Thursday, March 7, 2013

Amway Swingers

Here’s another typical story from someone who is friends with Amway ambots.

I have 3 friends that are in Amway. One of them does babysitting as her career, one fixes cars, and the other works at Fred Meyers; yet they all claim they're nearing retirement. You're article is very well written and informative, though I only wish their brainwashed minds could see this how I see it. The devil is in the details. They buy their clothes at used cloth stores, live in run down apartments, drive shitty cars, yet these are the same folk telling me that they're in the process of retiring. It makes me laugh, but at the same time upsets me that this joke of a company is ruining my friends lives. They spend every extra minute and dollar they have on Amway. Also what does Amway think about promiscuity? Ever since they got involved in Amway, my friend is always going on about having sex with multiple partners, and they have since become swingers. Thanks

Amway preys on the disadvantaged, many are on fixed incomes that are very low. Amway sells the hope, the dream that after dedicating 2 years to the Amway cult that people will retire and have bazillions of dollars rolling in for the rest of their lives.
Yup, all ambots are planning to retire later this year or maybe next year. 
They’re lucky they can buy clothes at all. You’d think someone upline would be bitching at them to spend their money on Amway products and tools instead of used clothes. Most ambots drive shitty cars. I also call them shitmobiles and the clunker brigade. You never seen so many old rust buckets in your life except at Amway meetings. When the car breaks down they hit Craigslist and look for the next $200 special.
And you’re right it is very upsetting to see how a company and a bunch of fucking assholes in their Amway upline can brainwash people and fill their heads with dreams that will never come true – oh and all the rest of us are dreamstealers for saying that. Make that negative, unchristian dreamstealers! Ambots are so original. NOT! Amway ruins people’s lives. Not the rest of the world who aren’t in Amway and try to help others get out of the cult. The real dreamstealers around here are in Amway.
Don’t get me started on Amway sex! I must get at least 2 dozen hits a day on my blog where ambots are searching for Amway sex and Amway sex products and Amway after sex products. You’d think if Amway actually sold sex products they’d make a killing at it! I’ve written posts about Amway sex before. Gotta keep the blog high on the search engines and write about what people want to read. How I see it if any ambot is bragging about they’re getting a lot of sex they’re lying same as they’re lying about how much money they make in Amway! Someone in Amway = huge turn off = they ain’t getting any! I don’t know if Amway has an official position on promiscuity and multiple sex partners. I’d say it ain’t none of their business but this is Amway home of the nosiest bastards around and they make EVERYTHING their business! Those people must love going to out of town Amway functions where they rent a hotel room and sneak 10 people inside it. Now that could be swinger’s central!


  1. Ok, this freaks me out! My friend joined this a year ago and when they go out to functions he has to pay $100.00 for his ticket, $50.00 to contribute for bus-fair, $150.00 for hotel accomidations (per person), and then spend their own for food (they don't have time to eat though). However, every time I call to say "hey" when he's at a function, he tells me he's sharing a hotel room with eight other guys and some are sleeping on the floor! He claims he's really happy because he's retiring next year in August. He said he won't need to work anymore because all the money he's investing now will pay him later in the trillions. He's also buying all the toothpaste, cleaning products, and forced one of our friends to buy one of their water purifier systems (which was a total rip-off). He gets pissed-off if he sees anyone drinking anything other than his XS drinks and tells us we're all going to die of cancer and diabetes because we don't buy the food-supplements! All this time though, he has one part-time job, started to skip his rent with his roommates, and from what I hear, he's about to loose that job and they want to kick him out soon! ARE THESE PEOPLE REALLY THIS STUPID?????????? I wonder if it's just the "you were meant to be successful" speech from their upline that makes them too uptight and has them loose focus when it comes to reality! OR...THEY'RE JUST PLAIN MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Your friends story is normal Amway IBO process. I'm surprised he's still in after a year. He must still have room on his credit card.

      You can call ambots whatever you want stupid, morons, etc but they're brainwashed to be Amway asssholes.

      Yup he will probably get canned from his job. His coworkers are probably complaining to the boss that he's bugging the shit out of them. He's going around work sneering at his coworkers that he's so much better than them because he owns his own business and they're all doomed to be broke losers. He is likely not getting his work done because he's spending working hours on Amway shit like taking phone calls and texts from the assholes in his upline and trying to prospect.

      Ambots share hotel rooms and break the hotels room occupancy code all the time. I'd sure hate to be staying in a room next to ambots. They'll be up to 3 or 4 in the morning listening to their cult leader and screaming freedom and chanting. Take care of those bastards with a phone call to hotel security.

  2. Hi, my name is Iva and I'm 16 years old (almost). I commented on your older post and, after seeing your reply, decided to share my story here.

    I ran into your blog a few days ago while browsing for anti-Amway sites in a desperate attempt to find SOMETHING my mother would listen to and I found it great. The fact you're trying to help people get out of Amway and your tips on how to live with Ambots are awesome. :)

    My Amway story started 14 years ago when my mother joined Amway along with my uncle and his friend. They went on a "meeting" or something. My uncle and his friend (who were 17-18 y/o back then) realised immediately it's a scam and they gave up on it. But my mom didn't. She believed all that crap (sorry 'bout that, but honestly, it's crap) and started making phonecalls. To her friend, acquaintances and everyone else. Nobody wanted to join it, not even her closest friends. (This is a good time for me to mention that she was a very sociable person and had a wide range of friends.)

    Nevertheless, she continued buying tapes, CDs, motivational books and other Amway products. She regurarly attended meetings all around Croatia and, a couple of times, even nearby Slovenia.

    She met other Ambots there and became friends with them. She made plans in our flat and brought those people in our home.

    I remember when I was 5 y/o and my sister was a newborn.. This one time, it was raining, and she left me and my sister with our dad and went on a meeting. I was sick and my sister wouldn't stop crying, but she left anyway, thinking that she was doing the best for the family.

  3. My dad hated Amway and they always fought over it. He started running away to his parents, whom he was very close-knit and who lived a few blocks away. He started drinking. Beer, mainly, but still.. He would come home drunk and fell asleep.

    Of course, that caused even more fights and eventually, after a couple years, they got divorced. (Here I must mention that Amway was NOT the only reason. There werw many others, such as personality incompatibility, different mentalities and so on.)

    I was glad they split up because that meant no more fights. But still, I wasn't the happiest girl on Earth. (I mean, who wants a broken family?)

    My mom still praised Amway and told me that it is going to build a future for us. (Here insert all the Amway promo stuff.)

    I never bought it. Even when I was 8-9 y/o, I was clever enough not to buy it.

    Her relationship with her mother is now horrible and Amway is the cause. It made my mom a robot, a brain washed person who isn't capable of thinking for hereself anymore. My grandma tried a lot to stop her from ruining her life with Amway, but she never did.

    I tried too, but no success either.

    My mom thinks that everyone is negative and she's the only person that thinks positive. She tells me taht if I think positive, everything can happen. When I'm sick, that's because I didn't take Nutrilite vitamins. If I have dandruff, it's because I use Nivea shampoo and not Satinique. If my sister has a rash, it's because grandma's Ariel fell into her washing machine and mixed with SA8!!

    Her way of thinking is not normal. It's not just Amway, it's the whole mindset. I'm having a hard time living with her and I even tried to make her let me go live with my dad. But now that I'm older I realise not only that it's not going to happen, but also that even if I had a chance of doing that, I wouldn't. Because I can't leave my little sister there alone, with her. She would f**k her up completely, like she did to me. I was an adult at the age of 10, and I won't let that happen to my sister.

    Sometimes I think I'm going to have a mental breakdown, but then I calm down and realise I have a whole life to live and it's not worth it.

    I have to pretend 24/7 that everything is okay, when it's actually not. And that makes me tired. Really tired. But it won't help if I tell her everything because I already did that. Several times, actually. And it didn't help. Au contraire, it made it worse. She didn't hear what I was trying to say and turned it all upsiede down. She made not-quite-normal conclusions out of it. (I don't love her, I hate her and don't respect her are the lighter ones.)

    So I gave up on her. But I didn't give up on my sister, and I never will. I'm looking after her and won't let the same things that happened to me happen to her.

    The tension at home is sometimes unbearable, and sometimes I have multiple emotional shocks in one day. But I'm used to it.

    I'm in high school now, so I spend less time at home and that's great, because I don't like being at home.

    Wow, I wrote a lot of stuff down. I just wanted to share my Amway experience with people who understand. I have other problems too, but I'm not here to talk about that. (I think that I will need a shrink in the future, but I kinda don't like them. Or trust them. So my family..well, some of them and friends will have to do.)

    If this post turns one person quit Amway, then I did what I was planning to.

    Sorry for the long post and grammar mistakes. :)


    1. Hi Iva. Thank you for stopping by with your story again. We occasionally have children of ambots stop by to say what it's like growing up in Amway family and they all have the same sad story. Really people in Amway or any cult should not be allowed to have children. They should be taken away so they get a chance to live a normal childhood. I'd think at your age and your sisters age you're old enough to decide who you should live with. Maybe even with the courts help. The children of ambots who've shown up here mostly have gone on to lead very good lives, went to university, got a good job, or started their own legitimate business.

      Your mother as you've described is the same as every Ambot I've ever met. They don't care about nothing except they're greedy endeavors to be rich. This is how they're brainwashed to be by the Amway cult leaders. I know it's really sad that your mother thinks a box of soap is more important than you. At least you have some normal people in your life. Now that you're in high school you probably have access to a school counsellor. Talk to this person and see what they can do for you. They likely have experience with children from divorces who want to live with the other parent and know how to help.

      Good luck to you. I'll probably put your story as one of my posts down the road just in case people have missed your comments here.

    2. First off, thank you for support. :)
      I don't want to go to court because that would destroy my relationship with mom. She's an ambot, but she IS my mom and I'm planning on having some kind of relationship with her. If I go to court and ask the state to let me move out, that would pretty much ruin all my efforts in building that relationship. There are other problems, e.g. my dad's an alcoholic so they won't let us move, his appartmant is too small and so on. But the biggest problem is that I cannot tell them that she isn't taking care of us, when she is. She is always supportive, loving and (over)caring. I know that's strange for an ambot, but that's her. I'm not comfortable talking to a counsellor about my private problems and making them think I'm crazy and being abused or something. I know that sounds weird, given that I shared my story here with a lot of unknown people. But I'm anonymous here and it took me couple of years to make that move. Sorry for the long post (again), I just had the need to reply to your reply. Again, thanks for the support and sorry if I wrote too much.

    3. Would it destroy your relationship or would it give her the wake up call she needs?

      That's the scary question and a kid doesn't want to know the answer that an Ambot will choose Amway over their family.

      Most kids are very supportive of their parents and love them because they don't know anything else. When they get older it's another story.

      Your mother has been in Amway so long its impossible for her to quit. If she thinks about it her upline will say "you can't quit now not when success is right around the corner". So they keep hanging in there certain they will be millionaires and retire in a few mints. And then a few months more.

      It makes you feel better to write about it. That's why we're all here.

    4. Iva, thanks for taking the time to share your story! Yeah, those of us who posted stories found that they had to separate it into 2 posts/responses due to the blogging system's per post limit. This is also why it's helpful if Anna Banana reposts it as a blog entry.

      Very wonderful of you to be looking after your sister! Hopefully, the 2 of you can consider moving out when you're both older. You don't have to completely give up on your mother, but it seems like you can use some distance. Alas, I've learned that distance is the best thing to treat the stuff that Amway ails.


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