Friday, February 8, 2013

Amway Cult Leaders Expect Downline To Be Accountable

Some dumb fuck Amway cult leader decided to show up and leave a comment on my blog. Its boring and full of twisted Amway brainwashed bullshit so I’m not going to bore everyone with copying it here.
You know the old Amway teaching about lie and deny and then try to distract. Well I got the full treatment! The ambot tries to deny that Amway and WWDB are cults. Then he does the old Amway ambot twisted thinking and say that “culture” and “cult” are the same thing and he loves the Amway WWDB culture so if this is a cult he loves it and all the other adoring Amway lovey dovey bullshit that goes along with being a kiss ass ambot.
And getting back to ambot ass kissing he says he does not expect his downline to kiss his ass. Yeah right. But then he says he expects them to be accountable to him.
What the fuck? And you try to say you’re not in a cult. Why the hell should anyone be accountable to you? Can anyone say cult leader? You reading the Jim Jones manual?
And just what do ambots have to be “accountable” to the assholes in their upline about?
Lets see. Ambots have to be accountable to the assholes in their Amway upline about what their dreams are and what material possessions they want to buy thanks to the gazillions of dollars they’ll be making in Scamway. That way if they don’t make enough money to fund their greed the assholes in their Amway upline will hold it over their head and use their dreams against them and taunt them for not making enough money to buy them.
Ambots have to be accountable to the assholes in their Amway upline about how much Amway products they buy every month. Minimum 100PV so that means they can earn about $10 commission check from Amway and it doesn’t fuck up the commission everyone upline earns. An ambot can expect the assholes in their Amway upline to be riding their asses to make sure they buy at least 100PV = approx $300 - in shitty overpriced Amway products. As the month winds down and some upline asshole needs more $$$ to meet that months goals expect the assholes in your Amway upline to hold you accountable to spend more $$$ buying Amway products so that upline asshole can meet their goals. Run up that credit card debt! Ha! Then you’ll be held accountable by your bank to pay that bill. Will the assholes in your upline take any accountability for your debt? No? Well then that’s why this blog exists – to hold those assholes in your Amway upline accountable for causing financial distress!
The assholes in your Amway upline will hold you accountable to buy Amway business tools – in other words CD’s and books pushed by the Amway diamonds which is how they make their money. Also includes usless shit like a monthly membership in whatever Amway cult sect you belong to and Communikate. Don’t buy this shit and the assholes in your Amway upline will hold you accountable and give you shit about how you're not a serious business builder and they don't want nothing to do with you until you do shell out the $$$.
The assholes in your Amway upline also hold you accountable for showing up to all Amway meetings and teachings or whatever bullshit name they give their cult meetings. Don’t show up and the upline Amway assholes be on the phone bitching you out and holding you accountable for not showing up by bitching that you let down the team. Yeah my empty seat on the couch just means someone else can sit down so fuck off.
The assholes in your Amway upline will hold you accountable to attend all major Amway functions because this is how the upline diamonds make their money by speaking at these functions. You don’t show up that means less money in some Diamonds bank account so damned right those fucking assholes in your Amway upline will be holding your accountable that the much loved and adored diamond cult leader ain’t making quite enough money if you don’t buy a ticket.
So there you have it. Turn the tables on those fucking Amway assholes who expect their downline to be accountable to them. Who are you accountable to you fucking Amway assholes?? Who holds you accountable for forcing people in your Amway downline to buy shitty overpriced Amway products that they can’t afford? Who holds you accountable for putting the screws to your Amway downline and making them go into credit card debt to buy shitty overpriced Amway products and shitty overpriced Amway tools. Who holds you accountable for bitching and bitching and bitching at your downline until you browbeat them into spending money and time attending useless Amway functions. Who holds you accountable for causing emotional distress to the people in your Amway downline – including the family and friends of those cult followers?
Here I am holding you fucking Amway assholes accountable for the misery you cause. Don’t like it when the tables turned and someones holding you accountable do you?
Yup nows a good time to send out another fuck you to every asshole cult leader in Amway who expects people to kiss their asses and be accountable to them.


  1. hi anna, i have to say i love your blog!! you helped me avoid a few amway meetings. my dear friend recently got involved with amway and she tries to trick people into attending her parties under the guise that they're housewarming parties, birthday parties, etc. everyone's starting to avoid her.

    hey why don't you start a database of ambots? you can have people submit names to add to the database. it's for when a stranger named "bob mcpheerson" approaches you in a bookstore and invites you to a meeting, you can go to the database and look for bob mcpheerson to see if he's involved with amway. it'll save lots of people lots of time! what do you think?

    1. Anonymous - thanks! Yup the Ambot sneak attack BBQ, coffee meeting, whatever kind of party disguised as an Amway sales pitch. Been to a few even tried to hold a couple. Notorious flops.

      Database would be too hard to maintain due to the upkeep because ambots are usually quitting within months or by a year. We don't name ambots here. It's too embarrassing for people to admit they're with Amway so why being them further ridicule. Diamonds who speak at well advertised Amway functions and the owners names are OK because they already known publicly.


    OOOHHH, what he meant was abuse them right into bankruptcy and divorce court!!! I got it, I guess I may not be 'AMWAY' smart, but I am smart-smart. =)

    On another note, love your blog Anna, wreck'em, WRECK'EM GOOD!!!!

    By the way, before I forget...FUCK YOU AMWAY UPLINES AND PLATINUMS!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU ALL THE WAY TO HELL SHITS!!!!!!!!!!

  3. my sister destroyed our family and my parents relationships in india because of amway and then ran away tom some distant location without informing people.please please for your own sake dont go anywhere near amway.

    i am scared to even reveal my identity as these weird psychos would stoop to anything.

    1. Hi Anonymous - thank you for stopping by with your story. People in Amway are scary. Avoid them or your life will become hell.

    2. I just found this post and was doing research because my brother and sister-in-law have been involved with Amway/Quixstar (whatever they call it) for 25 plus years and I don't know how to help them. I want to shake them up and slap their faces to get them out of the Amway brainwashed mode that they are in, but I can't. As soon as I say anything negative about their business or it being a cult they kick into a brainwashed response mode and then it gets into an argument. Does anyone have any suggestions! They claim to be making alot of money but both work full time jobs and have refinanced their home multiple times. What does that tell you?

    3. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. 25 years. They're lifers. They'll get to age 65 and be broke thanks to Amway and have to keep working in their retirement years in order to support their Amway habit. Its no different than any other expensive addiction out there. I know what you mean. You just want to slap these brainwashed ambots and say get a fucking grip. You believe all these lies from your cult leaders, you're wasting money, and your destroying your lives. Amway ambots have a response for everything and yes it always involves getting into arguments with people who won't worship the Great Amway God. An Amway ambot's life is all about lie, deny, distract, and defend. Not much of a life. I bet you've never worked for a company that you had to spend so much time convincing others that its a good place to work. Refinancing your home many times tells me you'll be working well into your retirement years or eventually going to foreclosure and bankruptcy. Unless you can find a cult interventionist there's not much you can do after this many years of them being brainwashed. Don't lend them money even if they're desperate for mortgage payments or buy Amway products because that enables them. Oh and at Amway meetings the ambots are told to skip mortgage payments and use that money to attend Amway functions or refinance their house and use the equity to buy more Amway products.


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