee benefits such as a steady paycheck.
What’s going to happen when we retire and what other options do we have for retirement? Most people make decisions for their retirement while they’re still working. This could involve a retirement savings plan, purchasing stocks or real estate, owning a legitimate business that they can sell at retirement, putting money in a pension plan. There’s all kinds of options out there. Talk with a financial consultant or retirement planner if you’re really so fucked in the head that you think Amway is only retirement opportunity out there. And guess what. All of us heard that bullshit too! "What else is out there" bitches the assholes in your Amway upline. Guess what! Lots of things!
Poverty in retirement? I guess that might happen to people dumb enough to stick around Amway long enough and blow all their savings and run up the credit card debt.
You’ve been in Amway for 2 years and haven’t made any money yet? That’s the same story as 99.9% of IBO’s who sign up for Amway. Get a clue! Unless you’re selling books you’ve written, recordings where you’re the speaker and produced the CD, and tickets to functions where you are the speaker to ambots you will never make money in Amway! Do you even have a business plan like real business owners do? Most business owners can’t operate at a loss for extended periods of time. They have to make a smart business decision and often a painful decision to cut their losses and close up shop.
If you really believe the fucking assholes in your Amway upline that you are not making money because you are lazy then you have self esteem problems. Get counseling help. And for fuck’s sake DO NOT “counsel with upline” because those assholes will only fuck you up more!
6 different legs ready to get started? Yeah don’t you all.
Typical ambot sneering at people who have jobs. I don’t judge people on what they do for a living but clearly you have issues with janitors and Walmart workers and think they’re beneath you. Fucked up judgemental ambot. You fucking assholes think you're better than everyone else just because you're in Amway. Well you're not! You're the fucking scum of the earth!!!!!!!
Aaron you clearly do not teach people to better their lives. Not after what you wrote here. You have the typical negative Amway ambot attitude. Why are you so focused on “negative” instead of figuring out what the truth is? Why are ambots so paranoid when it comes to words like negative, loser, and lazy. The rest of the world isn’t.
Talk to a professional in the financial business and show him your Amway business plan and get a professional assessment. Two years of not making money and you’re not getting a clue? Its time to find a better business opportunity.


  1. The thing about Aaron's comment, it is half true: You should try and have a positive attitude to be successful, rather than a negative attitude, and you shouldn't listen to people who continually put you down. And that's why its so easy for people to be sucked into the Bizness... they're attracted (like I was) to the atmosphere of positivity and success, without realising it's all based on half-truths and deception. The scary part is, Aaron's comment is a carbon copy of what I told people back when I was in the Bizness.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Yup the same things and ways for ambots to talk that were taught 10 or 20 years ago or more are still being taught today. Yes it's good to have a positive attitude and visualize yourself succeeding at something. It's another thing to go around accusing people who have an opposing opinion or being truthful that they're being negative or speaking negative. Brainwashed Ambot speak!

  2. Yes, this is textbook Amdroid talk. It's funny how he says he wants to teach people to have their own opinion and think for themselves... That directly opposes the IBO doctrine. IBO's would be ok if they just left their comments at being positive and being focused towards success. But what makes them effing dipshits is that they always have to go over the edge and talk about how anyone that isn't in the biz or has opinion differing their own, the people are AUTOMATICALLY losers for the entire duration on their life and will die in a gutter in poverty. Talk about a false dilemma.. But after my 2 years of heavy biz involvement, I learned their teaching and philosophy is FULL of, in fact made up ENTIRELY of logical fallacies. I just wish all those head-nodding IBO's would educate themselves on lagical fallacies. They'd be able to see through the crap. I did. It was actually something I had to learn in a class. Once I learned there were terms and definitions to these false speaking tactics, not one more cent was spent on worldwide!!!! Knowledge is POWER!

    1. Anonymous - you have very good insight on this. And yes if Aaron wants to teach people to think for themselves then Amway is the wrong business for him. Like he hasn't already figured that out after 2 years of losses!

  3. Well, sounds like someone’s been broke for two years! I guess the only way Mr. Aaron here can cope with this heavy, financial loose of two years is by trying to pity those of us making a living and running REAL businesses.

    A little advise for you Aaron, I’m not sure if your up-line covered most of the Am-speak, or none at all, because from what I read, it sounds like he missed the most important Amway-logic: You never reveal your Amway financial status, and if you do, it’s always a three-figure income, or the next best, closest thing…two to three thousand dollars a week, maybe even four-thousand a month. According to Amway, none of their sales reps (Independent Business Owners) are in current financial stress. Their motto is 99.9% success rate for all! They will make sure you’re aware that those 0.01% loser negatives where just lazy people wanting handouts and an easy living.

    To conclude this, I want you to ask yourself this, does everything you say or do represent Amway now? If it does, chances are you’re just another duplicate of your up-line, and you no longer have free-will. If you sound just like the others my friend, you’re part of a cult. Think about it, and think about it hard, all cults require some sort of loose, whether it be financial, psychological, or any other I can’t grasp at this precise moment. The bad thing about a cult is, if you’re ever freed, you’ve been so mind-fucking-raped by these people, that you’ll never be the same person again. Most replace one cult with another, as we’re dependant creatures from nature. By becoming one of Amway’s limbs you surrendered yourself entirely, and like an addict, you will never get the real you back. In your case, once you’re done with Amway, you’ll filter yourself into another multi-level-marketing scheme, and another, and another…until you’ve reached your wits end. Good for you buddy, you’ve discarded whatever brains you’ve had left, if any in the first place for the promise of a miracle soap-story.

    Congratulations Aaron, you’re a door-to-door sales rep…sweet gig poser! =)

  4. I think the 5 monkeys experiment (check utube) best explains it. and beyond that learn the monetary system and what it means when YOUR NAME in capitals appears on documents etc.
    It serves as an escape vehicle, Im not down with weirdshit judgemental behaviour (some are) so I dont do that and nor should you if you think its wrong. Not that hard.

    1. OK I didn't get that but thanks for stopping by!

  5. Not to bring religion and politics into into it (but I will) there seems to be some human need with part of our population to buy into fantastical nonsense that an absolute belief will bring about a complete Eden on earth and/or Heaven later. Whether it's GOP trickle down prosperity that never seems to happen, Born-again Christians and Muslims and others whose strict obedience to religious dogma leads to paradise after they're dead, or Ambots who just around the corner will live a life of leisure it's got to be some flaw in the way they see things (nature or nurture?) that makes them this way.


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