Friday, March 1, 2013

Amway Upline – Card Carrying Annoying Assholes

Here’s a message I received from someone who is not in Amway but has a friend brainwashed by the cult. He or she has been subjected to enough ambots and Amway bullshit that they have an excellent view of this shitty business opportunity without having to belong to this expensive social club. PS you’re very kind calling the upline annoying. Amway upline are the worst lying scamming fucking assholes I’ve ever come across in my life. Shit disturbing troublemaking bastards whose only pleasure in life comes from destroying other people’s lives. This person’s friend stays in even after being humiliated by the piece of shit platinum and being called a loser and being told to leave the cult meeting because the sack of shit doesn’t want to waste time on her. This is all part of the bullying people get in Scamway. This was a tactic used by our sack of shit platinum too. Punish and love. Typical cult leader plan. I’d even go as far as saying this is our sack of shit Platinum except that fucker got the old heave ho from Amway last year and they canned his ass out of there. Just goes to show that everyone’s Amway upline acts exactly the same. They all duplicate each other to be the best Amway assholes they can be.

My one friend is in this thing, with the most annoying upline I’ve ever come across. This guy tells me I’m wasting my life away working for other people, instead of using my talents to work for myself! I love where I work and I don’t see it as a waste of my life. He pretends to be so nice and cordial when around me and other friends of ours, but keeps trying to push this amway crap down our throats every chance he gets.

We went for coffee the other day with my friend, and she’s not the type of sales-person these guys are, she’s calm, kind, and refuses to do the recruiting thing. She just wants to sell stuff, she’s always loved working with sales! This guy comes over and she introduces all of us. He starts talking about how great of friends we are to her, and how much potential our lives would have if we all joined together with her in this ‘billion-dollar’ venture. He started asking personal questions to some of us in the group like: “where do you work, are there any things you want to do…that you think you can’t do right now, would you pay for college in cash if you could, do you see yourself as someone influential someday soon, you know, I think all of you have something no one else has, you know-I have the opportunity of a lifetime if you’re willing to give it five minutes of your time everyday”, and other stuff like that.

By that point some of the people in our group had left because we thought it was a get-together of just our friends, NOT HIM! I know he pressures her, she tells me sometimes that he puts her on the spot with everyone in meetings and gatherings because she doesn’t want to recruit. That he embarrasses her and bashes her from upstage telling the group she wants to be in poverty all her life. She once called me crying telling me (this was on a Saturday at night) he had excused her from the group before the core-IBO’s meeting at 12:00am telling the entire group he would not waste the groups valuable time and his trying to pull her out from her rut because she doesn’t want to be a winner

The last thing she told me was a couple of days ago, that he told everyone at a Tuesday meeting that we (her friends) were to blame because we are negative 9-5’ers whom believe in self-slavery and promote family-hate. I told her to stop doing this amway thing, but she says she just wants to sell the stuff, but I told her she could just get into another company and sell something else. I just hate these amway people and hope they die-off somewhere of cancer, and sometimes I wonder how she can be so stupid!

Oh, thanx for your blog Anna, I like your stuff. =)


  1. Anna - thank you so much for your blog and for revealing the truth behind this brainwashing scam!

    Upline assholes - oh, I could write a book!

    My LOS: WWDB

    My (now ex-) husband and I were core all the way, drank the koolaid, ate the food bars, bought all the crappy overpriced products. Can't believe I had my babies wearing Amway diapers! No TV at home, just tapes and books. Went to all the damn rallies, seminars, opens, and functions. The major functions, we told ourselves they were our "vacation" or "dates."

    In public, we were Mr. and Mrs. Amway. In private, he was physically abusive. I finally left.

    What did our shitty upline do? Our sponsors, our upline Platinums and upline Emeralds called me to yell and preach at me about how it was "unbiblical" to leave my husband! So, I guess it was perfectly biblical for him to beat the crap out of me? Whatever.

    I left and divorced his ass. Thank God!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story.

      Yeah most of us can write a book about the assholes in our Amway upline.

      Sorry about the hell you went through. You didn't mention if your ex was abusive before you got involved with Amway. People in Amway are the angriest people I've ever met. And that's got to do with the money they're losing, the pressure from the cult, and the abuse they take from their upline. Not saying that's an excuse for someone to get physically violent but maybe it was the trigger.

      Yup your Amway upline were huge assholes. Nothing brings those bastards more happiness than destroying other people's lives so usually they are trying to break up relationships. This is a new one for me but I can totally see how they'd want people unhappy in a relationship to stay together. Misery loves company.

      Glad to hear you got away from your ex and those Amway assholes and hope you're getting your life back together.

  2. Hi! This and other stories are so similar to my experience too. I come from Finland and I have never heard of Amway before a friend of mine got involved in it, I guess it isn't so popular around here. It has changed her so much that sometimes I think we can't be good friends anymore - the things she says about jobs, the economy and of course Amway and its products just makes me wonder if she has any brain cells left. For example, the 50 euro cream that she got me for my nameday is the best ever - I actually hated it and used it on my legs, not my face, and told her about it, but she couldn't believe it and got upset. And a million stories like this, because she uses every possible product. This is just ridiculous and painful. She loves talking about material stuff and even when talking about some other subject she may throw in a sentence that I am sure is taken straight from those cds and books she listens and reads all the time. I hope she gets out of it one day, but I also doubt it because a lot of people in her family have been involved in it for years. It's horrible, because it's more subtle than a sect; and I can't really find a way to help her, I think there are no associations here that would deal with this kind of structures. Needless to say, she doesn't listen to any reasonable arguments either... And she won't wake up penniless, at least not too soon, because she is rich from inherited money.

    Thank you for your blog, it's a good read and it scares me to death when I see the same lines repeated everywhere. How can she believe in this crap? But of course - showing her blogs like yours is pointless... I think that Amway has some way of digging up very bad traits of character in people, and closing every way out of the situation. I don't know how they do it, because to me it all looks suspicious at the first glance!

    Do you know where to get some actual data on Amway - how much they earn, how big is their business for example in Europe, what percent of products is sold to clients outside Amway? I would like to show her at least some reliable statistics, because all she does is to repeat apparently outdated information.


    1. Hi Elina. Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear about your friend. Even more terrifying is that she has an inheritance. This is huge prey for Amway. They will take her for every penny she has. Or I suppose you don't call it pennies? Euros?

      Yes we all have the same story maybe told slightly differently. That's why when you read on the Internet the stories are all the same. Sorry I don't have any Amway statistics. Some of the other bloggers who write about Amway's business opportunity or more exactly lack of opportunity might know that stuff. I saw on the Internet where a former Diamond uploaded Amway's sales reports. Apparently that information is only given to the higher ups and Amway's sales to non-IBO's were just under 4% of all their sales. In other words the majority of Amway's customers are IBO's. It's very difficult to find people to buy overpriced shitty products.

      Take a look at today's post where I put up some links. Download a free ebook called Merchants of Deceptions and look at the videos. It may give you some answers.

    2. Thank you! I have started reading Merchants of Deception and it is striking how the same pattern remains intact, the same examples are given, the same numbers repeated in the Amway "training", 15 years ago in the USA or today in Finland. And probably everywhere else. I'm starting to see why my friend won't listen to reason and blocks out every "negative" comment.

      It feels as if I was watching her drowning and couldn't do anything. I can't imagine what hell it must have been for you to experience the same with your loved one. Why hasn't this been made illegal yet?

      Keep up the good work,

    3. Elina - ambots can't tell the difference between negative and the truth.

      Amway is illegal in some countries. I'm sure one day they'll be shut down everywhere.

  3. I have a question: I just started (about 2-3 months ago) and I have done some research on it. I see the prices sometimes being more expensive, and they do charge shipping... And many would not want to wait for delivery when you can just go to a store... Anyway my question is that the mathematics of how the MLM'S work is that by the time you get to the seventh or eighth level, you need everyone on the whole planet to be in the MLM your in (my team has around 300 IBO's already)

    But since most people don't even bring in one person, let alone 25, can it be possible that a person can make it if they try hard enough?

    I still think Amway should control how many "IBO's" it has and should be more focused on sales (which makes me suspicious since they are not equally balanced between new IBO's and sales). I just don't know what to think about any of this.

    I want this to be true but there is no way the promise of everybody making it when there is no cut off. There is a reason why every store isn't a McDonalds or a Popeyes... Why Starbucks had to close stores and why Best Buy hurt itself.

    I think these guys depend on most people just not getting 20+ IBO's in but if you last long enough you can be a diamond because others would have quit... I just want it to work.

    1. Hi Anonymous. I think you nailed it. Products too expensive and why would people wait a week for something they can just drive to Walmart right now and buy for half or a third of the price.

      Some people try really hard and they still can't get anyone to sign up. Only a small fraction of 1% of IBO's make money and the ones who are making the big money are not making it from Amway product sales but by selling tickets to functions where they're the speaker and selling CDs of themselves. That's where the real money is.

      It looks good on paper. You eat one Amway food bar and drink one Amway drink a day and find 6 other people to do the same and they find 6 people and they find 6 people and then you'll all be rich. Finding one person let alone 6 is nearly impossible.

      You're right about the over saturation thing. Amway has too many sales reps out there. And as you already noticed what happens when too many of one business is out there? The majority of Amway's customers are the IBO's themselves which is why Amway doesn't try to limit the number. That would be cutting off their customers.

      You sound like a smart person. Surely you can find a better business opportunity with better odds than 99% chance of failure.

  4. You can look at amway sites by country which gives sales and number of distributors. In europe amway has small presence in the market and is little money. Its almost impossible to make money in this. About 15 million worldwide tried and 14.99 quit. Products expensive, real hard work to sponsor and costly driving around, tapes etc. A handfull of people made money but mainly from selling books and speaking bs at functions ( all paid for by dreaming iboS). A couple of thousand got to diamond level over the years but most of them did not succeed in maintaing the pin level. In fairness the few high pins who make money are outstanding leaders and motivators. Hence they have systems in place that ensure recruiting is faster the big drop out rate. Hence amway grows, is at 12 billion sales today with 3 million iboS and i expect by 2030 this will be double that. But only a few will make money.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for pointing all this out.

      12 billion in sales? Big deal. Amazon has over 40 billion. Not bad for a company that hasn't been around for all that long.

  5. Anonymous (1st poster) - I am so sorry to hear about your experience with Amway and your 'sorry excuse of a man' ex-husband who put his hands on you. But I am glad to hear that you got away from it all. Just to be clear, it is totally biblical to leave a dude who is mistreating you in that way. All that crap from the upline was just more brain-control tactics from to try and get you to feel guilty and make you do what they want you to do.

    Anonymous (3rd poster) - I appreciate your sincerity to want to become successful and gain a better lifestyle, but please take heed the words from this blog and other com mentors that Amway is certainly not the way to do this. Just read all the obvious writing on the wall about Amway. It is a dangerous cult and I would suggest you get out early now while you still have a clear & objective mind.

    Anna - You are awesome. Keep on doing what you're doing, and exposing Amway for what it is.


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