Thursday, December 27, 2012

Amway = Depression

Not only does Amway cause depression in the people who have to watch their loved ones sink further into the Amway shithole but it also causes depression in ambots. After all they are losing money, not making the money that the assholes in their upline promised them they’d be making, they’re being abused by the assholes in their upline, and its just really fucking depressing going to Amway cult meetings and all the negativity that goes with it.
Who wants all that negativity especially in December and the holiday season and all. Amway negativity and Amway depression is not what the Christmas holiday season is supposed to be all about but sadly it is for too many people.
Here’s one of my reader’s stories and his desperation is very clear in his attempts to get his girlfriend to see the light and understand that Amway is hurting her and hurting their relationship. All he wants for Christmas is to get his girlfriend away from the Amway cult. I hope he got his Christmas wish and that he and his girlfriend are able to start healing emotionally and financially from his evil Amway depression that’s taken over their lives.

Now my girlfriend wants to get into Amway. And I think its because she is so depressed that the idea of working a 9-5 sounds too hard. She is not in the right state of mind to work a full 8 hour day. And I understand this. I hate working my 9-5 and I have a dream to own my own business and I'm taking small steps every day to get there. I understand what it is to be depressed an not be able to do anything. At first I tried to help her get a job, because I knew it would help her feel better. She likes to be financially independent, she likes to be productive so a job is really the answer, but right now she is too depressed for that. For the past 6 months I have just tried to be supportive. I told her, take your time, feel better. I'll keep working, paying for everything, my expenses and all her expenses, all her bills, everything.

And I have been doing this for the past 9 months. I told her, all I ask is that you find the strength to get yourself some help. For the past 9 months, maybe longer she has been searching. I really don't know what to do because I love her so much. And because of that I feel like by being there for her I am actually hurting her. I am not letting her hit rock bottom so she will never get help. But I am willing to stick out the depression.

But this Amway situation, I cannot deal with. I told her, Amway is not the answer. With Amway you will work more than 8 hours a day. It takes so much more energy to sell people bullshit, especially when you are a moral person like my girlfriend and know you are selling them shit they do not need. You are in the business of hurting other people.

And frankly its making me furious, I can understand that my girlfriend is depressed and so cannot work. But she has no problem going to Amway meetings. So am I punk, am I getting suckered? Is she just feeding me that B.S. so she does not have to work? We are not even married, I’m in my mid 20s and I’m supporting someone who is possibly just living off of me. Still, most of the time I think she is really depressed, she cries a lot, can’t get out of bed some days at all. But if she is going to get out of bed for something its going to be Amway. That makes me feel like I am being used. That’s my feeling, logically I know its not true. But it seems that Amway is more important than dealing with the depression, more important than me, more important than everything.

But Amway has an emotional hold on people. This cult preys on people who’s rational thinking is not working. Amway is at this very moment killing my girlfriend’s mom. Killing her mom by convincing her not to take her medication. Sure, most Amway people will start out by stating they are not doctors, but they will then pretty much tell you that they know what they are talking about. My gf’s sister convinced their mom to stop taking the blood thinners and if you are a sick older parent what are you going to do, not trust your children? Hopefully lol.

You guys all have a lot of experience with this and I know that reason has little to with Amway. Its all emotional. People buy on emotion, people sell on emotion. Its all about the dream. I know I have written a manuscript (taken 2 posts). Hope you will forgive me. Please give me some ideas of how to reach my girlfriend on an emotional level. To help her see emotionally that this is not the right choice. She understands logically, she's told me herself. But emotionally I cannot reach her.


  1. Hi Anna Banana,

    Thanks for your blog, I enjoy your Amway-experience, and love reading how some of your posters bash those good-for-nothing Amway cunts!

    However, having said that, this latest post, regarding this gentlemen’s girlfriend gave me something to think about. On one hand, when you’re dating someone, and something difficult comes your way…many times, you instinctively reach out to them and shield them from harm. When you love someone, it’s what your heart tells you to do, sometimes overriding your mind whenever “logic” steps in. On the other hand, if our loved-one is not persuaded to hit rock-bottom, he/she won’t ever find out the degree or true impact of their depression. For example, let’s pretend this gentlemen’s girlfriend was single just for one minute, if any single individual would lapse into an irreversible depression, what options do they have? Would they seek professional help, or go to their family for help? When you have someone to take care of all your needs it’s not difficult to continue with your way of life.

    Let me try another approach, if something were to happen to him in the near future, and his girlfriend were still in this depressive-state, what would be the outcome for both of them? Depending on personal finances, individual incomes, and a variety of other factors, both families and couples have different responsibilities today. Everyone should be encouraged to build a nest-egg, to contribute into an IRA, 401K, and maybe even join a state-pension program (many employers are associated with/ or offer these). Tomorrow can sometimes become a rude-awakening for many nowadays, and most if not all of the new-agers of tomorrow have not taken the time to seriously consider an emergency-fund, more-or-less a supplement account in case you have to go without a classic 9-5 or small-business venture for an unsure number of months, maybe a couple of years or so. Please, and I ask you consider my opinion, Amway is not going to take your troubles away, simply for the fact that selling in an economy like this one is not possible anymore! When you’re running a regular business it’s just out-right difficult, but when you’re in Amway…it’s not possible. Amway (or any other MLM scheme) will never bring peace-of-mind to anyone when in regards to wealth! The safe-haven of Amway has never really existed, but in the minds of the destitute, to which there is nothing more, or nothing better out there. I guess what I’m advising is, please…do not contribute to her Amway illusion. It sounds like it might be time for some tough love, which I know she’ll thank you for it in the long-run, I promise you this. Just please, stay away from Amway (or any other MLM), if nothing else, help find her a 9-5 and build with her a small-business plan if that’s what she wishes to do…you just have to be patient with your dreams.

    1. Anonymous - glad you enjoy the blog. Thank you for stopping by with your well thought out comments.

      Sometimes there's nothing you can do but stand by helplessly watching someone you love sink deeper and deeper until they hit rock bottom. And nowhere else is that more true than Amway where stories are all over the Internet how being involved in this scam brought on sky high credit card debt, bankruptcy and divorce.

      It's just a natural reaction to want to help someone you love not fall into this kind of despair.

      Ironically when you're involved in the Amway cult they are always bragging the reason they're in Amway is to help others. Yeah help them right into the poorhouse.

      The scam preys upon singles and offers them love bombing and a place where they feel like they belong. A single person may find themselves with nowhere to turn and no one to help them when they want to escape the clutches of the cult.

  2. To the boyfriend: Can you at least convince your girlfriend to keep track of the time and money she spends 'doing Amway"? The maybe compare that to even a part time job?
    To help yourself, read the book Merchants of Deception (Anna Banana has a link somewhere on her blog so you can download it for free). It will strip the blinders away from any reader's eyes.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Boyfriend. It's a tough road to travel, and even more so when you're not even married. So ask yourself this question (since dating is the time when you can 'check out' a person's character to see if they're someone you'd want to spend the rest of your life with)....What am I seeing, and what does that tell me about what it might be like to be married to this person? Tough questions but better asked now than regretted later. I speak from my own difficult experience here.

  3. The best thing someone can do for their brainwashed ambot partner is dump 'em! Then tell them to give you a call when theyre done with that amway BS. But by then it will probably be too late because you will probably have found someone way more awesome and fun to be around. Been there!

    1. Anonymous - I'm sure dumping the Ambot goes through all our minds and the hope that there is someone more awesome and fun to b around is out there. Actually pretty much everyone who isn't in Amway is more fun and awesome to be around! Fortunately most ambots are only on the dark side for a few months and most of us can wait it out and hope there isn't too much emotional and financial damage done. But yeah I agree with you for a hard CORE Ambot - dump them!

  4. I can't believe that this decades-old global Scam is still extant in 2017, given the information that is out there.
    I should feel sympathy for the Victims, but the facts are freely available as to IBO earnings?
    What part of "You will Lose" do you poor people fail to understand?

    1. Hi Primus777. With the Internet people are able to share their stories about the financial and emotional losses Amway has brought to their lives and Amway is reeling in fewer recruits and their sales have been dropping by about 10% every year. I can't believe the Amway scam still exists but hopefully all the victims voices online will warn away enough people that it'll shut down.

  5. I can't believe that this decades-old global Scam is still extant in 2017, given the information that is out there.
    I should feel sympathy for the Victims, but the facts are freely available as to IBO earnings?
    What part of "You will Lose" do you poor people fail to understand?


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