Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another Email From Former Platinum!

Can you believe it we got another email from our Amway sack of shit Platinum!!!!
To recap in case anyone missed it - the son of a bitch had his ass canned from Amway. His version of the story is he quit to move on to an MLM with a better compensation plan. Monavie! But I’m pretty sure Amway fired him because he’s such a fucking arrogant bastard. But if that was the criteria Amway had for firing people there wouldn’t be any IBO’s left! Ha ha!
We get another email hounding us to come to a Monavie business meeting because Monavie has the best compensation plan of any MLM the sack of shit has ever seen. And better products too. Huh? I thought Monavie sold some kind of juice and a whole bunch of training tools. The same kind of bullshit tools that Amway sells which I suppose is the big attraction for Amway defectors.
But his email goes on and on. The other email he never mentioned Amway. This email he rags on Amway and bitches about what a horrible company Amway is selling low class products and ripping off hard working honest people. He says Amway is going to burn in hell for the way its treated people for 50 years. Pretty strong language from a sack of shit Platinum who couldn’t find enough loving words about this business to brainwash people at Amway meetings. What he said about Scamway is what many others have said. People see the light once they get out. But when they get out by being fired by Amway the love of their life they gotta be pretty bitter as evidenced by his rant in the email. No different than all the rants we heard from him at Amway meetings but this time Amway is the focus of his rant.
As nice as it is to hear the fucker finally agree with me on what he thinks about Amway these emails gotta stop. This fucking asshole abused us in Amway. He lied to us and scammed us out of our hard earned money and then he tried to destroy our marriage. And he thinks we're going to come to his Monavie meeting? Like fuck you asshole!!!
So thinking back on a couple of responses I got to my last post about the sack of shit inviting us to a Monavie meeting and to hell with him discovering he’s got a live email address I hit reply all. And yup there were a whole bunch of email addresses he was spamming so they’re all going to get an earful.
And yes I put it in caps so they’d all know I was yelling. Here it is. I thought I was rather tame but I toned it down because of the audience. If I’d only replied to the sack of shit he’d have gotten a better earful.
I’d have gone on more except there were hundreds of emails that were getting my message. And a few of them emailed me back to bitch about how I could use such bad language toward such a great cult leader as their sack of shit Platinum. So far three people have emailed me to bitch and I kindly responded to all of them with a big old fuck you. Uh gee what else do you think is going to happen when you bitch at someone about them swearing. Didn’t think you’d end up hearing a few more choice words? Fucking Amway assholes!
I also reported him to his Internet server as a spammer. I don’t know if they’ll shut him down or not. Its not like theres no more Internet companies out there you can sign up with.
So we’ll see what happens next. Whether or not anyone else is dumb enough to respond to me and bitch for including them in an email to the sack of shit Platinum or whether he’ll send me any more emails about his Monavie shit.
Move on asshole. Ain't interested.


  1. It is funny that your former upline seems to jump from one sinking ship to another sinking ship. But I say just let him because he can serve as an example to younger and future generations to not take short cuts and scheme off people. So long as we (you mostly) call out every flaw and immoral actions and thoughts they immerse themselves in.


  2. AntiAmway - they're all a bunch of flakes. He may have had some connection to Monavie years ago because I saw their juice bottles in his house. As far as I know Amway doesn't stop ambots from flogging another MLM's wares. I'm sure he will be broke or dead when he reaches 65 without ever walking the beaches of the world. Do they teach that in Monavie too? Probably. They're all recycled Amway rejects.

    1. Truthfully I haven't heard of Monavie before. But I have a story that relates to this post. One of my friends who worked Amway left it for Team Nationals. He did what you said, he started bashing Amway yet not even 4 months ago he was trying so hard to make me go a meeting and glorified Amway nonstop even handing out rhodiola vitamins to random people. He claimed not even a month in he made $600+. Now he claimed he was going on a cruise because of Team National. It's quite confounding really.



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