Friday, April 19, 2013

Things To Do In Minneapolis, Minnesota Instead of Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2013

Amway World Wide Dream Builders is holding WWDB Amway Spring Leadership in Minneapolis, Minnesota May 4 – 5, 2013 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.
Hmmm. Shows what I know. Never knew Minneapolis is known for holding conventions so that they’d actually have a center to hold them in! I always thought the only thing Minneapolis was known for was home to the Mary Tyler Moore Show!
No really. Practically everything I know about Minneapolis I know from watching the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Seeing as how its been many years since I last saw one of those reruns well that pretty much puts me as good as knowing nothing. I remember there were a lot of snow storms during the show. Anyway if you want to see the statue of Mary Tyler Moore tossing her hat in the air its in front of Macy’s at 700 Nicollet Mall. Here’s a page that has some photos of the statue. Doesn’t cost nothing to go over and look at the news girl who’s gonna make it on her own. Unlike the Amway ambot crowd! They will NEVER make it!
Segway Tours  A little pricey at $80 for a 2 or 3 hour tour around town on a Segway but at least it comes in well under wasting $125 to be brainwashed at an Amway convention.
I have discovered the much coveted zoo in town. The Minnesota Zoo. At $18 its nearly as pricey as that zoo up in Calgary! Seniors and children are $12.
Minneapolis Institute of Arts gets high marks on Trip Advisor. And its free!
Stone Arch Bridge Who wants to walk over the Mississippi River? Kodak moment!
OK. I found the perfect place for me in Minneapolis. Surly Beer! Free tour. Free beer. Not a lot I can say other than those schnooks up in Calgary with the big rock problem should be taking notes. FREE! Not rip off $25!!!!
Here’s some more key words to help Amway IBO’s find their way because the assholes in their upline don’t help out with this top secret information. And because there are a bunch of dumb ass Amway ambots that think they have the power to turn back time and put this into their Google searches: Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2012! And one more for the Amway asshole who is thinking ahead to next year! Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2014. Yup ambots are so fucking brainwashed by their Amway cult leaders they have no clue what year it is!
Las Vegas, Nevada April 12 – 14, 2013 at the Orleans Arena.
Spokane, Washington April 19 – 21, 2013 at the Spokane Arena
Honolulu, Hawaii April 21 – 22, 2013 at The Modern.
Washington, DC April 27 – 28, 2013 at the Hyatt Dulles
Denver, Colorado, April 27 – 28, 2013 at the Denver Merchandise Mart Plaza
Calgary, Alberta May 3 – 5, 2013 at the Calgary Stampede Corral
Amway sucks!
WWDB sucks!
Amway WWDB Spring Leadership sucks!



    A boy from Colombia
    With more money, personal freedom, and family love that you will only dream about having.
    Nice blog anyway :)

  2. I almost thought about giving this its own post but no why bother to promote Amway bullshit propaganda.

    To my readers reading this comment - unless you know Spanish don't go to that link. Even if you do know Spanish don't waste your time. The only reason I checked it out is the person who posted it is in Mexico and referenced a boy from Colombia so I wondered if it was in English or Spanish. Here is the condensed version. Ambot wearing a suit standing on a sidewalk in what appears to be a not so affluent area. Usual Amway bullshit and I kept forwarding the video to see if it would change. Fortunately only a couple of minutes long so its taking me longer to write this than watching that Amway bullshitter. Guy is 30, no boss, no job, has freedom thanks to Amway. The usual bullshit you can hear at any Amway meeting but this ambot needs to learn a lot about staging videos. He should have found a nice house to stand in front of and pretend to own it. At the very least he should have walked down the sidewalk until he found an expensive car and filmed himself there pretending to own it.

    To Anonymous from Tijuana, Mexico - Thanks for saying the blog is nice! You did notice the name of this blog is not Casado al Ambot didn't you because everything is written in English including your comment so that tells you the blog is geared to an English speaking audience so why be a dumb shit and post a video in Spanish that not everyone can understand? Did you really believe that lying ambot from Colombia? If he really has more money than me he'd be broadcasting in front of his house and showing off his money instead of hiding out on a sidewalk in an iffy part of town. Every ambot is "going big" in Amway. I'm surprised you had to go all the way to Colombia to find an ambot "going big". There are no other ambots within 5000 mile radius of Tijuana who are "going big" in Amway? Everyone has a different idea of what personal freedom is. For most of the people who live in the states personal freedom probably does not mean moving to a 3rd world country with a lower standard of living and big problems with drug lords, guerrilla warriors, corrupt officials, and a heavily armed militia. For many in Tijuana freedom means rushing the border into California and hoping they don't get caught and if they do get sent back do it all over again the next night. You can make more money selling ponchos and huaraches in Tijuana than you can in Amway.

    1. All the video proves is that Ambots can spout pure lies and bullshit in many different languages. Amway is a multi-lingual bullshit operation.


    2. Dave - Amway is an equal opportunity scam. Speakers of all languages can apply to be victims!

  3. Spanish Amway-lover commenter, I’m Hispanic too! If you or that “Columbian” fuck had achieved at least a standard level of wealth you would have parted with your current living situation (a.e. moved away from your home country).
    YES, you’re wearing a suit, your rhetoric might’ve suffered an elevated stance in eloquence and your taste in goals surpassed your mediocre, currently suppressed capabilities. However, that in no manner elevates you to consider yourself worthy of distinction from the general population in which you’re presently dwelling. Amway, as any other Multilevel Marketing Scheme, is a fruitless endeavor leading to an even less satisfying result, wasted challenge and investment.
    There’s no gratifying conclusion to your venture other than that boost you get when ‘DREAMING BIG’ during conventions. I was hoping I wouldn't have to reiterate my stance on this issue ever again, except you PYRAMID hippies are just an ever surplus nowadays! When trying to survive in this thing called “LIFE”, you can’t get rich over night (unless you win the lottery); you need college (unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg) AND SELLING SOMEONE ELSE’ PRODUCTS DOESN’T MEAN OWNERSHIP OF SAID SOMEONE’S COMPANY…unless it’s a partnership or association of some sorts!

    My spanish version for said-what's-his-name spanish-amway CUNT!!!!

    En acuerdo al comentarista anterior, como un hispano igual que tu, estamos de acuerdo que el triunfo se obtiene principalmente con dedicación, esfuerzo y ambición. El capital de inversiones es depende y vulnerable ya que esta distribuido por las diferentes tasas bancarias, en inversión tipo-global. Ahora que para poder disfrutar de tal éxito se necesita más que el impulso de un sueño.
    Ambos sabemos que si tus relatos fuesen lo suficiente coherentes tu situación económica se reflejara un tanto diferente a lo actual. El estilo, la apariencia, el carácter y elocuencia no determinan tu situación financiera. Una asociación en mercadeo libre o privado requiere relaciones publicas en conjunto a conexiones potentes, lo suficiente como para entablar un reconocimiento al nivel global y por supuesto traer resultados inmediatos para reiniciar este proyecto, mantenerlo a flote y recaudar ganancias lo suficientemente amplias como para justificar tu inversión. Es necesaria una educación superior al nivel de preparatoria, si es posible educación de posgrado. Tendrías que gozar de lazos internacionales e influyentes y claro que una cantidad de fondos inmensa, sin comparación alguna a lo que estas acostumbrado.
    Tú en realidad no eres un empresario en mercadeo a nivel múltiple, eres solo un vendedor de puerta-en-puerta desdichado y destituido por la nueva y discriminativa economía actual. Por lo tanto tus sueños no se realizarán y perderás lo poco que te quede a quedaras en la calle viviendo bajo una caja de cartón cuando bien te valla, suerte hermano.

    Por favor, deja de mentir y idiotecerte mas ya que solo sobajas mas a nuestra rasa con tus comentarios y reclamos.

    1. Amway pyramid hippies! Love it.

      You don't really think he'll be back do you?

  4. Hi Anna,

    Love the blog, nothing like vitriol to warm the heart. (Also, good job with the SEO, it got me to the right place.)

    I've recently been (indirectly) sucked into Amway, and I'm trying to get my friend out. To that end, I wrote a short blog article called Real Businesses vs Amway. I'd appreciate it if you could read it, let me know if it's got any glaring inaccuracies, and perhaps link to it if you think it'd help people.

    1. Hi Ashley. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you can get your friend out of this scam. Yep I try to get a lot of keywords in. This blog is pretty high on the search engines for just about any search criteria. If you want to bump up your visitors key words you must use are "Amway sex" or "Amway sex products". Dozens of hits daily! Ha ha!

      Thanks for the link to the article. Actually I run a post every now and then about how ambots do not own their own business they are simply underpaid commissioned sales reps who have to pay for their own training and inventory even though stocking up products is a big no no in pyramid schemes. I'll include your link the next time I run something on these phony business owners.


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