Thursday, March 21, 2013

Amway Tax Refunds

Seeing as how someone from the IRS is searching for “Amway and federal tax” and reading the relevant posts on my blog about Amway tax cheaters and tax time is upon us I thought I’d revisit this whole get-a-tax-refund-if-you’re-in-Amway that is widely promoted by the Amway cult leaders.
This was the type of tax advice our Amway upline gave us that everything in Amway is a tax deduction and they consider Amway tax returns as part of an IBO income. What the upline really means is the only way an IBO can make money in Amway is to deduct Amway expenses from the income they earn in their real J.O.B and the only Amway income comes in the form of a tax refund. Our upline told us we’d get a big tax refund deducting all our Amway expenses legitimate or not.
At Amway meetings I attended the Platinum and pretty much everyone else in the room would be bragging how things couldn’t be better and their Amway business is growing. Then these same IBO’s claim they’re getting a large refund after filing their income taxes.
My Ambot was fascinated. He had no idea the secret to getting a tax refund - according to our upline - was to become an Amway IBO. Free money from the government!
Refund? Ha, that’s a laugh when your business is doing good.
Ambots can not grasp this concept.
If your business makes too much money (income) and you don’t have enough deductions (expenses) you owe money at tax time. Yay! Business is going great!
If you do not make much money and your expenses are higher that your income then the government issues you a refund. Boo! Business is the shits!
In other words it is pretty much impossible for an IBO to claim business is going great and they’re making lots of money and then talk out of the other side of their mouth about how they’re getting a big tax refund. Or as ambots refer to it: tax return income for running an Amway business.
Most Amway IBO’s in addition to being fake business owners work a dreaded J.O.B. and are employed by a company and receive regular paychecks. When tax time comes around those sneaky Amway bastards deduct all their Amway expenses (XS, Perfect Water, vitamins, food bars, hotels, function tickets, meals, travel, etc) against their job’s income.
That is the only way most IBO’s make money in Amway. By declaring everything they spend on Amway as a business expense and deducting it off their job’s income.
Lying little ambot bastards that they are! Tax cheaters!
Here is a big clue ambots! Unless you own a grocery store, items that you eat (groceries!) and items you use for cleaning up around your house can not be deducted as business expenses in order to get a tax refund. When you’re an Amway IBO if you’re declaring travel and restaurant expenses on your taxes you better be showing some kind of Amway income profit on selling Amway products. If Uncle Sam catches up with you you’ll be up shit creek!
What about people who run a legitimate business that’s got nothing to do with Amway. Legitimate business owners have tax numbers, business licenses, insurance, and accounting software where all monies received from clients and all monies paid out in the course of running our business are entered. Legitimate business expenses that can be used as deductions. We back it all up on a CD and give it to our accountants at tax time. This is because we’re smart enough to hire the services of a professional who checks we entered everything correctly and aren’t missing information and ensures we are not leaving ourselves exposed and who also does their damnedest to make sure they write off as many expenses as they legitimately can so that we have less money to pay back to the government in what we owe in taxes.
Sure the hell beats “counselling with upline” and being told everything in Amway (XS, Perfect Water, vitamins, laundry soap, cleaning products, etc) is a legitimate business deduction!
For the record - our accountant disagreed with our Amway upline! Refused to handle anything Amway related. Accountants prefer to deal with legitimate businesses not pyramid schemes.
So much for “never question upline”!
If you are running a pretend Amway business and are taking your upline’s advice on filling out your taxes so that you can earn your money in Amway courtesy of a government tax refund check be prepared to end up in big shit in an audit.
When we were in Amway we were told if nothing else Amway is a good tax shelter. The taxman might disagree. Here is some more interesting reading:
IRS to Amway: The Party’s Over!

IRS answers for business or hobby and deductions.,,id=169490,00.html

Peter Reilly’s blog post about Amway IBO’s in tax court aka selling soap as a hobby.

Another post by Peter Reilly about taxes and Amway. This one is kind of interesting if you read the first comment. In typical ambot fashion anytime posts like this surface on the Internet the Amway rats scramble out of the sewer to battle the truth by coming out swinging with false accusations in a bizzare attempt to create distractions away from the truth about Amway. The first ambot who posts a response and a link accuses Mr Reilly of murdering his mother! Ambot line of defense: lie, deny, and distract!


  1. You are a smart woman Anna! These Amway platinums and diamonds can learn a lot from you lol. I don't understand how they think in their minds that they legitimately claim all these things as deductions on their taxes. In the call out meetings I attended, the speaker would always say something like 'You will be a true 1099 business owner once you sign up' to hook people into getting in. But, once all this stuff comes up that you've mentioned about taxes and such, it really shows how legit of a 'business' it is then.

    1. Mike - Platinums and Diamonds are the biggest know-it-alls around. They are always right and everyone else with an opposing opinion or backed with the truth is always wrong! It doesn't take much for ambots to piss off other people. Piss off the wrong person and they report you to the IRS as an Amway scammer. I know. I reported our sack of shit Platinum and the fucking asshole who sponsored us. Let them deal with the audits and try to explain how they deduct XS and Amway food bars.

    2. Taxation is theft. And you deduct because you give a lot away as samples. The only way to get customers to buy since there is so much negative out there about Amway. Only because the stuff is good and food for you. Reason why they have been around since 1959. Do 13 billion in sales annually. Give out billions in just bonuses every year. Hardly any corporate entity in this country gives bonuses of any kind anymore. When they do sell one of a kind products that are better and healthier than any crap bars and energy drinks sold by multinational food corporations that actually make them even cheaper and more toxic in the USA because they can get away with it. Then they make the stuff a little better for the other countries where chemicals and toxins in food have actually been banned. But gosh, terrible old Amway actually makes their products up to a quality not down to a price. How dare people be willing to pay for quality. Gimme a break. I am sick of people complaining about Amway When they got with a bad team. That's like blaming the NFL because your local team are losers. And telling everyone not to support the NFL because some teams in the NFL are losers. Try URAssociation. The best team you can find that sells Amway core products. They sell personal relationships too. They actually care about customer loyalty. Most stores don't care about the person anymore. Just the bottom line. So do all yourselves a favor. Complain the toxic food you eat from companies like Kraft and conagra. Who don't care because they make their food down to a price to keep an insane high profit margin. Between 65 and 68%. And read some history. Taxation is theft. The Boston tea party was because of 1/2% increase in taxes. Quit suffocating the free markets with your taxes to pay for big government please. Thank you

    3. Anna, here we have the typical Amway asshole. He shows up to make a comment on a three-year-old thread. This "Noah Cocke" is a complete jerk.

      First off, the guy seems to think it's proper English to write sentences without subjects. I'll have to revise his grammar when quoting him below.

      He starts out with an absurd generalization: "Taxation is theft." Oh really? Perhaps he knows of a single government in all of human history that didn't depend to some degree on taxation to function.

      What he really means is that excessive and onerous taxation is theft. But that would involve making a distinction, which is something that Ambots can't manage easily.

      Then comes all the usual canned Amspeak.

      "Amway has been around since 1959." Big deal. So has the Mafia, and for a lot longer too.

      "Amway does billions in sales." Yeah, so how come their sales dropped 12% last year alone?

      "Amway food bars and energy drinks are better than others on the market." Why is that true? Because your asshole up-line tells you so?

      "Amway is in the same class as those patriots who held the Boston Tea Party." What utter bullshit. Those guys in 1775 were protesting and demonstrating. They weren't arguing tax policy, you buffoon!

      "If you didn't make it in Amway, you were in a bad team." Oh, go fuck yourself, Noah Cocke. Every LOS in Amway is corrupt and deceptive and predatory, from the Puryears to the Duncans to the Yagers to the Britts. And that includes your precious URAssociation.

      By the way, tell us how much money you are losing in Amway every month. We're curious.

      "Noah Cocke"? I think this guy has "No Cock," and probably "No Balls."

    4. Noah - it's fucking liars like you that give Amway a bad name. How come Amway reported sales of 9.5 billion last year and you're reporting 13 billion? And why don't you check where the owners of Amway paid like around $25 million for tax evasion to avoid going to jail. So Amway is teaching taxation is theft. Sounds like you work for a real ethical company there. And why don't you check the product list on Amway products before spouting off your canned Amspeak bullshit about the good stuff in their products. Amway sells overpriced shitty products. The prices are high so the owners can make a good profit and they can pay commission to all the assholes in your upline who make money whenever you do the hard work to make a sale. Their high price has got nothing to do with quality. Amway sells overpriced substandard products. And if you're sick about what everyone thinks about Amway then maybe you need to think about this. Can all those people be wrong? Maybe the only people steering you wrong are the Amway cult leaders. Looks like they brainwashed you good.

    5. Anonymous - I doubt Noah Cocksucker is going to come back and read these comments but you nailed him for the Amway loser he is. The life of an Amway Ambot: lie, deny, distract, and defend. And then disappear. The bastard needs to find somewhere else to spout off his canned Amspeak bullshit and lies. Everyone around this blog has heard it all before many times.

    6. Noah says that the folks in his beloved URAssociation "sell personal relationships."

      There's a hooker standing under a lamppost down the block who does the same thing every night.

    7. Anonymous - if he's the usual Ambot prude then he'll be horrified by hooker suggestions. An Amway Ambot would have one hand on the bible spouting off the evil off hookers but they don't see themselves being evil lying and scamming people out of their money and sanity.

  2. Stupid AMWAY people! Uncle Sam will not pay you to run an imaginary BILLIONAIRE’S business. ..EVER!!!!

    …and YES, what you’re doing is running an imaginary corporation, which can only be found…IN YOUR HEADS LOOSERS!!!! There is no REAL profit, no ACTUAL capital, no RELEVANT information of any kind, no PHYSICAL investment, there is no INCOME for YOU or your IMAGINARY employees…you’re all alone in that IMAGINARY land of AMWAY everything, where you are the GASILLIONAIRE star starring…WEALTH GURU, MR. KNOWS-IT-ALL…AMBOT DEAD-BEAT with no future, no personality, no life…and nowhere to go but deeper into this endless vortex we refer to as the GREAT AND ALL POWERFUL…Amway Global!

    P.S. Cheers to the GREAT, but destitute uplines, and the omnipotent Platinums that will forever win-to-loose and succeed-to-fail, ALL IN THE NAME OF THE INFINITE AMWAYCHRIST!!!!!!!!!!

    (P.S.S. Now let’s all bow-down in unison…and as we raise our hands up in the air, repeat after me… “ALL HAIL AMWAY GLOBAL”…we do this for the next eight hours before night-owls which start at 12:00 am, now if we don’t do this, we’re a bunch of negative, dream-stealer-broke nine-to-five bums trying to live off the wealth of the AMWAY people…BECAUSE THEY’RE THE RICHEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET…GAWD, FUKING PIECES OF SHIT, LOOSER-SHART CUNTS…I HATE YOU AMWAY NARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You said it! We gotta let those fucking assholes in Amway know what we really think about them. They have such an overinflated opinion of themselves and when we get it out there what a bunch of lying scamming cheating bastards they are they ain't too happy the truth is out there about them!

  3. relevant:


  4. There are holes in this business. I made good friends and some money for the better part of 5 years. It wasn't all bad. We always model our business on transparency. Tax time was ok but we never used that as a key to own a business. It took alot of work to build it. 4 years after I quit it I still made profits from clients orders, eventually I passed on my clients to my up line because I couldn't give the best customer service that my clients needed as I chose other paths in my life.

    1. Anonymous - occasionally we hear from people who made a little money in Amway and mostly they did that by not listening to the assholes in their upline and not investing in the Amway tool scam. If you have the entrepreneur spirit there are better ways to make money.

  5. I came across your blog one month too late. And now I am the stupid, loser, bad guy surrounded by highly inspired, motivated entrepreneurs who have got their lives figured out. We all live in an incessant economic anxiety. But now I have learnt that my own self defeating attitude is the reason for my economic anxiety. Boo hooo hooo, they'll drive me crazy suicidal and I can't stand their superiority complex. HELP ME !!

    1. Anonymous - were you an asshole before you signed up to Amway or did you become a bigger asshole after? The biggest fucking assholes around are in Amway so if you're happy having people laugh at you for being a stupid loser then that's your deal. Don't show up here with your snot snobby Amway attitude making as ass out of yourself because you hang out with other losers who pretend they're entrepreneurs and business owners.

  6. Why would anybody stay in a business situation where the persons above them constantly abuse and denigrate them?

    Maybe if you were making good money I could see it. But in Amway you're making jackshit.

    1. Anonymous - that's right. Why would anyone stay with a company if they're constantly abused. Especially when you're a low paid commissioned salesperson. Theres better jobs out there.

      And that would be making jackshit gross. Take that $10 commission and substract the hundreds of dollars paid into the Amway scam and the loser doesn't even come out ahead jackshit. But it's always nice to see arrogant pricks like this one lose lots of money to Scamway.

  7. Impressive! I really like your blog.
    Thanks for the post.
    TAX IT HERE-About Us

    1. dileep k - If your business advertising budgets only allows you to leave comments on posts about tax cheats that tells us a lot about your company.

  8. The ridicule in Amway is investing in yourself means investing in "your" store with Amway & you need to duplicate. You get dimes & nickels back in bonuses. An example of this mediocre is you spend $30 wholesale on a 12-pack of protein bars, get back about $3 in retail, initially that's $27 on damn protein bars when it costs only $8 for a 12 pack from Costco. The prices are expensive esp. When you add up the monthly $117 subscription fees with WWDB and CommuniKate. The whole mentorship part is just a prep rally that shys away from the actual point of how to generate more revenue for your business instead of talking down the whole time on being employed and everyone else, who's working in employment. It is easy to get brainwashed and the daily communiKate is a horse shit joke, your support team pressures you into getting more clients for their benefits and you better believe if you are not bringing in clients for your upline and sponsors you're in the dog house. Your upline is not your friend. Don't waste your time and money on this folks. In the end you're still working for your whole upline team and Platinums to retire.

    1. Hi Anonymous. It's the entire ridiculousness of it. "Buy from your own store." "Invest back in your business." aka stockpile more overpriced shitty Amway products.

      I mean really world's worst business advice comes from Amway losers. These fuckers don't even bother to register their business name, get insurance, a business license, tax numbers and the million other things real business owners do.

      Which is why they eventually get caught. Either in the way of a tax refund that got red flagged and they got audited or because the motherfucker pissed someone off who called the tax cheaters line.

      You don't save money buying from your own store if you're suck a dumb fuck that your prices are way higher priced than everywhere else!

      And the reason Amway's shitty products are so high priced has zippo to do with quality because we know Amway's quality control is the shits, it's so Amway's owners can make a hefty profit and the product has to be priced high enough that when one is sold everyone upline of the worker bee Ambot who did the hard work to sell it earns commission too.

      Everything Amway related is expensive. The lying son of a bitch Ambot who signed up the prospect conveniently left out how much the monthly fees are for WWDB membership, Communikate, and ticket costs to hear an Amway cult leader bullshit the crowd. And if you don't buy all those "motivational" products aka the Amway tool scam you'll catch holy shit from the fucking assholes in the Amway upline.

      Yup the only thing Ambots do is make the assholes in the Amway upline richer. There's a reason why only a tiny fraction of 1% of all IBO's make money. Amway is a system designed for failure. When over 99% of Ambots don't make money or become self supporting or rich - Failure!

      Damnit there are better business ventures out there that have better odds of failure than 99%+. Find a business with 80% chance of failure for example. That's better odds than in Amway.


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