Monday, March 25, 2013

Amway Spamway

We all get spam email. Low life salespeople who hide behind phony or untraceable emails. Is that any way to make a sale? Make it tough for customers to find you. Businesses with products to sale put themselves out there these days on websites with all their contact info. Don’t want to miss a sale.
So you gotta wonder how many sales spammers make before they get shut down. I don’t know what program they use to send out thousands of emails to what they hope are legitimate email addresses and they’ll get some hits. Some program must come up with every weird sounding email out there like and catch a few that actually go through.
I have a pretty good spam filter and some spam creeps through. Mostly trying to sell me products to enlarge body parts I don’t possess. Sometimes telling me I’ve inherited a large sum of money from a long lost relative – the now deceased king of Plegseland.
A friend goes through a spam account every few weeks to make sure nothing that should have gone to the email inbox ended up in there by mistake before deleting everything. One of the emails was from an Amway spammer something about how to increase business by 500%. And if you’re not in Amway the technique will work on other MLM’s too.
Typical spammer. Phony email accounts trying to disguise where the email was originating from. A website in the email went to a dead url. Not sure if that means it was a fake website all along or whether they’d already gotten reported for being spammers and it got shut down by the server. My friend checked the path the email’s server belonged to World Wide Group which sales websites and email addresses and is also part of the WWDB World Wide Dream Builders Amway cult sect. My friend knows I write for this blog and gave me the heads up about this latest Amway scam.
This doesn’t surprise me. Amway. Scammers. Spammers. They all fit.
Selling something (my friend said email was too vague what was being sold) to increase business by 500%? Ha ha! Now there’s a laugh! If there was a way to increase Amway business by 1% that would be huge to most ambots. If there really was a way to increase Amway business by any percentage this tool would be sold to the Amway cult followers in the form of a book or a CD so the Diamonds could make money off this tool scam. If this secret method of increasing the Amway business wasn’t being sold it would be taught at an Amway function. You know those useless shitty functions called Dream Night, Spring Leadership, Family Reunion, and Free Enterprise Days where nothing useful is ever taught you just listen to Diamonds brag about their riches. You’d think increasing your Amway business by 500% would be something they’d be teaching to the masses.
But they don’t because it just can’t be done.
This is no different than those work from home scams where you get paid to stuff envelopes and it costs you $25 to find the secret and get instructions telling you how to place your own ads for stuffing envelopes and real in more victims.
This is a similar scam. Increase your Amway business by 500% selling this “secret” to other ambots when its just another scam.
Amway. Scamway. Spamway.
Any way you look at it stay away from a company with a bad reputation that teaches its followers to scam other people.

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