Friday, April 5, 2013

Angry Ambots

The angriest people I've ever met in my life are Amway ambots.
Oh sure when you meet them for the first time they’ll have these dumb ass ambot grins on their face and they’ll love bomb you. They put on this phony ass act whenever there are people in the room who are not cult members. Gotta bullshit the prospects into thinking everything is all nicey nice.
But once you get to know these Amway assholes they are angry ambots!
I have angry Amway ambots showing up to leave comments on the blog and man are they ever fucking angry ambots! They are outraged that this blog alerts others to the lies told by the assholes in your Amway upline, the lines Amway ambots use to prospect and scam unsuspecting victims to join the cult, the abuse you have to put up with from the fucking assholes in your Amway upline, the financial losses, and the emotional distress. These angry ambots are so fucking pissed off that someone is blogging about this scam and getting the truth out there about being inside the Amway cult that it potentially cuts into their “business” and stops victims from signing up and customers from buying overpriced shitty Amway products and investing in the Amway tool scam.
Angry ambots!
And there’s plenty to be angry about when you’re stuck inside the Amway cult. Ambots have been brainwashed to devote all their time and money to their Amway cult leaders. They’ve been brainwashed to believe that people who are not members of the Amway cult are evil dreamstealers and to stay away from them, cutting out existing relationships with family and friends. They’re being told they must ask permission before doing anything so they are no longer able to do fun activities they enjoyed before becoming a cult member. They are “investing” all this money in “the business” and only seeing a return of $10 or so each month and that’s only if they consistently purchase about $300 worth of Amway products every month. I’m not counting a few hundred dollars more that must be flushed down the toilet with the Amway tool scam buying tickets to functions and CDs and books and other bullshit propaganda. The only people making a profit on those materials are the Diamonds sitting on top of the pyramid and there ain’t no room for no one else up there.
Wiping out your savings account and driving up the credit card debt are reasons enough to make ambots angry.
Then the ambot wants to quit. Then the Amway cult leader starts riding their ass. “You can’t quit now not when success is right around the corner. You’re about to go really big really soon I can feel it.” So the ambot believes the brainwashing message and sticks around to keep losing money and keep getting angrier.
And then the assholes in the Amway upline reinforce their message to the ambots:
“This Amway business is so easy that any fucking moron can succeed at it.”
“If you’re not making money in Amway then you’re not trying hard enough.”
“Only lazy people don’t make money in Amway.”
“If you don’t make money in Amway then you’re a loser.”
And on and on come the messages that only serve to make ambots angry. The Amway upline are the most fucking negative bastards around. Way to go to promote moral in your downline!
Family and friends try to reason with the ambot. The ambot gets angry with them and gets all defensive protecting the scam. Angry because somewhere deep down the ambot knows these people are right but the ambot can never admit that someone who is not in Amway is telling the truth and is right about something. So the ambot lashes out their anger at anyone who is trying to get them to understand the truth about the Amway scam and understand that they’re being scammed out of their money.
That would mean the ambot’s beloved Amway cult leaders are full of bullshit and are a bunch of fucking liars. That makes the ambot angry when they figure out they’ve been tricked and scammed.
Amway is no fun and that makes ambots angry.
The longer an ambot stays in Amway the longer they have to put up being bullied by the assholes in their upline and that makes ambots angry.
Don’t want to be angry no more? Get the hell out of Amway!


  1. Hi Anna,

    I wasn't sure where to post the follow up to my Amway qual exp. so I guess it made sense to post it here, as I am now seeing that Amway IBO's are angry control oriented weirded out freaks....

    In my post last evening I had mentioned how they knocked me for "my small business sense" that really got and continues to get my back up...

    Today at my last qual meeting my "potential upline" outlined costs associated "with the Amway dream." And. seriously I almost shit my pants. (The costs in Canada)

    An annual cost of $67.00

    (for my amway business lic.) AHAHAAHAA seriously?? You are a comissioned sales rep in all reality (not to sound like I am watering it down, and you have to pay for comissions??)

    A one time cost of $100.00 (for the starter pack)

    And the monthly costs:

    Premier Membership $50.00 (Access to retail website, and training website)

    WWDB $25.00

    Communikate: $50.00

    "Tools" $15.00 (Extra CD's for prospects books etc)

    And the sometimes costs:

    Dreamnight: $75.00

    Board Plans $10.00/PER PLAN/PER IBO

    Major Function Tickets $125.00-200.00 (Canada functions only US ones are more expensive) this does not include hotel, meals, travel, NADA.

    Each black box info system is $30.00 (the one they give potential IBO's at the time that they express interest)

    This seems like a lot of "nothing" to me...realistically you need access to your retail website email, and that's it.... All the other junk is not needed, and if you have any business saavy what so ever you'll know how to market yourself anyway...

    I told them that my small business is quite sucessful (my home daycare and preschool) to which they said that they were different, and that I needed to stop comparing them.... Really though ways to market yourself comes with EVERY BUSINESS.... but what do I know?? I am just the small minded retard who knows nothing...I need amway CD's to help me think and do right?(Sarcasm)

    You are looking at an annual cost for the monthly stuff of,*drum roll please* $1800.00 and about $2300.00 for functions.

    When I told them that paying for WWDB wasn't something I could do right now, as well as the other tools, I was told "Oh that's okay some of us are meant to be small busineses, and others are meant to have IBO's under them, taking this seriously."


    You are going to try to bully me into this shit???? I qiupped back, "I take all business opportunities seriously, but I am not going to default on my mortage payment, utilities, etc to make this "dream come true"!!"

    I also stated that "I understand that there are business costs associated w/ every business, but I will do this when and if I am ready to do so, and only on my terms and within my budget..."

    I then got "Well perhaps ****** and ****** can sit down with you and go through a budget so Amway obligations can work for you." To which I said an emphatic "No thank you I have my own accountant, and I already have a spread sheet of my obligations, and only my husband and I are privy to that."

    During this coffee meeting I was also told some pretty bizzare things about what I could and could not wear to anything Amway related..How I had to talk to upliine wives only, and how we didn't ever want to "mess with marriages and how we always put marriages first."

    Since it was a man who introduced me to Amway's business anyway..I snap, "so I can never talk to ******? Is that what you are telling me?" And they said "No, but anything Amway..or Amway related must go through ******* at all times (the wife).

    Are you fucking kidding???

    Interestingly enough they still want to make me an offer....

    What whack jobs!!!

    1. Hey Anna;

      I forgot where I put my other Amway comment, can you refresh my memory, as I want to see if others reply..Can (my first amway Qual meetings?)

    2. Hi Anonymous. There were a lot of comments that came in over the weekend so I'm not sure which is yours. Blogger still hasn't fixed the recent comment gadget that used to appear on this blog. Are you the one who left the comment on a post from last week? Ambot Sammy goes to Las Vegas Spring Leadership? Scroll down to last week and see if that's you. I don't think Anna's been on the blog yet this morning.
      Blog Administrator

    3. Yeah thanks I found it...I would like if possible for both my comments to be a story; just cause I want to expose amway as much as possible...Would that be okay? I posted first in the Sammy Vegas blog, and then in the Angry Ambots post.

    4. Hi Anonymous - thanks for coming by with your story. And the dollar amounts. I wrote a post some time ago and estimated that IBO spends $500 to $700/month on average when you add in buying 100PV of shitty overpriced Amway products around $300, and all the "tools" the IBO is bullied into buying, and the cost of meetings and functions averaged out. Of course ambots can buy lots more Amway shit and spend $1000/month or more. That usually happens when some asshole in their upline needs more PV to meet some goal and starts bullying their downline into buying more more more!

      Amway ambots will lie, deny, and distract if you start asking them specific questions about compensation, training, functions, etc.

      You've got a good business and a home and cars and a husband. Get involved in Amway and risk losing it all. Amway is all about destroying other people's lives. I can't tell you how many people I've heard from who thanks to Amway have gone through bankruptcy, foreclosure, and divorce.

      There was a guy in Amway crossline who owned a coffee shop in a good location, lots of traffic, lots of traffic. Our sack of shit Platinum had us meet there a couple of times. He also sold pastries and sandwiches. After we got out of the scam we went by the shop and it was closed down. That's what happens when you have to spend all your time and money in Scamway. You risk losing your legitimate business too. My husband kept giving more hours to employees so he could spend more time with Amway and the assholes in his Amway upline. I'm sure the staff weren't complaining about extra money but that's in their pocket and not in ours which is a first step to losing your business.

  2. Whats the best way for me to cut ties with my upline, he is an actually very nice and respectable man. Should I be polite or stern?

    1. Anonymous - I never had that situation. My upline were all a bunch of miserable nasty conniving assholes. You do realize that once you quit Amway this nice and respectable man will have nothing to do with you. They're only friends as long as they can make money off you. Take your own advice and cut ties. Don't answer phone or texts. Don't buy no more Amway products. Don't go to no more Amway meetings. If you tell him you're quitting he'll be saying things to you like "you can't quit now. You're about to go really big. I can feel it." Or "only losers quit Amway."

      You've made the right decision. Amway will only bring you financial and emotional distress.

    2. Thanks alot for the response, I'll let you know how it goes. I'm curious to see how he reacts/responds which will further affirm that I've made the right decision.

    3. Let me affirm you - YOU HAVE MADE THE RIGHT DECISION! You don't need his affirmation, mine will do.

      Anna is right - the man is good as long as they can money off of you. Beyond that they don't waste their time with those who are not going where they are going in life.

      They like to tell stories of how people (quitters) avoid their calls, avoid them, etc while quitting. Well I didn't want to give them the satisfaction of that sory line.

      I called up my sponsor and I told him this is it, I quit, don't want anything else to do with Amway, so to get me unsubscribed from all crap.

      I was friendly but firm. I knew he will try to connect a 3 way to an upline platinum/emerald/diamond as they were all supposedly my friends. I told him don't bother you met me first by yourself and sponsored me, they were not there.

      Later he pretended to keep in touch but for a little while due to some family events (or he was hoping I will change my mind?) but it's been almost two years now since we last talked.

      I did call up those other uplines later when I wanted to but none could talk me back in. I even had one visit our new home as he had always wanted to. No problem come on over but don't talk your bullshizzle here. The stupid pattern was these cultists don't call unless I called. So I don't call. My mind is a world of peace without them and their crap.

  3. I'm definitely glad that I haven't been told or have witnessed some of the stuff you mentioned in paragraph 3.
    I've personally seen some decent people involved.(I've also overheard others totally out of whack with what I would consider 'decent information/expectations' etc) While I don't doubt there's a lot of garbage out there and people misrepresenting the opportunity,I've personally not experienced the large amount of negative that seems to be all over the internet. I consider myself lucky since it seems your experience was pretty crappy.

    So I went searching for anything positive because, let face it, its easy to find negative on everything (mother teresa is/was a scam apparently - I got a good chuckle out of it) - just to see what kind of "positive" stuff could be found - ie: youtube videos looking to "help" (just to get you to message them about joining) or other videos on how to give tips on taprooting and so on (why an anonymous only source on a youtube video that I've never met personally would be considered a credible source to help me I'll never know).

    Found a couple of blogs like yours but opposite ( and that actually acknowledge negative that may have happened, not denying the possibilities of it, and seem forthcoming in their experiences while not trying to get people to sign up or get them to message them for "more information".

    Hopefully as this opportuniy continues to make the rounds out there, some people of integrity, like I've seen will outlast or push out some of the garbage that you had the unfortunate experience of dealing with.


    1. Ah the old Amway Ambot trick of lie, deny, and distract. You can put just about anything into the Internet search engine and add scam and get results. Do you notice the blogs that love Amway don't allow or heavily censor comments with opposing points of view?

      Certainly there are people out there who think they'll be the ones to make it in a business with over 99% failure rate. You got a better chance of hitting it big in Las Vegas or winning a lottery than making gazillions of dollars in Amway!

    2. The blocking of comments automatically equals lying? I don't know about that....but to each their own. Once again my experiences have been different which I'm very thankful for and I agree that people who misrepresent stuff are total trash.

      The info posted seems forthcoming like that one guys post about his 2012 numbers and costs etc. They actually match some that someone else posted here for stuff like communikate. He's not making weird claims and even states that because he's a random guy on the internet he shouldn't be considered a credible source of info unless he was meeting readers in person.

      He recommends people run away from hype up sign up meetings as well which I would say is logical advice. Anyhow I think personally there are some patches of decency....there's just been a lot of idiots who have caused a lot of grief which is obvious with a lot of the bad stories out there.

    3. Everyone in Amway is a liar.

      All cults are all about information control and discrediting outside sources.

    4. Ouch. I guess that makes me one as well apparently. Fair enough - to each their own. I only hope you don't color everyone the same color in your judgments out there regarding other topics.

      Along those lines you would then believe that all teachers are molesters because over time, some have molested kids.Likewise - All cops are corrupt because some have taken bribe money. And definitely all Brits have bad teeth because some do. And most certainly all blondes are dumb because some make stupid comments.

      Blanketing any topic like that is some scary thinking. Hopefully you at least keep it to this point of view.


    5. Everyone in Amway is a liar. People who leave comments here telling the lies they heard 20 years ago are the same lies people heard last week. Ambots parrot the lies they hear from their upline and are brainwashed into thinking its the truth. Most people have morals and can't keep up with the lies and quit. Real good liars might make money in Amway.

      Amway is all about lie, deny, distract, and discredit other information sources. You don't see other companies sending out their sales staff to convince others to shop there. You don't see other companies saying dumb ass things like your job is a pyramid.

      You can have whatever opinion you want on other groups of people you mentioned. This blog deals with the young assholes in your Amway upline not cops on the take, etc. but that's all part of the Amway distraction techniques.

    6. Fair enough. Once again - to each their own. My point (not to say that what you've experienced didn't happen) was to bring up the fact that in spite of the unfortunate negative experiences you may have had, I have not had that experience.

      Obviously this is a negative-focused blog regarding the corporation and I've read some stories from some of the other commentors and readers which have blown my mind. Some stories blow my mind as to how weird, crazy and just wrong they sound. That's why I wanted to at least state that all of the messed up things I've seen you post about and also some of the other readers post - I haven't experienced those. I'm glad I haven't because if I had, you can be sure my posts would be right in tune with a lot of the others you see here.

      But, once again because I'm a dirty, pathetic liar like all of the rest of them (even though you've never met me or have known me....and vice versa)- my positive experiences cannot be true because its "impossible". I didn't post here to convince you that all of a sudden the world of Amway has completely been delivered from all of the idiots who lie about the opportunity or lie to people. I've heard horror stories myself and have witnessed other IBO's approaches etc and just shudder. You find trash in every industry however. Thankfully, and I'll be clear, I have yet to have been lied to, I have yet to go backwards financially and I have been able to see how the bonus brackets work when my bonus' have come in.

      If I ever find something or experience something that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, or see that I'm seriously going backwards due to misinformation - you can be sure I'll come to say hello again :) I'll be happy to reference our interaction here so you can point back to this as well as reference as in that circumstance it will be an additional benefit for your cause.


    7. When people are in mway they only have nice loving things to say about their upline. Once they quit, then they say what they really think about them!

      Judging by what I've read from other people my experiences are more the norm than one offs. Amway didn't get a bad reputation just from overpriced shitty products. Their bad reputation comes in large part from the antics and lies of their sales force.

    8. @ Anonymous

      "a lot of idiots who have caused a lot of grief which is obvious with a lot of the bad stories out there."

      You got that right. Let me let you in on some of them. Safe to say then that your assertion must hold true that Eric Scheibeler (he of the Merchants of Deception ebook) upline diamond was one of those idiots you talk about. One Thank you!

      Let's look at another idiot out there who has caused a lot of grief because despite that he knew of AMO's scams tricks on tools and actually talked, gripped and beyotched about it in 1983, surprise he never did anything about it. Rich DeVos in "Directly Speaking" tapes. Yep quite an idiot, right?

      How about that other idiot who was telling his starry eyed adherents how to have consortium relations between them and their spouses? Must be an idiot, right? Yep Dexter Yaeger, a double triple decker, super awesome great crown ambassador.

      How about...

      Well by now I hope you get it - desist from hollow preaching, and KISS-keep it simple stupid, like the diamonds say from stage. You don't know what you don't know. And there's a lot.

      BTW Anna I wonder why "directly Speaking" is not available as a classic? It's why we should really appreciate Google and freedom to hit it (Google that is), as opposed to pretend blogs that thrive on skewed propaganda and information control.

  4. Hi cws. I deleted your comment and have copied it below minus your email address. Believe it or not there are ambots who think this is a good place to troll for new prospects. Let's not make it easy for them!
    Blog Administrator


    Dear Anna,

    I love your blog. It allows me to take out my repressed frustration of my preteen and teenage years when my parents were wrapped up in this shit and were out almost every night of the week "showing the plan" and "breaking the kit". Sorry if I go over the top in some of the comments but I share your anger.

    Please forgive me if you've already done posts on this topic (I went back through several in the archives and didn't see any) but I think one on the effects of this horeshit cult on families and children in particular would be great. I could give you lots of material from my experiences and I think it would bring out a lot of great comments. Meetings the brainwash kids. Being tortured at middle school after my parents approached my friends' parents. The list goes on.

    1. Hi. Glad you're enjoying the blog. Sorry to hear your parents decided Amway was more important to them than their kids. You're not the first child of an Ambot to say similar things. Sometime in the next few weeks I have some posts coming up from a teenage girl who's mother is in Scamway and destroying their lives. It's very sad. CPS needs to get involved and put children of cult followers into safe group homes until their parents get their acts together.


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