Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Always Check With The Ex

I had a woman contact me who recently started dating an Ambot. She really cares for the guy but as many woman ahead of her have discovered Amway = huge turn off.
Without trying to come off as sexist here most women tend to do the majority of the household shopping. We’ve got a very good idea of what prices are and through trial and error we find products that work the best for us. So she starts dating an ambot and he wants her to support him and buy his Amway products. Like most women do when they see the price tag on Amway products they go holy fuck that is really fucking expensive. Then the ambot gets all defensive and says wouldn’t you want to pay more for quality. Quality is subjective. What one person thinks is good quality someone else thinks is shit. Collectively Amway ambots have a fucked up version of what good quality is. It doesn’t take long for people who are not in the Amway cult to figure out these are substandard products. We can go to the store where there’s lots of variety and buy a better product for a much lower price. Not everyone wants to pay more for “quality” anyways.
So this woman is mortified that the ambot she’s dating actually thinks Amway products are good quality and worth the high price tag. Yeah join the club. We all think that. Amway = overpriced shitty products.
Same thing too when we look at Amway’s business plan. It looks good on paper but how easy is it to execute. I mean you gotta find 6 people open to buying around $300 worth of shitty Amway products every month to make that 100PV minimum to get a commission check. And they gotta find 6 people and they gotta find 6 people and so on and so on. A handful of ambots can find 6 people but keeping them motivated and buying shitty overpriced products is another story. Most ambots can’t find one person open to being scammed. Men look at Amway’s business plan and see the $$$. Women look at Amway’s business plan and think how the hell are we going to find people. So she’s looking at the plan right. 99% failure rate. Shitty business opportunity.
Her ambot is getting defensive. Check. They all are. How dare anyone challenge their beloved cult and its products.
She’s been reading Married To An Ambot and finding it very helpful in understanding the new boyfriend. By the way she is the first woman he’s dated since his divorce.
His parents have been trying for years to get him out of the Amway cult.
And then he finally confesses that his ex-wife left him because of Amway. His ex was very clear. It was Amway that caused the divorce.
The girlfriend is shocked because originally the boyfriend told her it was something else that led to the divorce.
Who else sees all the red flags here?
Here’s the thing. Most guys are gonna try to put themselves in a good light when they start dating again. Ladies if you want to know what’s wrong with him and the real reason behind the divorce you must talk to the ex-wife. Women are different that way. They’ll tell you the truth cause they don’t want to see another woman get hurt by the lousy bastard not because they care you’re dating their ex. If the husband was cheating on them they’ll tell you. Then you got a good picture that if he cheated on his ex-wife he’ll probably cheat on you too.
If the ex-wife left him because of Amway that’ll probably happen to you too.
He is cheating on you with Amway. He will never love you as much as he loves Amway. Especially a guy who’s been in it long enough to have Amway destroy his marriage and then not quit Amway! He’s a lifer. He will put a box of soap over you any day.
Amway is all about destroying relationships.
If you’re interested in dating a divorced man and he’s in Amway, ask for the ex-wife’s phone number and get the dirt from her. Women aren’t going to hold back about what destroyed their marriage.
So on behalf of the ex mentioned in this story lets send out another big old fuck you to Amway and the fucking assholes in the Amway upline for destroying that relationship!


  1. Yeah. Makes sense to pick scamway over your wife..... What a dumb fuck!! Poor lady had the misfortune of choosing HIS dumb ass as a mate.

    You know... These scammers (and I mean the real big scammers way at the top... the Dexters and the Bill Brits) have their scam down to an art. I think about that "fake it till you make it" crap line . They tell these pretend business people to go around telling everyone how great they're doing in the biz. On the surface one thinks-- what a bunch of losers. In reality, these poor idiots should be pitied.

    Think about it... They've been going around telling everyone that they're making a killing in Amway. When they realize they're going nowhere, they know they're gonna deal with the "l told you so" ridicule from all the people they sneered at. This prolongs their stay in the scam.... It also gives the big thieves at the top a few more months of income from this poor bastard.

    It's a well thought out, and well crafted system all right. But not a system for you to get "free". A system for you to get fleeced. And for as long as possible. Assholes.

    btw Anna, I'm in May 2012... right behind you. Catching up fast


    1. Dick - just goes to show what cult brainwashing does to a person when they pick overpriced shitty products and a bunch of fucking assholes in their Amway upline over their wife. Nothing brings ambots more happiness than destroying other people's relationships.

      Sure some ambots should be pitied. You know they're going through financial and emotional distress and being abused by the assholes in their Amway upline even though they'll deny it and claim business is going great. And as you said a lot of the time they're trapped. They've spent months sneering at other people who won't have nothing to do with the Amway scam and bragging about how rich they're going to be and now they have to face the I told you so's when they quit.

      There's ambots who leave comments on my blog and seem like decent people and I'm trying to tell them Amway has a 99% failure rate, go find another business opportunity with better odds of success. And then there's the dumb fuck ambots who stop by with their words of wisdom - NOT. It might be mean but for some of those asshole ambots and their better than everyone else attitude you can't wait to see them lose their asses in this scam.

  2. Ugh! I feel her pain...except that my bf just joined this joke of a "business opp" not even a year ago and we were together before he signed up. So I have a chance...I hope. And he's still young. We're in our early 20s. And I was looking at photos from his Upline's facebook (yes I am a creep) and I dont recognize any one one his team from a few years ago, meaning all/most of those people left. But if a guy has been in it before you met...and has been in it for years - and is a grown ass man. Then I suggest you leave. The only reason I'm not is that I know I still have somewhat of a chance since I caught on to this scam early on as his significant other.

    1. ScamFighter - 95% of ambots quit within 2 years that's why the people in the pictures ain't the same. Hopefully yours is getting tired of this game. If he's going or already went to Spring Leadership he'll be all hyped up for another week until he realizes he still can't find anyone to sign up. Hopefully he'll quit before the assholes in his upline have their hands out demanding payment for Family Reunion this summer.

  3. I'm married to an Ambot & oh, how I relate. The stories I could tell you. It'd take days. Thank you so much for this blog. It's going to get me through the silly conference in DC this weekend. I'll be in flip flops & casual clothing. Business casual on a weekend spent indoors sitting on my ass for hours at a time listening to a broken record? Hell no. & to the girl dating the Ambot, put your foot down or run! Lol. Artistry is awful. They spend to much time focusing on whatever one natural ingredient is in their product, when the reality is it's laced with chemicals like every other mainstream skincare line. My husband doesn't make me use them because I had him sit down & go through the ingredients on the Time Defiance line just to show him all the cancer causing shit in it. Yuck! Well, I'll be reading (maybe commenting) & laughing through this blog all weekend. If I don't fake a stomach bug or migraine for the millionth time. These people probably think I'm deseased. Reality: I haven't been sick since November 2011. (:

    1. Well hello sister! Glad you found the blog! Yes we'll get you through the hellhole weekend that the World Wide Destructive Bastards are putting on. Did you already see my post about better things to do in DC than attend Spring Leadership brainwashing conference. Because you're not really going to go inside the dreaded waste your time and money and brain cells Amway function are you? Yup definitely wear casual cause it'll piss off the assholes in your upline like you won't believe. If you've got a dog or can borrow one or two or three bring him too cause that'll piss off those Amway assholes too. Artistry make up is horrible. High prices, low quality. Not much of a selection. You can buy similar make up and skin care cream at a quarter of the price Amway charges.

  4. So here’s my situation. My bf of three years decided he wanted to take time to fix himself and get right with God (we are both Christians) he said maybe there is hope we can can get back together if God leads us there. I just started no contact and I’m working on fixing myself, getting a new job and stuff. We were almost engaged but our biggest issue was I was not supportive of his family and we argued over that. Immaturity on my part. I also pushed him to change to much and I didn’t realize he didn’t even need to change. I see he joined a Christian dating site three days after he broke up with me but he said its only to meet friends. He is a very honest guy. I need get him back and my last chance was love spell . Entered on the website , because I read that he has a lot of positive feedback. I’m not disappoint. My lover back to me in only one month. We are happy couple now.

    1. Hey Sharon how do you know if your loser boyfriend really deleted his dating profile account? Or created a new one seeing as how you seem to have caught him. And here's the thing I saw it on the news a couple of months ago you Nigerian scammers have infiltrated Christian dating sites to scam unsuspecting goodhearted men and women out of money so fuck all of you. Who's the more evil bastards out there? Amway scammers or Nigerian scammers?

  5. If you claim to be a Christian, why aren't you married to your boyfriend, instead of living with him for three years? And what kind of a Christian makes use of "love spells"?

    1. Anonymous - they could be Amway "Christians" or belong to some other cult with their own brand of twisted Christianity. The only Christians with love spells belong to some cult. Amway sells a similar snake oil. Evil bastards all around. I doubt Sharon is a woman. More likely a man in Nigeria sitting at an Internet cafe with a bunch of other scammers.


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