Friday, November 9, 2012

The Ambot Swimming Pool

We were over at a friend’s house the other day sitting on the patio around the pool when all of a sudden gurgling noises I mean really loud noises start coming from the pumphouse. Everyone goes over for a look. I’m no mechanic. All I can tell you is something in there was making a hell of a noise and water was gushing around this plastic bubble thing in there. Our friend turned off the power switch. That’s one way of fixing the problem. They have to phone someone for maintenance. That’s what people do around here. Call the pool boy service.
Even though I like to swim I don’t think I’d ever buy a house with a pool cause I know things can go bad. And expensive. The thing with pools is that when something goes wrong like a burst pipe underground or in our friends case really noisy mechanical noises it’s a real pain in the ass to fix and is going to cost $$$ to repair.
Our sack of shit Platinum had a swimming pool in his backyard. Actually the black lagoon may have been a better name for it. I don’t know when it happened but it was sometime after he bought the house something in the pumphouse broke down. I don’t remember when he bought the house but it was sometime within 5 years of us signing up to Amway. Could have been living there a year or two before we met. All I remember is that they hadn’t owned the house a whole long time and they said the pool worked when they bought it and they used it the first year. His son and daughter were 13 and 14 when we met so they were old enough to know not to go near that nasty pool but it they’d been there 5 years earlier they would have been young enough the pool pristine clean or black lagoon would have been an attractant.
It’s a kidney shaped pool popular at the time the house was built for people with small backyards. The Platinum’s pool was filled about one third with black green murky water. I don’t know what all was growing in there. Gross nasty stuff. Maybe they threw Amway products in there and that’s what happened! For a pool to get that bad there is serious neglect going on.
It would seem if the pool is not able to be repaired that at the very least all the water should be drained out of it. I don’t know if they actually partly drained their pool or if it was leaking and the water level finally ended up below the leak. I mean either get the pool in working condition or fill it in and put a garden over it. Its just nasty the way it is. Not to mention a health and safety hazard.
Ambot even asked the sack of shit Platinum why they didn’t get it fixed and running again and got the typical answer that all their extra money was being invested back into “the business” and some fucked up reasoning that the pool isn't making them money. No but somewhere down the road its going to cost you a lot of money the longer you let it stay like it is. I’m sure they won’t fill it in because they probably think a pool is a good selling feature for a house when it comes time to sale. Not a hell hole shit pool like that! The buyers would likely deduct 25k for their inconvenience of dealing with that neglected pool.
Is the sack of shit Platinum a lazy prick because he won’t clean and repair his pool? Hell yes!!!! Even if a bucket brigade needs to be formed the water can be gotten out of that pool one way or another. It can be scrubbed down. Leaks can be fixed. Whether there are leaks in the underground pipe system or mechanical issues in the pumphouse I don’t know. But you know how ambots are always running around leaving comments on my blog about “lazy” and “didn’t try hard enough” blah blah blah amspeak bullshit those comments could be applied to the sack of shit Platinum. He’s lazy because he doesn’t get his pool into at least a respectable clean safe area. If he tried to fix it he didn’t try hard enough because it looks like a shithole.
 The reality is they have no money to fix that pool. No matter how many times the sack of shit bragged to us about making 10k/month in Amway or whatever amount he threw at us that week they had no money. That’s what Amway does to people. Sucks all their money.
I’m really surprised that he hasn’t sent out pool party invitations to his cult followers. It won’t be the type of pool party where you sit around on loungers with drinks and go for a dip in the pool and have a BBQ afterwards. The ambot pool party would be a work party. Bring your scrub brushes!
Or why that bastard hasn’t prospected and signed up someone who maintains swimming pools who he could intimidate into getting the pool fixed for free.
So all those times the sack of shit Platinum used to lead meetings and bitch about lazy people the fucker needed to look in a mirror. Lazy ass sack of shit Platinum. Clean up your fucking pool!


  1. My sister is slowly getting out of Amway. Do you have any tips for her or any tips for me use to help her completely get out of it. Thank you.

    1. Anonymous- that's good news that your sister is getting out of the Amway cult. She might have some relapses like when the upline phones and harasses her into buying more Amway products so someone upline can meet that months goals. She has to stop hanging around these evil people. She has to stop buying Amway shit. She has to stop listening to the Amway CDs that are designed to brainwash the followers. In other words wean herself off it. You can download a free ebook called The Merchants of Deception that will give you and her a real eye opener of what happens to be people who are stuck in this cult. The author had 1000 people in his downline and at best was earning around 30k/month as an Emerald. Everyone in mway lies to you about how much money can be made in this scam. Unless you are selling tickets to ambots to come to functions you're not going to make money in this scam. Has over 99% failure rate. The system is designed for failure.

    2. Oops wrong link. Go to

  2. Anna 30k/month cant be right for emerald, surely

    1. Well....according to my upline it does!

      That was a typo on my part. I meant to say 3k/month.


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