Monday, February 11, 2013

Monavie is the new Amway!

We got an email from our sack of shit platinum who got fired from Amway last year with the new scams he’s involved in. One is Monavie. Isn’t that where all former Amway ambots head when they quit or get fired?
He held on to our email this long? Probably held on to every email address he’s ever had to send this spam.
He was inviting us to an information session a meeting at his house for the new cult he’s in. I mean fuck you asshole. We already put up with enough of your bullshit and bullying and arrogant asshole behavior in Amway and now you want us to put up with you again in Monavie. Fuck off!!!!!
It would be my guess that pretty much everyone in his downline quit Amway after he got fired and signed up with Monavie on his instructions. I don't know what levels the cult leaders are called in Monavie whether or not it’s Platinum there too but its possible that he got enough ambots to follow him to Monavie and bullied them into buying whatever minimum amounts and whatever training materials that he might be the same level.
I think he might have been in Monavie years ago when we were in Amway because there were a couple of Monavie juices in his house once when we were there on the table. Anyway I don’t know when he signed up with Monavie years ago or in the past few months. Don’t know don’t care.
His email says he’s also in another MLM so he’s doing two at once thinking maybe he can get rich twice as fast. He sent us a link in the email which I didn’t click but it was information on whatever other MLM he’s also doing now. Can’t remember the name. May not have even been obvious from the link which is why I don’t remember it.
I thought for sure he’d be bad mouthing Amway in his email but nothing. Saves it for his cult meetings I suppose. The email said Monavie has the best compensation plan he’s seen out of every MLM plan he’s looked at so that was as close as he got to saying fuck you to Amway. But then Amway already said fuck you to him first.
I was so tempted to reply to his email and say FUCK OFF ASSHOLE!!!! But then I thought then he’ll know the email is still good and might send me more shit.
So there you have it. Another Amway ambot defects to Monavie.


  1. I knew a guy like that too. He wasn't a sack-of-shit like your friend the platinum. He was actually a seemingly decent person. I had sponsored him into my scamway group (yuk-I still cringe so many years later). He never did do anything in scamway but after he became inactive, he would show up at my office every so often trying to get me into some other MLMs. I actually got into one of them...I think I did it because he stood to make something from me getting in, and I felt I owed it to him after getting the poor guy involved in scamway. Not that I had ever made a dime off this guy in scamway. He was always broke, never bought a product, and I even bought him whatever "tools" he ever used.
    Anyhow, the last time he showed up, I didn't appreciate the fact that he was supposedly paying me a social call and he instead ambushed me in my office with some flunky cult leader. I think that cult leader, in his real job, had earned in the past year, what I had earned in the past month in my business, but he was gonna tell me how to get rich. Very laughable. I didn't blast him to hell because I didn't want to demotivate my ex-scamway friend. When the cult leader left, my friend stayed behind. He asked me what I thought. I said I wasn't interested. He said something along the lines of-- you know... you have credibility and you can do well in this. I said, "buddy-- I have credibility because I've been doing the same thing very well for many many years. You, on the other hand-- are involved in a new get rich quick scheme every month, and although I KNOW you're a decent person and family man, you are quickly loosing YOUR credibility. People avoid you."
    He never did come around again. I didn't wanna hurt the guy. Just gave him some hard love. I hope he's well. You'd think he woulda learned his lesson in the scamway fiasco.

  2. I think you should reply and let loose on his a$$! Especially if he made the mistake of sending to cc instead of bcc. You should reply cc. That just might be the impetus some poor soul needs to go re-look into the cult/cult-leader and quit on it. I think he will delete your email address. If he doesn't just send him a nice big f/off every time you get his stupid email.

    1. Wow Ex-Ambot. I didn't think you were that nasty!!! Hahahahahaha. I love it!!

      If he sent it to everyone on the same email... that's exactly what you should do Anna-- not only blast that moron to hell but do a "reply-all". Then get into why you think he's such a piece of crap, get into all the stuff he did to you in scamway, get into what a professional liar he is. Every person he sent that invite to will receive it and you'll make him look like a moron AND you may save someone some heartache.

    2. I am ex all the way and don't give a rat's ass for these scambags. So you are welcome! If the stable's gonna get clean someone's hands are gonna get dirty.

  3. The email is deleted. The problem with responding is that then he'll know he has a live email address and might keep bugging us. Also he's an arrogant bastard and would probably respond. Just like in Amway they teach the ambots responses for every type of rejection I'm sure Monavie does the same thing. How to overcome objections to our MLM scam. I ain't interested in any contact with that sack of shit anyway. Fucking excuse for a low life form.

    1. On a different note do you (or anyone else) recall the old price of scAmway's espring unit say on or before 2008? One reared it's ugly ass I the garage yep after all this time. May be I should have posted this under that title you did about scamway crap turning up every now and then, but I didn't know where to find it. I swear if that thing was a dog I would shave it's ass and make it walk backwards all the way to Ada Michigan! Urghhh!

    2. No idea. Maybe check Craigslist or eBay or Amazon. Ambots are all over those places selling their leftover shit.


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