Friday, December 28, 2012

Amway Ambots Are Automatic Medical Professionals

Hi Anna Banana,

Thanks for your blog; this type of information does need to be out there! This story sounds horrible; I have a brother who’s really deep into this too. He goes around telling everyone they are idiots for paying for medical care, when they can simply add food-supplements to their meals and rid of all their ailments! These people are insane, do they realize WE ALL need medical care at some point in our lives, something you will never be able to get ‘over-the-counter’ anywhere! Sometimes I just don’t understand how some people can be so stupid.

I’ve been seeing a lot of similar comments left on my blog recently and that tells me its time to revisit this whole issue of how just because someone is in Amway that means they now have an automatic medical diploma and are qualified to give out medical advice. And of course anyone who will not take the ambot’s medical advice are “idiots” the old ambot solution of insulting anyone who doesn’t take part in the scam!
I get a lot of searchers who end up at my blog using criteria of some Amway product will cure cancer, high blood pressure, heart problems, and just about every medical condition.
I have readers leave comments that someone they know in Amway has convinced family members to stop taking medication for serious medical conditions and substitute it with Amway supplements and other products.
Being an Amway IBO is a license to write your own medical degree! Or so the assholes in your upline will convince you. But yeah I saw over and over again evidence of how being in Amway now means you are an expert in EVERYTHING.
You know. Fake it till you make it.
Amway is all about lies. If an ambot is telling you that your medical condition can be cured by taking Amway products, this is all part of the Amway bullshit propaganda machine that works full force to scam people out of their money and give them false hope. The Amway propaganda machine are the Amway cult leaders and their followers who spout off lies and bullshit. Snake oil salesmen have been around for decades. They just made a resurgence when they signed up with Amway!

Amway ambots have no conscience or morals. They will scam and lie to anyone to make a buck to try to recover some of the tons of money they’ve thrown at the Amway pyramid scheme.

Of course an Amway ambot is going to lie and tell a potential customer that cancer can be cured with Amway products so they can make money. Lying little bastards that Amway assholes are!

Amway is all about selling the hope.

People who have incurable diseases or even diseases that aren’t life threatening but are painful or progress downhill are looking for hope. Any miracle cure. Amway assholes with their snake oil products are there to scam patients out of their money and lie to them about how they’ll be feeling better soon.

I can’t tell you how many times we were consulted for medical advice by ambots in our line. We took a one day first aid course about 20 years and have watched just about every episode of ER. Well the ones with George Clooney more than once!  Anyway these 2 things made us the highest qualified medical experts in our Amway line and ambots would come to us seeking advice. Well fuck I’m not qualified to give any medical advice but these bastards would come to us for second opinions! Go to another doctor! A real doctor who went to a real university and earned a real degree from a real medical school. Not from someone who likes to watch doctors on TV. I shit you not it was amazing how ambots are medical experts who can dispense medical advice and believe (brainwashed) of their qualifications simply by virtue of the fact that they are in Amway. An IBO card = Amway medical degree.

I’ve had readers leave comments expressing concern for loved ones who have been convinced to stop taking their prescribed medicine from real doctors for major medical conditions because an ambot has convinced them that Amway products will cure them. Yeah cure them right into the grave.

Amway ambots are lying bastards who don’t give a flying fuck about nothing except their greedy pursuit to become rich and retire and walk the beaches of the world in 2 to 5 years.

Someone with cancer needs to listen to their doctor. Maybe get a 2nd or 3rd or 4th opinion and take traditional medical treatments. Sure some cancer patients try alternative holistic cures too but they can not abandon surgery or chemotherapy or prescription drugs just because some fucking Amway asshole convinces them if they drink a case of Perfect Water a week it will flush the cancer out of their body.

Amway of course turns the other way and refuses to take responsibility for the actions of their representatives which will probably end them up on the wrong side of a lawsuit anyway because they’re responsible for the actions of their sales force.

Ambots are instructed to lie to people to get them to buy Amway products. And fuck it to anyone who gets hurt for taking ambot medical advice.

The fact that people are searching the Internet looking for proof to back up claims that Amway products cure cancer and other diseases shows that Amway IBO’s are spreading those lies.

And that’s the bottom line. Amway IBOs are the biggest assholes around and they will lie about anything step over everyone and do whatever it takes in their greed driven frenzy to get rich in Amway.

People - if you are suffering from major medical conditions - DO NOT take medical advice from Amway salespeople.


  1. Nutriscam . . . the earliest evidence of how Amway bought into another's--arguably enough-- vertual pernicious scheme known as Nutrilite the supposed magical cure all. Carefully canned (vertual lies) invert reality for amway cult adhearant to include upline zealots.

    Amway comes knocking with evil intent, no 99% of the time, but every time. Amway is a pernicious cult, and as menacing as any comparable criminal organization.

    Nutrilite is central to how the Amway cult operates. Cults take over and plunder. They take in the weak and guliable, fleece them and then let them rot on their own dead amway vine. Medical advise notwithstanding, the entire organization is carefully crafted of incredible labrynith of lies. Potential victims should beware!

    1. Thanks quixtarisacult. You are dead on. Cults like Amway take over people's lives and destroy them.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience! Yeah when I was an IBO people boasted so much about how someone gets cured through these supplements. You call it ignorance or innocence my family used those supplements as well, but now that I am no longer an Amway cult, we do not take any supplements and we are healthy enough. If you read Amway business reference guide it clearly says, ambots cannot talk about testimonials or cannot make suggestions as to cure any of the diseases. However, not even a single phrase in the reference guide is followed. Amway survives because all documented proof is well within law but practices which are illegal are never uncovered with proof. But yes, people continue to suffer because if this.

    1. amwayscam - people can eat foods that contain the vitamins they need and avoid buying supplements. If they need to buy vitamins there are better and lower priced ones on the market. As for that testimonial - well part of being an Amway ambot is breaking Amway's rules and telling lies about their products and how much money they're making.

  3. I was almost going into this Amway thing few years ago when I'm still new to the U.S.A, because a person whom I trusted the most invited me in it. But luckily when I talked with a tons of law/business professors, they all slapped me in the face with the truth about this company.Needless to say, our relationship is totally screwed up right now.
    The funny thing I remember after reading this post is that there few days ago when I somehow read a "training" guide for IBOs and saw the section where they to give "medical advice" for the customer if there is any "problem" after using the product. It's like this:
    "-If the customer feel hot in the body and having acne after using vit B product -> tell them to use it together with Vit C
    -If the customer have constriction after using the mineral product -> Reduce (yes, REDUCE, not stop) the intake amount.
    -If the customer experience insomnia and diarrhea after taking the vitamin C -> reduce (again) the intake amount."

    (Kinda curious what if the customer have acnea and diarrhea at the same time?)
    Source (I know you're already know it and this link is Vietnamese but just to show you that this thing spread everywhere now.)

    I'm speechless. I feel that my BSN degree is really meaningless, I should have join Amway and become medical adviser immediately. Look how awesome they are. They know exactly how to deal with intoxicated customer, with the treatment is... taking more toxic?

    1. Anonymous - thanks for stopping by with your story. And you're right the Ambot answer to everything is buy more Amway products and buy more AmwY motivational materials. I'm going to highlight your comment on an upcoming post in case some of my readers missed it.

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    1. Really Srikanto? Have some eggs with your spam today? You want to load me up with key words those ain't want Amway ambots are searching for. Wanna drive more visitors to your site? Try using Amway sex and Amway sex products and you'll get huge hits.

  5. Savvy piece . I Appreciate the points - Does anyone know if my company could get access to a blank a form copy to use ?

    1. What the fuck are you talking about Onie but I'm glad you thought this piece was savvy.

    2. Hello Onie Zarate and Anna Banana. I found a sample a form copy here . Maybe this is what he's looking for Anna.

    3. Oh great. Now everyone who has a form is going to stop by and leave a link. Oh well. It all goes towards bumping the blog higher in the search engines.


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