Monday, February 4, 2013

Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2013

I’m getting a ton of hits from Amway IBO’s searching for information on Amway WWDB World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2013. Yup come to Anna Banana to find out what its all about. Ambots can’t get the information on Spring Leadership nowhere else especially not from their beloved upline because its all very hush hush secretive. You been to one Amway function you been to them all. There’s no difference in the shit they’re shoveling. So once again here I go with a post that will be at the top of all the search engines.
Yup ambots are desperate to find information because the assholes in their Amway upline don’t tell them piss all other than some bullshit about Spring Leadership is a not to be missed event, a once in a lifetime opportunity, blabbity blabbity.
Here’s the information I got. Gotta get lots of keywords out there to help those ambots in their searches!
Tickets cost $125 each. Rip off!!! Rip off!!!
WWDB Amway Spring Leadership 2013 will be held:
Las Vegas, Nevada April 12 – 14, 2103 at the Orleans Arena.
Spokane, Washington April 19 – 21, 2013 at the Spokane Arena
Honolulu, Hawaii April 21 – 22, 2013 at The Modern.
Washington, DC April 27 – 28, 2013 at the Hyatt Dulles
Denver, Colorado, April 27 – 28, 20013 at the Denver Merchandise Mart Plaza
Calgary, Alberta May 3 – 5, 2013 at the Calgary Stampede Corral
Minneapolis, Minnesota May 4 – 5, 2013 at the Minneapolis Convention Center

OK here I want to say does anyone know what the hell The Modern is in Honolulu? Its gonna be held in the ballroom there. The one in Calgary held in corral - watch out for bull shit!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!
Does anyone know what’s wrong with the ambots who are attending Spring Leadership in Las Vegas, Spokane, and Calgary. Those Spring Leaderships last 3 days and all the other cities are 2 days. Are the ambots in Las Vegas, Spokane, and Calgary so fucking stupid they need an extra day to get it. Holy shit! Torture! Go to one of the other cities where the brainwashing sessions don’t take as long. And holy fuck! Scheduling conflict for ambots who gotta get to them all. Washington and Denver are on the same dates. Can you hear the crying now!
And who will be brainwashing the ambots who show up? Here’s the names I got who will be showing up at some or all of the Spring Leadership events to get their piece of the pie. Cause that’s how Diamonds make the bulk of their income speaking at Amway major functions. So here’s who on the WWDB Spring Leadership 2013 list of speakers:
Greg & Laurie Duncan
Rick & Bonnie Marshall
David & Caroline Payn
Dean & Marcie Whalen
Leslie Wolgamott
Jeff & M.J. Gleichman
Scott & Cris Harimoto
Peter & Rachael Hershleman
Randy & Raye-Lynn Jassman
Bob & Shelly Kummer
Glen & Joya Baker
Brad & Julie Duncan
Lynn & Joe Burnett
Mike & Robin Carroll
Laird & Alicia Dyck
Peter & Emma Feurbringer

So what happens at Amway WWDB Spring Leadership? Because that’s what Amway IBO’s really want to know because the assholes in their Amway upline keep it a deep dark secret. Well the secret is out! The reason those fuckers won’t tell the downline what happens at Spring Leadership is because it’s a big fucking waste of time and is only a money grab for the Amway Diamond speakers who are speaking to the cult followers. What happens is one Ken and Barbie after another slink across the stage. They gush about how wonderful their lives are thanks to Scamway and talk about all their material possessions because Amway is the cult of greed. They all have the same story. He was working as a gas jockey and she worked scrubbing port a potties. Then a dear friend showed them the plan. They scammed and bullied and walked over everyone in their path and here they are. The product of thousands of people they’ve screwed out of their hard earned cash. And what is there message? Buy more Amway products. Buy more Amway motivational CDs and books. Attend all Amway meetings. Fuck you can get that same message staying at home and listening to your sack of shit Platinum.
There is no training at Spring Leadership. There are no leadership skills discussed. Its just another bullshit Amway brainwashing function. Save your money and brain cells and stay home. Its just another meeting of this expensive social and buying club.


  1. Ah yes!! Another productive Scamway function. That's what those poor bastards needed.

    You know Anna-- every time you do a blog entry, you remind me of the occasional funny stuff that happened during the time I was "building the biz" Yuk!! (I'm so ashamed)

    Anyhow... I decided I'm gonna start writing my stories here, on a regular basis (with your permission, of course). And hopefully, my stories can make:
    1) The regular gang laugh at the expense of the ambots.
    2)Hopefully let a person who got prospected know how stupid the "biz" is and save them some misery.
    3)Totally traumatize those little ambot weasels who troll your site and don't comment because they're such chicken shit prudes with carrots in their behinds. YOU know who you are-- BOO!!!!!

    here goes....I remember one year we were driving down to a major function.

    It was myself, my wife, another couple in our downline, and a single
    guy in our downline (all friends of ours before the amway scam and
    still friends till this very day). We had recently replaced my wife's
    car with a brand new van. One of those Ford Wind-star or
    Something-Star. Can't remember the exact model name, but it was super
    luxo, comfy, cushiony, roomy... Just perfect for a road trip. So I
    suggested we all go down together. We were friends as I mentioned so
    it wouldn't be like driving for hours with a bunch of people that made
    us uncomfortable. Basically, we could all be ourselves and enjoy the
    ride, stop and eat, take in some sights etc. The wives insisted we
    have some fun cause they never were into the whole amway scam-- they
    were just being good wives and playing along.

    So. It's a HOT summer day--Hotter than most. We live in Canada and are
    driving to the US. So like any NORMAL human being would do on a day
    like that-- we were all wearing shorts, tank-tops, sandals... You
    know-- beach attire. The a/c was blasting, the van was cold, and we
    were all super comfy.

    We pull up to the Canada/US border and what do we see??? Ambots
    everywhere!!!! Hahahahaha.

    Now one of the reasons I love to read your blog so much is because I
    can just visualize some of the stuff you describe and I'm really into
    the details. I remember reading your post about the clunker brigade
    lol. I don't think the border guards had ever seen a bigger
    collection of oil leaking, black smoke spewing, clikering clackering,
    rusted 17 year old Corollas and Civics at one time... EVER.

    So we look over to one particular sub-sub-compact shitbox that looks
    like this -------- and we see 5, count em-- FIVE ambots, all suited up
    with their fine Italian suits from Walmart (lololol). Wearing their
    full gear, ties bound all the way to the top, strangling them. Now
    keep in mind it's 32 degrees Celsius (89 degrees Fahrenheit) and
    probably closer to 120f with the humidity factored in. And judging
    from the amount of sweat, (I'd say perspiration but believe me-- this
    was SWEAT), on their faces and on their suits, the a/c in their fine
    automobile was NOT working.


    1. Ambot Dick - its OK to write as much as you want. I often take comments and turn them into a blog post so I'll probably bring this post up again in April cause I think readers might be getting tired of me resurrecting our Spring Leadership stories every year. With us it was the first rest area we'd stop at. Shitmobiles already there and more coming in behind us and all the suits. Gee I bet I can guess where you where! And yeah I'd always be wearing shorts. No need to dress formally for the truckers.

    2. Anna-- I want you to know I am reporting your negative blog to Amway. If you do not remove this content they will prosecute you for defamation of character. Best of luck

    3. ariel - people from Amway have been reading my blog for years. You're just another Ambot who arrived too late to the party.

    4. 1st Amendment meet Ariel Smith, Ariel Smith meet 1st Amendment.

      A majority of the stories posted on this blog are stories told by former amway 'ibo's.

      You will have to prosecute all of them as well. Best of luck.

    5. So Anna, for those of us that are sick of amways nasty tricks, how can we re-learn to be successful, like you?

    6. So Anna, for those of us that are sick of amways nasty tricks, how can we re-learn to be successful, like you?

  2. .......continued

    Because of all these serious business people all crossing the border
    at the same approx time-- we were at a near stand still. We didn't
    mind much cause it would give us a chance to stretch our legs as we
    slowly crept up to the border guard booth.

    So.... Out of our icy cold van comes the unmarried guy in my downline
    (we'll call him Bill). Bill, like most of my downline and myself-- was
    into the biz as a biz (till we figured out it was impossible to make
    money) but couldn't really deal with the stuffiness of the ambots. And
    this particular guy was a little ruff around the edges but a good
    person none the less. So picture this....

    Bill just woke up, he gets out, scratches his head, yawns in a real
    annoying way-- kinda loudly and rudely, looks over at that car which
    was parallel to us, realizes they're a bunch of ambots, looks at
    them... looks again, looks closer, and yells -- "what-da fuck is wrong
    wit ya ga-eeezzz?!?!?!?!.... It's fucking boilin!!!!" Imagine the
    sheer horror in the ambots' eyes. They looked over completely shocked,
    saw Bill in his shorts scratching himself, and quickly looked forward,
    in fear.

    My married guy friend and I, under the full protection of the new
    van's dark, factory-tinted windows, were both laughing so hard that I
    had to hold my private parts for fear of peeing on myself. I didn't
    recognize any of the ambots in that particular car but still-- I was
    sure that eventually, we'd show up at some local event driving that
    particular van and we'd run into them, and someone would recognize
    that it had been us that day... but I just didn't care-- I couldn't
    stop laughing.

    It was 150 degrees for sure with the five of them in that car, and you
    know how polyester goes with humidity... Hahahaha. They were baking in
    there for sure, but they probably attributed it to the fact that they
    were so-- fired up, fired up!!!! Yuk!!
    I asked the girls how the hell someone could dress that way on a day
    like that and cram into a car and drive for hours.
    My wife's opinion....
    These stupid bastards are driving down there in those clothes cause
    they haven't brought any other clothes with them. They have no
    intention of paying for a hotel. Whenever there is down time (1:00am
    to 8:00am) they're gonna hang around a 24 hour Starbucks just waiting
    for the the function to begin. Hey-- why pay for lodging when you
    could stand around all night as to not wrinkle your suit!!
    She was probably right.

    Ambot Dick

    1. LOL, that's really something else. I bet they felt ridiculous after that. That goes hand in hand when it comes to Amway. They take people and treat people as if they were idiots. Plus all apart of it is the BS "business attire" malarkey. These guys overdid it going to that dumbass function like that as they fry in that car. All this to see a bunch of phonies run their mouths on stage of how Amway rescued them from the deadly grip of poverty and raised them to the peak of freedom. Then a bunch of assholes howl like wolves as they cheer them on.

      Keep it up though Ambot Dick, the more stories the merrier.

  3. The Corral is respectable if somewhat older and a second rate venue. Attached to the newer Saddle Dome where NHL hockey is played. Years ago bought some Amway stuff from friends and cousin who were briefly into it and gave it up as a waste of time and money. Calgary is great, close to the Rockies and strong economy, winters can be grim. I have been to Honolulu, I haven't been to the Modern but I understand it is an OK hotel. James

    1. Thanks James. I thought it was like a holding pen for cattle. Or ambots.

    2. So Anna, for those of us that are sick of amways nasty tricks, how can we re-learn to be successful, like you?

    3. Anonymous Amscam - you wrote the same thing 3 times in the same post thread. The first thing you gotta do is unlearn the Amway behavior - duplicating!

      Also I'm not arrogant enough to judge people on what they consider success. I leave that up to Amway ambots. What one person considers success, others might not have that same threshold of expectation. For example in Amway success is normally defined by the tiny percentage who reach Diamond. Elsewhere in the business world it could be many things.

      We already ran a good business before getting in the Amway scam. It covers the mortgage on our house and our shop, pays our bills, allows us to drive decent cars, and go on nice vacations and put some money aside for retirement. People in Amway would sneer at us and say that's not success.

      Another example is someone I know who considers herself a successful actress. She gets parts in plays, she was in a commercial once where she answered the door and hugged someone, gets some background extra work, and got a small speaking part in a series because she's dating a man who has opening scene credits, though still a minor role on the show.

      Like I say everyone judges success differently.

      Relearning? Starts with stop listening to brainwashing Amway CDs and staying away from Amway cult followers. Deprogram yourself can be considered your first success. Hopefully your life gets back on track after that. Good luck.

  4. The Corral is an older rink attached to the newer Saddledome, now used for meetings and exhibitions. Calgary is great, strong economy and you can see the Rockies from here. Years ago a relative and some friends were into Amway, I bought some stuff out of pity. They soon saw it was a waste of time and money. James

  5. Sorry, seem to have doubled up on a reply, James

    1. No problem. Drives the hit rate up on the blog the more comments there are!

  6. The Modern is a hotel near the Hawaii Convention Center. The function attendance must have dropped off because the venue is much smaller than the Hawaii Convention Center.

    1. Joecool - doesn't sound like my kind of tourist trap! Yeah it'd be smaller. Who wants to wreck their Hawaiian vacation going to an Amway function.

    2. I agree. I love Hawaii. I can't imagine taking a trip there and walking past all the tropical beauty only to sit in a large room listening to liars and thieves brainwashing the crowd with their hollow words.

  7. Hello anna from over here in France. Are all those speaker guys currently qualified diamonds or above. Or did some of them fall out of qualification. Secondly why dont all those dumb peolpe going there not realise where their 125 dollar tickets are going to.

    1. Hi Anonymous from France! I have no idea if any of these speakers are currently qualified diamonds. That information is very secretive hush hush stuff that Amway and WWDB don't reveal. I do know if they fall out of qualification that Amway and or WWDB gives them 2 years to bully their downline into buying more Amway shit so they can be Diamond again. If they can't do it then it's tough shit Charlie and they're dropped from making the big bucks speaking at Amway functions and then they slink off and start up their own breakaway cult group where they can sell their own CDs and sell tickets to their followers and that's how they make their $$$. And nope those dumb ass ambots don't realize that their $125 goes right into the diamonds bank accounts. They're brainwashed to believe they're actually paying to get training and leadership skills and instead they have to listen to a bunch of jackasses brag about how rich they are thanks to Scamway.

    2. Hello again anna. I had a look at some of those names on amway wiki. They dont seem to have high pins fronlines. So i dont expect they are many in qualification.

  8. I went to 3 Amway meetings before I said "enough is enough". Prior to the first big conference thing was my first Amway meeting. They tell all the prospective buyers near the end of the meeting that this conference "can change your life and worth checking out". Furthermore, when you listen to people, it's better to do so when you're up close, so we'd want to arrive early so we can get seating at the front. While they're saying all of this, I'm thinking of the tagline they used for The Matrix... "Unfortunately, no one can tell you what the Matrix is... you need to see it for yourself". Turns out, this Amway convention thing would be along in the same lines, and both could've easily been explained, but at least the Matrix was actually a pretty decent movie, and worth the $3 admission I paid at the time. The meeting itself was a waste of time when I realized there were no specifics about the job description. All they do is pump you up and make you feel REALLY good about the whole thing (and it did work too!), but then you realize that this sort of good feeling borders on CREEPY, and that I'm actually in danger and need to be on my guard. And the "sponsor" who sent me the invitation to this meeting described it as "an exclusive invitation to this sold out event". The room was full, but alot of them were existing Ambots, and honestly, if some shmoe walked up to the door, they would've just as happily let him in.

    3rd meeting, the amway folk had the gaul to say something like "you're going to spend the gas money anyways so go attend this event". The covention is 115 miles from where the meeting was. I sure as hell wasn't going to spend 230 mile round trip of gas $$ on some typical social thing, and if I was going out of town, it's for anything more un or important then that. I overheard one other guy saying he has family obligations that weekend, so he can't go, so I don't appear to be speaking only for myself. Throughout the meetings I've been to, that's actually been a pretty common response ;) Oh, and their videos are getting worse... one video was just had words like "empower", and "success" fly into the screen. That's it! Such bs.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your comments. I'm going to put your comments into a post sometime in the next few weeks seeing as how this is an older post some of my readers will miss it.

      Yup everything you've described about Amway meetings I could have been sitting right there with you. Nothing ever changes in the bullshit they sling except the compensation they claim you can earn keeps getting higher and higher!

  9. This blab is so funny, reminds me of reading the writting on an out house wall. No one says their real name and hide behind being lazy and not doing anything. Carries no value when its just loser opinions. Keep hiding behind fake names or no names. Lots of fun seeing loser failures it more please, we love the laugh as you work for us forever haha

    1. Hello brainwashed Amway Ambot. Just what we need around here more brainwashed Amspeak. I'm sure glad I don't live where you live. At least we have indoor plumbing.

  10. i just have one question for you anna, what are the incredible things you are doing with your life? is it something I can do? what is your solution to creating some extra income for me? i find that people that criticize other things seldomly have something great that they are doing thats why they have a shrine they put up also known as a blog! to their bitterness.

    1. Anonymous - if you actually read the blog you'd have the answers you're looking for. Obviously you're not cut out to be in Amway because you don't listen to the assholes in your upline who tell you not to speak negative. Next time look for a business opportunity with a higher percentage to succeed. Amway is a system designed for failure and Amway's own literature shows there is over 99% failure rate. Read the small print. So you can believe what Amway's corporate literature says, you can believe what people who share their stories about this scam say, or you can believe the lying bastards in your upline. Doesn't affect my life what you do.

    2. Anon.
      What incredible things (truly incredible, not incredible because your upline told you it is) are you doing with your life?

      As for me: I'm working at my JOB making a decent living. I have time for my numerous hobbies as well as a few cash making hobbies (you know, what the IRS calls your business.... a hobby), I spend a great deal of time with my family and friends, I do charity work, as well as educate myself through PROVEN forms of education.
      You want a solution for extra income: Part-time job. Proper investment of savings. Anything is really better than dumping money for years into "training" that will lead you no where (aside from a better attitude, until you have to quit it all), gives you no new skills, and costs you so much money.

      You are in an expensive social club.

      "i find that people that criticize other things seldomly have something great"

      Shoot yourself in the foot much? Of course you do, you are a MLM drone. Lie yourself into a corner and begin insulting, deflecting or running.


    3. Hello Mrs. Anna I have a few questions for you if you don't mind.

      There is a 0.0003% chance of making the NBA
      There is a 0.09% chance of making it to the NFL
      And a 0.5% chance of getting into the MLB

      Do you have a blog out there that discourages people to not "waste there time try" because of the odds? If your child really wanted that dream would you want him to speak to a player that was in the league or a guy that was negative because he didn't? I'm confused by your logic of posting these things Amway is no different of an opportunity than striving for the pro's.There is years of training camp, youth leagues etc to embark on a dream that only a few make. Do you dissect the pro sports this way or do you cheer the successors? I'm not here to have a verbal altercation with you I respect you speaking your mind. I'm just curious of your thought process.


    4. Angelo - did you look at the blogs & links on the upper right side of this page? Did you see one of those blogs that you're hoping to find? No? If not then why be a dumb fuck and ask about it?

      The life of an Amway Ambot - lie, deny, distract, and defend. Apparently you got assigned the distract detail today.

      You forgot to put in what the percentage is of someone becoming a movie star too? Why are discriminating against aspiring actors and actresses?

      To answer your question and its just my opinion, no facts or figures to back it up but I'd say a talented athlete has about as much odds as getting into major sports and making big money as a talented liar and scammer has of making money in Amway.

      Is this athlete odd stuff the latest bullshit Amspeak propaganda being taught at Scamway meetings? Thanks for the update.

    5. Angelo's argument is totally apples and oranges. Yeah, the odds of an athlete getting to the "big time" is rather small, but they do still make money in the minor leagues, semi-professional leagues. In Amway, it's a pyramid scam (since selling the products outside of Amway is NOT a way to make money since the products are generic and horribly over-priced.

      The only way to compare the two is if the dream of the athlete to to scam and recruit other athletes to pay to join the club and for them to try to scam and recruit other athletes and so on and so forth. And even then that's not where the money would be. The money would be for the athlete who sells CD's and books on how rich he is and how others can do it, too.

  11. Uh, Anonymous, what is YOUR name? Schedule C, if you please. Put up or shut up.


    1. I'm sure that's the last we'll hear of that self righteous ambot.

  12. My god, such hurtful words. Why is it that people feel so inclined to trash people who are just trying to improve their quality of life? Sure, Amway's methods of business are not fit to a conventional business model but, no one in the business goes out with the intention of hurting other people. I'm truly sorry if that's the perception that someone has given you. No one who has been introduced to the business properly should feel duped. It has been of up most importance in my business to properly interview people with multiple meetings to determine if people have good personality qualities and thoroughly explain all the expenses that are expected for new and existing IBO's to spend. If a person does not show potential for good business qualities then I WILL NOT extend an invitation for business, and yes, I have done this several times to people who have wanted to sign up for the business. Reason being, I don't want to be in business with someone who has a "gym membership mentality." (Someone who waists time and money for a few months only to join a blog and trash the very business that I'm trying to build.) Not saying that people who do this are bad people, they just don't grasp the concept, or maybe wern't properly explained to, that this is a leadership development program with a business model attached to it, essentially so that people have something have something to apply it to. And it shows, as people make an effort to consistently develop their leadership skills, such will their business follow. I hope one day your views of this will not be so harsh and hurtful. Best of luck to whatever you chose to do with life.
    Nick M.

  13. I feel so sorry for you, Anna whatever-the-hell-you-call-yourself. I'm sorry that your husband is a giant, festering, infected vagina. I also feel sorry that you think you are so damn cool because you can throw around some good 4-letter words. There are people involved in WWDB who are big pins, who have gone through a divorce, bankruptcy, etc (i know, someone is finally admitting it...what will happen to your precious blog?!)...Crap still happens even when the big bucks come in...crazy, I know.. :/. So please forgive me and my need to reach through this screen and wring your neck. You are a sorry, sorry,sorry, excuse for a woman. It's obvious that you will never make a difference in anyone's life, in any aspect, so you decided to take to the internet and spew your filth all over it. I'm also guessing (and 99.9% right) that you are middle-aged, overweight, and your husband looks at porn more then he looks at you. Don't even get me started on your personal hygiene. Yuck. How's all that stretchy polyester working out for you? Idiot. Anna Banana...what you need to do is get rid of that banana that's adding to your already out of control yeast infection(which would explain your foul mouth) and go find a man whose balls are firmly intact and not stuck between his butt cheeks. So basically, I'll pray for you. You are lost and lonely, trying to fit in somewhere. Tonight when you eat yourself sick on cheesy dip and peach rings, please remember that people like you....well....lets just say no one will miss you when you are gone.

    1. Hi Anonymous. 4 letter words are specifically used on this blog because they are ambot repellant. People in Amway are prudes and get offended by swearing so that’s why this blog is full of cursing. Keeps Amway ambots off this blog and its really fun to curse out those Amway fuckers who think they’re better than everyone else. That’s part of being in Amway. Having to put up with the insults and taunts and abuse from the assholes in your upline like what you came here to do and you forgot to call me a negative unchristian dreamstealer. Think I’m not used to it? I’ve dealt with bigger Amway assholes than you. That’s why this blog exists so we can turn the tables and insult and curse out people in Amway and offend them for a change. One thing you and I have in common is neither one of us listens too fucking good to the assholes in our Amway upline who say “Don’t say negative.” People like you and me who like to say negative aren’t good Amway candidates. Good luck in your next venture.

    2. Anonymous,
      I thought WWDB was a supposed christian based group? I don't think anything you said in your comment god would be proud of. In less I missed that day in Sunday school about insulting others,judging others and the threats of physical harm.I am not particularly religious but I do believe in good people helping others and this is not something I saw with WWDB (Amway).

      My husband and I got pressured into attending one of the functions last weekend. I have never experienced such negativity.. these "mentors" broke people down, forced them to continue even if it meant getting broke in the process for this greater end result that will never happen. They tell you to stop speaking to friends and even family that cant understand the "plan". This "leadership training" was three days long, my husband and I were over it by day two and got out of there as fast as we could. I didn't understand why no one else could see that it was the same thing over and over.. not telling you anything of any importance. They were just bragging about their cars and houses. I didn't hear one diamond talk about donating, volunteering, going to Africa to feed people or build houses. They went to Africa on WWDB (first class) to vacation.. for their own personal benefit. I couldn't understand how they could promote this as a christian people helping group when all they promote is greed and materialism.

      I also didn't get how everyone there could just blindly believe that these millionaire diamonds could get there by following the "plan". It states in the plan that diamonds made around 150,000 a year not the millions that they were claiming. Obliviously they are making money with these cds, books and functions.. even though everyone claimed that no one was paying them to be there they just wanted you to get rich. How could they believe this? This plan doesn't add up, why would a legit business want to keep you in room for 16 hours and they want you to come to night owls? And contuine this for three days? Because if you don't your weak or unmotivated not because its easier to brainwash you when your tired. When I looked at the Platinums in their reserved spots.. they looked so tired, their face was empty. There are so many platinums and only about 12 diamonds, this doesn't make since if this only takes 3-5 years why haven't they become diamonds already? Because they only want people who can motivate without telling you any details, they want someone who can manipulate and avoid questions. They don't want a bunch of diamonds, they only need a few great speakers to draw you in to make you commit. These Diamonds know you will fail so they break you down from the start saying if you quit you are a loser manipulating you in to staying even though you cant afford to. They do not care about you!

    3. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to bring your comments into a future post because this is older and my readers will miss what you have to say.

      WWDB has their own twisted religious views.

      As for the dumb ass ambot - people in Amway are the most negative bastards you'll ever meet. This is just another example of the high quality that Amway looks for when hiring commissioned salespeople.

  14. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha This blog is a Joke. I am 20 years old, financially independent, making twice as much as I use too, and retired, and I owe it all to being able to be mentored and the Amway Corp. Show me any other company that helps others achieve something along those lines and I will personally come kiss your toes. Like any business there's the good, the bad, and the dipsticks like you. Sounds to me like you have no comprehension of what personal growth, leadership, or actually trying means. It also sounds like your a quitter and have probably quit just about everything you have ever started. Why don't you go spend your time else where making a positive impact on the world and your community instead of complaining and trying to justify why you were not successful by pointing fingers.

    1. Holy shit Amspeak! Yet another 20 year old Amway liar bragging about financial freedom. Lindy go find an upline Amway asshole and make your nose more browner.

    2. I always laugh at the "fake it till you make it" liars boasting "Amway has made me financially independent at 20 years old and retired". Hahahahaha! So, how many legs in your downline do you have? How deep is it? How much PV do they all do? How many people do you have dropping out constantly as they realize they are losing money at an alarming pace?

      Truth is, most have no idea just how deep a downline one has to have from them just to BREAK EVEN. And how impossible it is to BS those people forever to keep on draining their bank accounts into the "plan" to keep the upline in money.. But don't let me get in the way of Lindy's delusions, er, dreams.

      How can you tell when an Ambot is lying? Their lips are moving. (an old joke, but quite appropriate here).

    3. Unbelieveable, just another instant of Amway making someone a "better person." Hahahaha. I'm the same age as Lindy, and I was a sucker like she was for almost a year, but I was able to see the light and get out. Who knows, this could be a paid Amway employee.

  15. Hey, Anna;

    Aren't these young'uns just da' bomb? They crack me up. THEY know everything.

  16. I was looking at photos on social media of ambots I associated with back in the day when I did the business. I guess they were in Memphis for Spring Leadership, and they were taking pictures of The Pyramid. I was laughing due to the irony, and I don't think they were aware of it.

    1. People brainwashed by Amway never get it!

  17. Hey I didn't know John Maxwell Apple Neiman Marcus best buy and Nike would support a company that's backed by the federal trade commision and has an A rating with the better business Bureau that's been around over 50 years paying out over 3 billion in bouses.....oh wait they did!

    You mean to tell me the US Air Force pilots I know are out scamming people??? People whom are leaders extremely intelligent and their first core value is "integrity first" would scam Americans? They would go to jail twice under civilian law and the UCMJ.... I hope what ever company that is paying you for this blog is worth it because you will have to answer to God one of these day.

    1. Hi Phill. Do you have any more bullshit Amspeak propaganda that the assholes in your Amway upline have brainwashed you to believe that you'd like to share with us? You Ambots are so UNoriginal. Heard those twisted lies at every Amway meeting I attended plus the ambots who show up here think we've never heard it before. Amway losers!

      And nobody pays us. We do this blog out of the goodness of our hearts. Sharing our stories of how we got scammed, the lies told to us, the financial and emotional distress to help others don't fall into the Amway hell hole.

  18. The truth for me is that the good money that was made in the 90's simply disappeared after the rise of Amazon and the fall of the economy. I did learn great life and people skills in WWDB and I do not regret too much of my time there.I just wish for the time that I devoted to "the system" that I had some residual income to show for it.

    You see, when another company comes along in the direct sales arena, you can not go out and pursue it for 6 months. It's against the legal contract you have as an IBO in Amway. It saddens me that they simply could not allow our family to keep the money we had earned through our efforts and move onto something else.....after all isn't it called AMWAY representing the American Way? To go out and do what is best for your family's future?? We had other friends simply quit and move into corporate america or a job and they got to keep their residual money because they did not go into another type of direct sales opportunity. Yet we stay true to our belief in the industry overall and get completly ousted financially 100%. After 20 years NOTHING!! Our income had declined so much, and all our eggs had been financially placed in this basket ( at one time we had a 6 figure residual income in 1996) that we HAD to choose an up and coming opportunity right away and cease the chance to be a part of something we felt could replace this income. Hard choices for sure.

    I stay anonymous simply because I do not want to hurt or harm anyone. Folks would know who I was and would intermediately know of our upline. I just want to be very honest in saying the importunity came and went. We had a great run with it both financially and personally. I would suggest to simply be balanced and treat the opportunity as a great side income....many of the big income earners are not even able to practice what they preach today...truly heartfelt sorry to say.

    1. Anonymous - in addition to competition from Amazon where customers can be good products at good prices that they actually want to own and will use, the 90's downfall for Amway is the Internet. Now former IBO's get online and tell about their experiences in hopes of helping others not make the same mistakes.

      Even though WWDB teach at their meetings about the gazillions of dollars in monthly residual income that will be rolling in every month, Amway's head office say that's not true and there shouldn't be any promises of residual income made to prospects. However WWDB prefers to give Amway the big old fuck you and does their own thing.

      Our sack of shit Platinum was in Monavie at the same time as Amway so they can be in more than one MLM at a time. But he was not actively pushing Monavie until Amway fired him about 3 years ago. Now he's all over town blabbing about what a great business opportunity Monavie is and how Amway is the shits. I guess most people don't have nothing nice to say about any former employer that fires them. Might be a different name but its the same lies. Most of his downline jumped ship with him and yes I believe you're right the new signs ups had to wait 6 months. Maybe that's the difference between quitting and being fired.

      No problem being Anonymous. Most commenters here are and we don't think anything about it because its really embarrassing to admit you were or still are in Amway. Unless its something creepy and we have to take a second look. I think you'd be a good example if you had started up a legitimate business, instead of being a commissioned salesperson for a company with a bad reputation, you'd have done really well. And I say that about anyone who has made money in Amway. Just think how different and how better off their lives would be if they'd taken that drive and applied it to something with a good reputation.

  19. Wow... nothing like a bunch of broke minded losers with nothing better to do than makes excuses about their own failures...?? lol You think $125 is 'expensive' for a business function?? Are you for real?? How long have you worked at Walmart?? You'll have a job for the rest of your life if you keep looking at business the way you do because you don't have a clue.

    1. Hey Mack attack from Georgia. First off what a dumb fuck posting on a page from an event that took place over 4 years ago.

      And if you're so fucking worried that we're broke - then send money.

      Speaking of broke there's a lot of fucking Amway losers out there who'd like to be my kind of broke.

      You're a fucking arrogant prick making comments like that about people who work for Walmart and I've never worked there but I wouldn't sneer at anyone who does the way you fucking Amway losers do. I bet people who work at Walmart have no problem saying where they work. You fucking Ambots are so embarrassed to admit you work for Amway so you lie about it to avoid saying the dreaded A word.

      I don't have a clue about looking at a business? You dumb fuck I've been a business owner for many years. A real business. Not a pretend business like you fucking Amway losers have.

      I have real lawyers and real accountants and real business accounts and real business license and real tax numbers and real staff. I contribute to the local economy. That's more than you fucking Amway losers do.

      You better check your Amway code of conduct before leaving comments on blogs. There's a snippet of it from this Amway reference guide

      Look at page 5
      Code of Ethics
      As IBOs, we are committed to conducting our
      businesses according to the following principles:
      • We will follow not only the letter of the Rules of
      Conduct, but also the spirit of the Rules.
      • We will conduct ourselves in such a manner as to
      reflect only the highest standards of integrity, honesty,
      and responsibility because we recognize that our
      actions as IBOs have far-reaching effects, not only on
      our own businesses, but on that of other IBOs as well

      and page 18
      An IBO complies with the letter and spirit of the Rules
      of Conduct, laws, and regulations in any market the IBO
      has a presence, and demonstrates cultural sensitivity
      given market conditions; and

      An IBO doesn’t defend or support the conduct of
      others who don’t comply with this criteria

      I think you need to go back to the fucking assholes in your Amway upline and get more instructions on how to say negative.

      And you do know that Amway's head office is here everyday reading this blog? And you do know you leave your IP behind when you leave a comment. How about I sell your IP address for $50,000 to either you or Amway whoever comes up with the cashola first. If someone as broke as me can take 30 seconds to move money from my savings to checkings and wire off $50,000 it shouldn't be any problem for a hot shot wealthy Amway "business owner" to wire off that money. Let's see who offers to buy that IP first.

    2. And just in case that fucking Mack attack comes back to delete his comment before someone from Amway reads it:

      Mack attackOctober 30, 2017 at 8:56 AM

      Wow... nothing like a bunch of broke minded losers with nothing better to do than makes excuses about their own failures...?? lol You think $125 is 'expensive' for a business function?? Are you for real?? How long have you worked at Walmart?? You'll have a job for the rest of your life if you keep looking at business the way you do because you don't have a clue.

    3. Hey Mack attack if you delete your comment it doesn't delete your name. That'll be $50,000 to have an Admin from this site remove it forever. Like I said before, if I can move money around to wire $50,000 in a few seconds, that should be easy for you to do too. Unless you really are a broke Amway loser.

    4. Looking at some of the above posters and how they write I wonder if Phill, Lindy, etc are also Mack attack under a different name. Same brainwashed drivel with long-debunked by this blog arguments. (i.e. would Apple partner with a scam company, how can they be BBB if they are a scam, etc).

      They are just pissed because more and more potential victims can find out about Amway and the almost impossible mathematical odds of becoming rich with residual income pouring in forever as they walk the beaches of the world. That makes no sense considering those at the top have money only because 99% of those under them are losing it to them. No one is going to lose money forever before wising up and leaving, thus those at the top have to perpetually be working at scamming to bring in fresh meat to bleed dry.

    5. Anonymous - well anything's possible but its my guess they're all different people. Brainwashed Amway Ambots all sound the exact same as each other. They all spout off the exact same brainwashed drivel. They all spout off the same canned Amspeak responses.

      And yes they're pissed off because people get online and share their Amway horror stores and warn others away from getting involved in this scam cult which means less dollars for the Ambots.


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