Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lurking in the Shed….

There’s a place where I buy persimmons at every year out in the country. Make it a half day drive and do lunch. I called a friend to see if she’d like to come with me.
She tells me her daughter’s new home has a couple of persimmon trees and her daughter doesn’t eat them and called mom to tell her they’re ripening if she wanted them. Apparently mom doesn’t like persimmons enough to pick them herself but she likes to buy them in a box from someone else who’s picked them. Yeah well me too. You know we’re at that age. But for free we’ll go check them out. Its closer and we can still do lunch.
We get there and the persimmons look OK and we both tried one and they passed the taste test. We can take a bunch. Oops. Which one of us was in charge of bringing a box to pack those suckers home? Now if we were in Amway we’d point fingers at the other guy because no one takes responsibility for nothing and are quick to cast blame cause that's what Amway assholes do. Normal people don’t point fingers and throw out accusations. They work together to see how they can fix it. Its no problem. Daughter says they have some boxes from moving stored in the shed. They’re flattened so just grab a couple and she’ll bring the packing tape outside and put them together for us.
We go in the shed. The kind of stuff you usually see in a shed. Garden tools. A couple of planters. On a shelf are paint cans and a bottle with some pink stuff in it. I thought it was brake fluid or transmission fluid but it looked like a water bottle. I look closer and see oh fuck its an Amway product Perfect Water. And someone put car engine fluid of some type in there? Weird. Then I look again and its flavored Perfect Water. Its got one of those immunity supplements in it so this is a new product since we quit Scamway.
I can’t hold it in. I ask my friend is your daughter in Scamway? She’s surprised and says she doesn’t think so and hopes to hell she isn’t because she knows all the shit I went through thanks to the fucking assholes in our Amway upline. I point to the water bottle and tell her it’s a Scamway product. We both notice its covered in a lot of dust. Daughter shows up and mom confronts her. You’re not in that fucking Amway cult are you? Daughter denies it. Mom points at the evidence. That’s not mine says the daughter. None of that stuff on the shelf we put in there. Those planters were left here too. And that spare tire ain’t ours. She picks up the bottle and looks at it more closely. Throw that shit out I tell her.
But now it becomes a whole lot clearer. Daughter bought the house at a good price due to a foreclosure. Ah ha! The former owners were in Amway.


  1. Bitch you need to get a life. The more I look online the more I see a common characteristic amongst anti-Amway bloggers/bitchers, and it's that you actually think you're doing everyone a service and you feel like you're accomplishing something by telling people not to do something. How about something like raise a family, spend time with your husband, or get a life? Wait, let me explain WHY you can't do that:

    1. Would any guy on the face of the planet want to have a family with you? Regardless of the fact that you hate Amway you must be the biggest bitch in your family and friends, if you do have kids I doubt any of them would even want to publicly admit that you are their mother or relative. No child would ever want you as their role model.

    2. Going on my first point, why the fuck would any guy want to spend time with you, let alone marry you. You must have one patient/submissive/whipped husband who listens to your bitching all day. It's a miracle you're even married, but that probably won't be for much longer. With the type of person you are I'm sure he's with some other girl on some late nights.

    3. Wait, you can't have a life because you're too busy on your fat ass typing up an elementary grade essay, HOPING that someone will bitch and agree with you. Maybe you get off on people thanking you for saving their life, I have no clue what goes on in your fucked up head.

    In conclusion, I'd suggest that you either move on or just make the world and your husband happier by disappearing. Go choke on one of your bananas.

    1. At least I'm not some fucking Amway asshole from Vancouver BC Canada who can't get no information from the fucking assholes in my Amway upline about Spring Leadership so I have to look for it on the Internet.

      Didn't those fucking assholes in your Amway upline tell you not to spread negative? You are a bright and shining example of what Amway strives for in their IBO's. Polite, positive, spreading the word about how wonderful Amway is?

      You seem like you're more suited for the dark side!

    2. Anon, when hundreds of thousands of people complain about a company they joined and they all say the same thing. There is something wrong with it! Even when Dateline NBC did an investigation on Amway you all still continue unethical immoral practices. When your fellow MLM Herbalife is being underfire from everyone you still think your MLM is alright! Do you even see there is a problem with your group?

      Attacking a blogger because she has a different opinion instead of laying out what you do not agree with shows how immature you are! You clearly aren't American because Anna is only practicing her First Amendment speech about an organization!

      You Amway people need to remember it's a two way street! You can shout Amway is the best thing ever in seminars,in home groups, in conferences like FEC. And even yell, it is the best way to make money- as if life's all about money. But when evidence upon evidence give proof that the Amway system and people are unethical, seriously flawed, something needs to be done.

      All Anna Banana is doing is showing this in her blog.


    3. Why don't you get a life Asshole. She is doing a big positive. She doesn't want people to get caught up in the huge Scam of Amway, or better yet Scamway. Of course Dumbasses like you try to insult her when she is simply telling the truth, and trying to prevent others from joining. I'm sure you've seen or heard of many people speaking out against scams haven't you? She's doing a great job at that and it is a positive.

      Now for you, why don't you go to one of your groundbreaking, full of advanced information meetings that you have to pay to get in for, and wear business attire as you cheer like a bunch of rowdy wolves howling at the moon. And you use elementary in reference to Anna, yet you are the one with the talk about no man would want her or her kids wouldn't want to admit to her being their Mom, or whatever bullshit you are saying.

      So do yourself a favor and get ready for one of those out of state functions that usually break the bank regarding costs (that end up paying for those so called emeralds, diamonds, platinums, when the idiots giving the money aren't even aluminum) and don't do shit but crowd up a place to waste time.

      Scams will not go away unless people take a stand and speak out. And it would help if the blind people, who have their heads so far up their asses, can actually take the time to sit, think, and analyze all information that they have in addition to the research they should do about the company, in this case.

  2. To the Amway asshole from Vancouver, BC Canada using computer IP at Electronic Arts:

    If the administrator who moderates the comments on this blog is not publishing your comments then you must be violating one of our rules. You figure it out.

    We have to keep the administrators on this blog safe. The administrator who is the contact person for this blog and its gadgets became the victim of a cyberstalker last year. The police have been monitoring traffic on this blog and other web sites looking for cross visitors because none of the sites are similar and its unlikely that people would visit them but a few persons of interest were identified. You? I don’t know if you’re the cyberstalker or associated with the cyberstalker but if you believe the correct answer is neither then you might want to find a new hobby and stop visiting sites monitored by the police.

    Just cause some Amway asshole thinks I’m from Hawaii, Canada, Colorado, Iceland, wherever and thinks everyone but me is writing the blog and because any of the blog administrators might be accessible doesn’t make it acceptable for Amway assholes going around breaking the law being cyberstalkers.

    If you’re going to be a cyberstalker you shouldn’t go around bragging about it because that makes it easy for the police. Same if you go to another computer and reference a previous comment you wrote.

    We’re all victims of Amway. We know what its like putting up with Amway bullies. Unlike people in Amway we don’t go around making lives miserable for other people but we won’t put up with Amway cyberstalkers.

    The person who moderates the comments won’t publish your comments but took screen prints and we all have copies. If required we will turn this information over to the police and Electronic Arts along with a log of your visits.

    Is Amway really worth ruining your life over?


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