Thursday, January 31, 2013

Join Amway If You Want A Life Of Misery

Im glad ive stumbled on to this i was suckrd into this as well and extremely brainwashed to the point that im seekimg therapy for it now i lost my apartment my girlfriend my job amd my friends and family due to this cult and these uplimes friends coaches mentors of mine just consitently clean me out for cash without making me profitable and preying on my vulnerabilty and quest for prosperity knowledge and network patting me on the back while stealimg cash out of my wallet fuckin scum bags

A reader stopped by to let us know that he had his life ripped apart by Amway and is working to get it together again.
Amway is all about destroying lives. Nothing gives the assholes in your Amway upline more pleasure than destroying your relationship and finances because that what a bunch of fucking sick bastards they are.
Thanks to Amway this guy lost his job, his girlfriend, his family, and friends. That’s what the Amway cult does to people. And it really fucking pisses me off. More so that Amway does not offer any help to the people whose life it destroys. Fucking corporation that doesn’t give a shit about its employees. A company that actually cares about its employees offers financial assistance and therapy and other benefits. With Scamway you get nothing. Piss all. A life of misery.
This guy summed it up really nicely. The new Amway friends are only interested in the money they can get out of him. That is very true of all the assholes in your Amway upline. Any Amway upline. I could have written that because it happens to all of us. The assholes in your Amway upline prey on people and make them think they’re all big and important and a real business owner while picking their wallets and draining their bank accounts and running up the credit card debt. This guy has it right. Assholes in your Amway upline are a bunch of fucking scum bags.
And he brought up something I don’t think I’ve ever done a post on but every now and then someone leaves a comment that jogs my memory. What about those fucking assholes in your Amway upline who now all of a sudden are your mentors and coaches. Yeah I really want some fucking Amway asshole who is half my age, never owned a real business, never owned a house, drives a piece of shit car, and works a minimum wage job as my MENTOR. Fuck you Amway!
I’ll cover those fucking Amway mentors in another post.
But what the hell. Now’s a good time to send out a big old fuck you to every asshole in Amway that has fucked with someone’s life with the mentor bullshit.


  1. May I ask you. If you hate amway so much why do you care about it? Why don't just let it be and let those brainwashed ambot realize the harsh reality themselves and quit? Because I don't think they can quit just because they read your blog.

    1. Anonymous - if you actually read my blog then you'd know it's less about Amway and more about talking about the hell one goes through thanks to the fucking assholes in your Amway upline. This blog has helped many others quit, convince their loved ones to quit, or not to sign up after doing research after being prospected by some Amway asshole. And if you love Amway so much why come here and read my blog? Obviously you are having second thoughts about this scam you've gotten involved in. Get out now before it destroys your life.

    2. @Anonymous who posted ""May I ask you. If you hate amway so much why do you care about it?""

      I find several merits to this blog....
      1) I went to 3 Amway functions. They are nice, but only in a phoney, creepy way. My intuition and gut told me that these guys are likely in it just to get me to sign up and for the rest of my money
      Reading the behavior, meetings, and tactics that goes on, described here, is more or less spot on of what they do.

      2) This blog is hilarious and such a good read because many of the awful things they do in Amway turn out to be true. It gets tempered by sadness when I hear stories of how Amway disrupted otherwise good standards of living. I told myself I wouldn't let Amway steal anymore of my time by coming to this blog, since it naturally reminds me of them from the name itself, but it most definitely serves a noble purpose. If someone wants to find some nitty-gritty truths about Amway (good luck getting it straight from the horse's mouth), read the articles here and decide for yourself. Otherwise, you're still free to pursue Amway or any other MLM.

      @Anna Banana. Keep up the good work! Or don't... just make sure you get done the other things you want to get to as well!

    3. Thanks for stopping by Anonymous. There are a small group of us who work on this blog and no one on the weekend so between us we don't spend too much time. Yeah you've got to wean yourself off Amway. I still read some other blogs, likewise a couple of other people who help with this blog. The person who keeps this site up and running stopped reading Amway stuff except for this blog about 2 or 3 years ago so everyone has some measure of how connected they still want to be after quitting Amway and how they want to help get the message out. Just tell yourself 5 minutes a week and cut back from there. I mean we don't want to lose a reader but if you're no longer involved in Amway then that means you have a life and can spend your time doing better things.

  2. Every time I read stories like this guy's I get so pissed. Makes me wanna find out when the next local amway meeting is gonna be held (probably at some moldy Holiday Inn who's glory days were in 1977 and is now the meeting place of choice for amway and prostitutes), and bitch slap the speaker!!! LOL.

    BUT on a lighter note-- I just thought of something I once did with some of my downline and crossline (OOOOOH--Bad me!! I hung out with the cross line). It was at the point in time where I had basically snapped out of the brainwashing... had gone back to listening to U2, Led Zeppelin, Pavoratti etc in my cars. I did however, still feel obligated to attend the stupid opens and functions (not completely unbrainwashed just yet). My wife had basically had enough of the jack-off, unemployed, degenerate, uneducated, unworldly, clueless, classless bunch of losers in the upline telling her how to run her life: which btw-- was better in every aspect (happiness, career, education, income, ownership, marriage) than anything any of those idiots could ever dream of. She said if I wanted to go to the function-- I should have a blast... but without her.

    A couple of the downline and one crossline were young single guys who brought out the trouble maker in me. I couldn't get myself to tell them that I had had enough of the amway bullshit cause I thought they looked up to me (in the biz). Turns out hey DID look up to me, but not cause of scamway but just because I was 5-6 years older than them (which was a big gap at the time) and they JUST PLAIN LIKED ME. Imagine that? How refreshing.

    Anyhow-- we decided we were gonna go to a major function but there was no way we were gonna pay those scumbags full price. So long story short-- me and one other guy sign up for the function. Our Direct was a clueless idiot and as long as he saw your face-- he was happy. So here's what we did.... NOW TRY TO FOLLOW ME HERE... It's halarious....

    We show up in Boston, tell the hotel (a non amway kickback hotel) we're 2, (to avoid extra occupancy charges)...we show up at the door of the function... two of us go inside....hang around for a few of us takes both faggy nametags/function passes, and walks out.... one of the 2 guys outside puts on the extra nametag and walks in with the guy who had just walked out with the extra nametag. We repeat this process one more time and presto!!!! 4 guys in for the price of 2!!!!!
    So now, 4 guys are walking around the function, being loud and conspicuous to make sure everyone in our stupid upline sees us. We didn't stick around too long either day. It's pretty hard to convince some young guys in a new city to stick around a stupid amway function and listen to bullshit.

    And btw-- those goofballs they have at the doors really take their jobs seriously. I remember one of them looking at us a little suspiciously after our maneuvers-- it was like he couldn't put his finger on it but something was not right with us. Maybe I was just being paranoid. Anyhow-- fuck him too!!

    I realize this wasn't some big crime of the century we pulled off. It's just nice to remember that I fucked their system from time to time... I sleep better

    Ambot Dick

    1. You committed blasphemy! You are awesome, I love it!

    2. Ambot Dick - that's pretty funny. Yeah those ambots guarding the door like they got the "privilege" of doing that because they kissed some upline ass. I remember those bastards. I'm sure you're not the first ones to sneak into an Amway function. There's ways to do it if you don't want to increase the bank account of the Diamonds speaking that night. We snuck into an Amway function in October just for the fun of doing it and we weren't even drunk. Are we sick or what. Just wanted to hear if they're peddling the same bullshit and managed to sort of overhear some Diamonds fighting about splitting the $$$ or that's what we think. Could just hear the fighting not the conversation.

  3. You guys need to see this and laugh (or feel stupid since this punk figured out before we did that amway was a scam). Pay attention to the 1min 35sec mark,

    Ambot Dick

  4. My one friend is in this thing, with the most annoying upline I’ve ever come across. This guy tells me I’m wasting my life away working for other people, instead of using my talents to work for myself! I love where I work and I don’t see it as a waste of my life. He pretends to be so nice and cordial when around me and other friends of ours, but keeps trying to push this amway crap down our throats every chance he gets.

    We went for coffee the other day with my friend, and she’s not the type of sales-person these guys are, she’s calm, kind, and refuses to do the recruiting thing. She just wants to sell stuff, she’s always loved working with sales! This guy comes over and she introduces all of us. He starts talking about how great of friends we are to her, and how much potential our lives would have if we all joined together with her in this ‘billion-dollar’ venture. He started asking personal questions to some of us in the group like: “where do you work, are there any things you want to do…that you think you can’t do right now, would you pay for college in cash if you could, do you see yourself as someone influential someday soon, you know, I think all of you have something no one else has, you know-I have the opportunity of a lifetime if you’re willing to give it five minutes of your time everyday”, and other stuff like that.

    By that point some of the people in our group had left because we thought it was a get-together of just our friends, NOT HIM! I know he pressures her, she tells me sometimes that he puts her on the spot with everyone in meetings and gatherings because she doesn’t want to recruit. That he embarrasses her and bashes her from upstage telling the group she wants to be in poverty all her life. She once called me crying telling me (this was on a Saturday at night) he had excused her from the group before the core-IBO’s meeting at 12:00am telling the entire group he would not waste the groups valuable time and his trying to pull her out from her rut because she doesn’t want to be a winner

    The last thing she told me was a couple of days ago, that he told everyone at a Tuesday meeting that we (her friends) were to blame because we are negative 9-5’ers whom believe in self-slavery and promote family-hate. I told her to stop doing this amway thing, but she says she just wants to sell the stuff, but I told her she could just get into another company and sell something else. I just hate these amway people and hope they die-off somewhere of cancer, and sometimes I wonder how she can be so stupid!

    Oh, thanx for your blog Anna, I like your stuff. =)

    1. Anonymous - thanks for stopping by. My Amway upline were assholes and my upline is everyone's upline. The abuse is all the same though some freaks show up here gushing all lovey covey about their upline. Probably singing another song when they quit Amway.

      Anyway it's like you've been sitting in on a bunch of Amway meetings. All those Amway lines you quoted I heard them all years ago too. Amway is all about separating their cult followers from the people in their life and destroying existing relationships. Amway is all about insulting everyone who is not in Amway. You got it. You see through their lie, lines, and bullshit.

      If that son of a bitch keeps bugging you ask to see a copy of his profit and loss statement and income tax as proof of all this money he's making in Amway. He'll tell you that it's private and none of your business then you can call him a fucking liar. Ambots are huge prudes so if you swear at them you'll get rid of them.

      Glad to hear you're enjoying the blog.


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