Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ambot Sammy Goes to Las Vegas Amway WWDB Spring Leadership

Thanks to Sammy (no longer known as Scammy seeing as how he quit Scamway!) for your story.

Glad I came to this site and am not the only one that found this stuff to be bullshit!

I went to the Vegas leadership because i was told its a "Once in a lifetime opportunity" and that it would be "life changing" if I went. 3 days of just nonstop talking about how rich the diamonds are, how we need to plug into CORE, how much they all love us, and on an on and on....I've never felt so stupid for wasting money like that before, ever! We had to sit for 8-12 hours straight and then we went to "night owls" where they just kept repeating the same shit.

I said enough and just went upstairs to the room to get some sleep. The worst part is that Im a med student and I have never heard of Amway. Ive been super skeptical since day one and when the guy told me to take out a loan to get to the convention(again, student so Im essentially broke) I just looked at him like he was insane. Loan? I just paid to get into this dumb idea, paid for a "startup package," paid for my super ultra necessary "communikate" system that gets useless voicemails while I still get txts and phone calls from everyone(I'll never understand that concept) and on top of that, Im gonna pay 50$ a month for cds and books I dont need.

I've already got one foot out the door. Im just trying to bring my friends with me(my buddy who Ive known for 14years) since I thought I was doing him a favor by bringing him into this company. I found myself bugging him to buy once he was my downline and since then, Ive stopped and am doing everything I can to get him out.

Its been only 1 month and theres already a new convention in Washington. Guess what, I cant afford to go since Vegas cleaned me out(must be a first since there was no gambling) and my upline lied to me about costs and food(his words: yea man, just bring like 50$ and we'll help you out and give you meal bars and everything!). He never helped me once while I was there and wouldnt even give me a perfect water without selling it to me.

Guess what, If I miss this one, apparently its the second thing in the world you will regret missing and "you have to be there to set the example for your downline!"

Psh, please, blow it tout your ass ambots.


  1. Considering all the content of your page its impossible to have a serious conversation or discussion with you, not surprised if you are broke and i am not talking about money here :)

    1. Anonymous - did you read a recent post about how Amway Diamonds are broke? You ambots insult your beloved Diamonds when you accuse someone of being in the same income bracket as them as broke, which means according to fucked up ambot logic that if I'm broke then so are Diamonds. And many probably are!

      And really why do you give a fuck one way or the other if I'm broke. How does it affect your life one way or the other if I'm broke. Do you plan to give me money so I won't be broke anymore? Oh I forgot. You're in Amway so that means you're broke and you don't have any extra money once you're done tithing the Great Amway God. Look on the bright side. In a few months when you quit Amway you'll start getting your finances under control and you won't be broke anymore.

    2. Anonymous, that's pretty high talk coming from someone that can't even write a coherent retort. Guess grammar and an ability communicate isn't important in Amway. Who knew?

    3. Nancy - you should read some posts a few months ago where an Amway employee from the customer service desk aka I don't give a shit department showed up to leave some comments. One of the job requirements at Amway is the inability to put words together so they make a sentence!

  2. Poor guy actually lost money to those pointless conventions. For all the hype ambots put into their "business", I often ponder why the media doesn't even mention MLM. Do you have any reason why? The best reason I can think of is, MLM are unsustainable and too shady. They do not take a lot of skill and are not necessary in our society. Retail chains blow them out of the water with whatever product they have. Anyway, keep up the good work Anna Banana!



    1. AntiAmway - most people don't come to the police or the media when they've been scammed by an MLM. Its really embarrassing to publicly admit you got scammed. Most people think they're smarter than to fall for a scam and then when they lose their money its really embarrassing.

      Yup retail chains will blow Amway out of the water because they have a wide selection of good products at reasonable prices.

  3. To the first anonymous commentator: Poor thing, you sound like an ambot. So, let's say we're all "broke"...what makes you that much more different? We don't look at ambots as an enemy, we look at you as victims...pity. Life's too short to indulge yourselves in this illusion. When you're on your deathbed are you going to tell yourselves, "I should've gone to this revival meeting, and spent xxx more money," or will you say "I should've spent whatever time I could get with my loved ones." This should be a no brainer. So sad how much uplines pound greed into these poor people's minds.

    1. ScamFighter - yup it looks like I need to do anothe post on the ambot obsession with "broke"!

      Everyone in the Amway scam is a victim. Even the fucking assholes in my upline are victims of the scam. The difference is realizing you're a victim and getting out of the scam or trying to recover your money and keep selling others on the scam. Difference between good and evil. Amway lifers are evil greedy bastards out to destroy other people.

    2. I love these brainwashed Ambots use J.O.B. (JUST OVER BROKE). Never gets old.

    3. Yeah it does get old. What I think you meant to say is the same old bullshit ambots were slinging 10, 20, 30 years ago they're still saying today. Insult everyone with a J.O.B. That's because when you're in Amway that automatically means you're better than everyone else who has a J.O.B. even if your an ambot with a J.O.B. Ha ha. That's why this blog exists to make those ambots look like a bunch of idiots. That's why ambots exist. To make everyone not in Amway look like a bunch of idiots. Vicious cycle. Ha ha!!!

  4. First "Anonymous" commentator (NOT SO ANONYMOUS AT THAT) needs to SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP! The content on this page...IS SERIOUS conversation and or discussion about this AMWAY-PANDEMIC! This blog is from your FIRST-HAND experience with that dreaded psychological disease that creates USELESS business rhetoric from simpletons of the likes of him/her-the commentator. PLEASE, PLEASE...refrain from insulting this great blog that serves as the light at the end of the tunnel for the many destitute shunned by this great Amway plague!

    P.S. Anna, i love your blog...thanks for the light and the freedom.

    1. Thanks Anonymous. Glad you're loving the blog. Feel free to return anytime and curse out ambots. This is the place for it!

  5. Hey Anna,

    Not sure if ya want to share this in your stories or not, but I just thought I would share my Amway qual meeting exp. with you.

    I started thinking about doing something from home as a "supplement" to my current work from home business. I run a wonderfully successful daycare/preschool program for 1-5 year olds and it grosses me $3500.00-4000.00/month not including my legit tax write offs to Canada Revenue. (I mention this as it is a key part of my story) As well I get a great tax return each tax year!

    Now, when I started looking into Amway it was because my friends are IBO's and I wanted to "help them succeed." When I googled it I got a handful of good reviews, but most of them talked about sinking $$ into it, and getting next to nothing back...

    I am of the small business self employed mindset so I dismissed it at first as others not wanting to do the work so I went to my second BP. (Board Plan) It was a charasmatic couple talking about how mom "finally got to retire and stay home with her baby, and see all of the baby's milestones....."yack yack. And, they claimed they were able to do this is 3 years and that the man of the duo was 2 years away from doing the same thing... Sure great.

    But how did you do that? How did you generate leads for your business? How do you make this sustainable? What kind of profit are you looking at? (ballpark) What sort of upfront costs are there? (As I know in starting some businesses have startup costs)

    When I asked these questions and told the upline that this is needed to start a successful business I was given a "cold hand shake" and told that this would be answered in my nuts and bolts meeting, I just came from it today.....


    This asshat dismissed my daycare business as small and "not living the dream" When in reality though I am not a gazillionare we live in a nice home, and live quite comfortably (again not driving mazzorotie's (sp) or anything) my husband also works full time in Network Operations at a local telephone co.

    But we aren't living the dream!!! Whatabuncha bull!!!! At least I am using my degree, and we both (my hubby and I) take pride in what we do. But we aren't living the dream. (WTF)???

    The only reason I looked into amway was because of my friends, and because I wanted extra income to pay off student debt. As well as credit cards.

    In today's nuts and bolts the guy admitted that they don't want people buying cleaning products they want costumers buying Nutralite, Artistry, and big "PV BV" products. He also admitted that he lives off of his tax return at the end of the year, and that he and his wife still work ft...Not only that he said he ditched a family wedding to attend "dreamnight" because they were dedicated and wanted to do everything right. WTF is wrong with this douche??

    All this in front of IBO's in the last steps of the process????? Not a once did they tell you how to be a success as an IBO, instead they went on and on about CD's and WW, (World Wide) and the spring confrence (sp) thing....


    I pulled them aside and told them that if this is what they wanted from me that I'd be fucking running out the door, and that they can kiss my business savvy $$ making ass goodbye..Surprisingly I was told they wanted to give me an offer!

    JUST AN FYI people those CD's will teach you NOTHING ABOUT RUNNING A BUSINESS NOTHING. They are braging about how rich they are; nothing more nothing less; if you chose to get involved with amway, though I doubt you would after reading this....DON'T BUY INTO THE BRAINWASHING SHIT!! And don't let them make you feel like shit for working a JOB THAT EARNS YOU A RELIABLE PAYCHECK!!

    BECAUSE IF THEY ARE TRULY HONEST WITH YOU THEY ARE NOT RETIRED from the jobs they work just for amway...

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your story. Those Amway meetings never change. I could have been sitting there in the room with you! You have described very accurately what happens. The bullshit, the distraction techniques when you ask specific questions on the compensation. If you worked a job they'd be insulting you for making someone else rich. Seeing as how you already own your own business ambots now must attack your business as being dumb and waste of time and insulting every business out there if it isn't Amway.

      Those "nuts and bolts" Amway meetings are another waste of time. You never learn anything that has to do with running a legitimate business. Mostly all that happens is the sack of shit Platinum bitches about what people are wearing, what kind of car they drive, and they're not bringing prospects to Amway meetings.

      You run a legitimate business so you know all about registering a business name, getting a tax number, getting a business license, getting insurance, hiring an accountant, etc etc. People in Amway having pretend businesses so they don't go through any of those steps.

      And you got it. Amway IBO's are commissioned salespeople. They do not own their own business. Amway can fire them at any time.

      Thanks for leaving the comment. I'll bring it up as a post sometime in the future in case people have missed this.

  6. Wow! Bottom line folks...if you don't understand the process, you can't appreciate the potential. You said yourself you've had one foot out the door. So go! Your lack of vision doesn't mean this isn't an awesome opportunity for those who want to make it work.

    1. Anonymous - the Amway system is designed for failure. Look at the small print on the Amway literature where it says only a fraction of 1% of IBOs make the quoted sum of money. If you don't believe the headquarters of the company you work for that's your choice. If you'd rather believe a bunch of lying assholes about the bazillions of dollars you can make that's your choice too. If you want to listen to people who've been there done that and lost the money to this scam and listen to their experience that's your choice too. I think you're one of these people who is destined to make your own mistakes. Hopefully you don't lose too much money and alienate too many friends and family in the process.


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