Monday, January 7, 2013

Get Fired From Your Own Business

Does anyone know where else you can “own your own business” and get fired except in Amway?
We own our own business. We own the real estate the shop sits. Nobody else involved. We didn’t sign our lives away to anyone to own our own business. We make the rules and policies. We decide what’s for sale and the price tag. We decide the hours of operation. We decide who we’re going to employ. We don’t make our employers pay us to work here. When the time comes that we no longer want to run our business we will sell it. Hopefully we’ll sell the shop at the same time. If not the building can be sold separately. This is what its like when you own your own business. You make the decision when you want to leave it and how you want to leave it.
 We own our business. No one can fire us.
In Scamway IBO’s are brainwashed to believe they “own their own business”. And where else can you own your own business for $50? Or $150 if you buy a kit of shitty Amway products at the time you register. And I’m just throwing those $$ numbers out. I don’t know what the current price to sign your life away to the Amway cult is. Could have increased a few bucks. And that $50 must be paid each year to Scamway if you want to keep “owning your own business”.
People who own their own business and the real estate it sits on don’t have to pay anyone an annual fee for the privilege of owning their own business.
That sounds more like the difference between someone who owns their own business and someone who pays to belong to a shopping club.
As part of signing your life away to the Amway cult to “own your own business” an IBO has to sign a commissioned salesperson agreement that the upline bullshits them into believing is “owning your own business” and gives the title to the cult follower IBO Independent Business Owner. Just cause they throw a phony ass title at you doesn’t make it any truer that you’re a real business owner. Amway has all kinds of policies IBO’s must adhere to as part of the rules of “owning your own business”.
People who own their own business don’t sign anything or adhere to anyone else’s rules to own their own business.
When Amway decides to fire an IBO commissioned salesperson for whatever reason – they’re fired. Out on their ass. Tough shit. You’re outta here!
What the fuck? If you “own your own business” how can you get fired?
You can’t! That’s the difference between legitimate business owners who own real businesses sitting on real land as opposed to Amway commissioned salespeople who don’t own piss all.
One of the ways I see a lot of IBO’s violating Amway’s terms of conduct is yapping about Amway and their A+ rating or triple A rating or whatever the fuck it is with the Better Business Bureau. In Amway’s code of conduct it says IBO’s can’t do that because it ain’t true. Isn’t that a fireable offense for violating company policy? That don’t stop the ambots. Ambots constantly leave comments about Amway and the BBB rating on my blog. At every Scamway meeting we attended the assholes in our upline bragged about the BBB like anyone really gives a shit. If a complaint is filed with the BBB and the company that is being complained about responds to the BBB before the deadline, even if the response doesn’t make the complainer happy, the BBB gives the company a good rating. That’s all it means. Someone in customer service is good at responding to mail before the BBB’s deadline. Probably a full time position for someone in Amway’s I-don’t-give-a-shit department.
Our former Platinum got fired by Amway. Maybe Amway received enough complaints about him bragging about Amway’s BBB rating and someone was tired of dealing with complaints about him all the time and showed him the fuck you you’re outta here door.
Low level IBO’s get fired probably a lot more than we’ll ever know about. We only hear about Diamonds who get fired from Amway. Diamond is what IBO’s strive for because the liars in their upline tell them they’ll be making millions of dollars every year even though Amway’s literature says the average Diamond earns around 150k. Amway cult leaders gotta keep the IBO’s coming in and signing up with lies about how much money they’ll be making as a “business owner”. I think that might be another fireable offense with Scamway too lying about income. If Amway fired every IBO who lied about income they’d have no one left!!!
Platinum is another level that IBO’s strive for. Its the first major level they reach on the way to going Diamond.
Amway can go around willy nilly firing Diamonds and any other IBO’s. So much for owning your own business!
There are better businesses you can own. Really own. Where you don’t have to live with the fear of getting fired for being a business owner and owning your own business. Only Amway does that. Real business owners who own real legitimate businesses don’t go around worrying about being fired.
Yeah get fired from your own business. Freedom!


  1. There was also a 20/20 investigation on the BBB. In addition to what you accurately presented, one could simply buy an A+ rating! Because the BBB is just a private company that is only out to make a buck!

    Keep on spreading the truth Anna Banana!


    1. Thanks for stopping by AntiAmway! The ambots grasp onto whatever lies they can that think might give them and Amway some credibility and then spread the lies. You don't see companies like Safeway going out trying to persuade people to shop them with a bunch of bullshit propaganda.

  2. You have no idea how much better I feel after reading your blog! Even though I'm still not any closer to getting my ambot husband out this cult. I was crying in bed the other night over this Amway stuff and couldn't sleep. So I get up and get on the computer and find your blog. Thank you for exposing the truth! I get so freaking tired of going anywhere with him and knowing he's going to be contacting people in gas stations, restaurants, etc. The other day I was going to a hair salon for the first time and he said he wanted to come in and meet them so he could contact them or offer them products. How embarrassing! I told him I wanted to go alone. There are so many things I could go on and on about, but you know exactly how it is. I worry about our 3 kids the most. If they even think about saying "I can't" or "I'll try" that is unacceptable for him because of the non-stop drilling of always being positive, no negative allowed. Someone in "the business" gave us a kids book titled "Just Wait 'till We're Diamond". Hey let's brainwash the kids too! Let's convince them staying with babysitters almost every evening is ok! I'm sorry. I'm done. I will not do it anymore. I have only been going to the big quarterly functions, but I've told my husband that I won't be doing that anymore. If I have to walk into another hotel and watch a bunch of ambots walking around with an XS in their hand one more time I think I'll lose it right there!

    Thank you so much for your blog! You have no idea how much better I feel after reading it!

    1. Anonymous - thank you for stopping by and telling us about your experience. This is why I write the blog. To help others know that they're not alone in what they're experiencing and feeling. Any one of us could have written your words. We all have the same story about the agony and misfortune Amway has brought to our lives. Just told slightly differently. The people we married turned from nice, loving human beings into ugly,sneering, Amway ambot bastards. Its hard to see the Amway negativity destroy a household and know you're powerless to stop it because your husband is brainwashed by the assholes in his Amway upline and wants to spend more time with them than his family. Amway is all about destroying relationships. Nothing brings those bastards more happiness. Sick sorry sons of bitches.

      If you haven't already downloaded a free copy of Merchants of Deception, do it now.

      This book is written by a former Emerald. We were always told Emeralds earn 100k, 125k and here this guy is saying its more like $2 to $3000/month. He has 1000 people in his downline and isn't making money.

      Try getting you and your husband to a financial planner. Check with your bank to see if they have a business planner you can make an appointment with, that way its free. Bring along the Amway literature that talks about compensation. Somewhere in the small print you'll see a number thats less than 1% like .000367% of IBO's make money in Amway. Thats a 99% failure rate. What person wants to get involved in any business with that high a failure rate. A financial planner might try to drill that into him. Will also have him do a profit and loss statement and come back to discuss it. That might wake him up a bit.

      You don't say how long he's been in the scam. If its only been a few months you might have to wait him out for him to return to normal. There is another useless Scamway function coming up in April called Spring Leadership. His sack of shit Platinum has probably already made him pay for the ticket. But after that if he's not showing signs of slowing down - not buying Amway shitty products, not attending brainwashing meetings, not listening to CD's - he might be getting ready to quit. Most IBO's quit within the first few months. 95% quit within 2 years. Its the jackasses that have been in for years and actually think they're going to be millionaires in just a few months that you've got to watch out for.

      You gotta do what feels right for you to protect yourself and your children from the destructive Amway cult. The emotional and financial losses are things you might not ever be able to recover from.

      I'm glad reading the blog helps you feel better. Good luck to you and we're all hoping your husband gets out of the cult real soon.

  3. Anonymous, like Anna Banana said, you are definitely not alone. Many many others share your experience (either past or present) and can sympathize with you. I am a single guy in my twenties who got caught up with Amway for a time, but thankfully I was out after a few months. I am hoping your husband comes to his senses and comes out of it soon as well. Anna Banana, thank you for exposing the truth about Amway.

    1. Same here Anonymous. I am a single guy in my 20s as well. I have a job that doesn't pay much and is giving less and less hours. I have had many job interviews, promising conversations, you name it, but nothing. The jobs that can accept me pay less and it's plenty of traveling. I have an Associate's Degree and really don't have money to go for the Bachelor's.

      I went to an Amway meeting once but didn't join because I didn't feel right about it. I went again after someone told me about how he was an Owner and CEO in some Company that Works with certain companies. So I figured what the hell, nothing is happening here.

      Things were similar, but other things sounded different. So he signed me up and paid for everything, even for my brother. It wasn't even much over 2 months and we had enough. It was all a big crock of shit. Business Attire, and for what? Look at a bunch of corrupted suckers screaming and cheering listening to all the bullshit people talk about. That's the fucking groundbreaking 6 months advanced knowledge. And those dumbass functions way out of state (They kept saying the only reason to miss it is it you are attending one funeral, your own, but we didn't go). Listening to a bunch of phonies talking about how they used to work 10 hours everyday for little pay and now are millionaires is bullshit. Same with those CD's, same crap heard in meetings that you have to pay for and are deemed as important.

      It's a shame so many people have to go through a lot because of this incredible scam. Anna is doing a marvelous job with her blog. There needs to be a lot more of them and more and more people speaking out about this scam.

    2. Thanks Sprigsleg. You've summed up Amway nicely. And reminded me of something I'd forgotten about and will use for a new post one of these days!

    3. You're welcome anytime, and continue to keep it up. Always a joy reading your blogs.

  4. What about franchises? Isn't that all it is, only online instead of brick & mortar?

    You point out that IBOs can be fired, but couldn't McDonald's "fire" one of their franchise owners if they started selling incorrect products? It's a basic principle.

    1. Anonymous - are you smoking something funny or are you just fucked in the head? Comparing Amway and McDonalds? Are you fucking serious? They are nothing alike. And where do you get off calling McDonalds restaurants franchises? Sure they have franchises but many McDonalds locations are owned by the head office. They ain't all franchises. Amway has no franchises. I have no idea if McDonalds head office could fire some of their locations cause they sold products they shouldn't have. Anyway you have such a dumb fuck comment that I'm going to feature it on a post next week so we can all make fun of you. Thanks for supplying me with some new material.


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