Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another Former Amway Employee Tells It Like It Is

I always like hearing from former Amway employees. Love this one who talks about the drivel he heard from the Amway speakers. Drivel? He’s too kind. Around here we refer to it as bullshit from the stage. I can see how it would be really tough to take an entire weekend’s worth of bullshit from an Amway convention and try to condense it into an hour or so’s worth of a tape that can be sold to the brainwashed ambots. I mean those bullshitters on the stage at Amway functions all the same thing. Maybe slightly differently. You get one husband and wife team he worked at a gas station and she works as a waitress. The next husband and wife team he cleans port a potties and she works as a cashier. The rest of their stories are the same. A dear friend showed them the Amway plan, they borrowed money to get gas in the car to get to their first Amway convention, and now here they are richer than all the billionaires of the world combined with bazillions of dollars rolling in every month from Amway. Blah blah blah bullshit.
Yup the real money to be made is from the tools. Who gets to profit share in the tool scam money? The Diamonds. They don’t really want other IBO’s getting to Diamond no matter how much they lie and gush about how they want you to stand on the stage with them. Cause if you’re standing on the stage with them that means you get profit sharing from the Amway tool scam and that’s less piece of the pie for the longtimers.

First, I'm happy to see you're not intimidated by the dain-brammaged Am-Wankers. In the seventies, I was hired by an Emerald to distill an entire weekend, yes..Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday..into a ninety-minute cassette tape, those pushed upon subordinates by the 'uplines'. Editing all that drivel into something palatable was a real job, as I couldn't distinguish between 'information' and babbling..especially after listening to the Charlotte Diamonds drone on about nothing for hours.It all sounded like horse-hockey, and was. That said, it was evident to me, an outsider, where the real money was generated...and it wasn't in the product, but the 'tools'...an exaggeration to be sure. 'TOOLS?' The only 'tool' I saw was a Diamond Direct lying through her teeth. (Both of them) It was an experience I would not want to repeat, but I'm wiser for the experience. It's truly sad, and immoral, to monetarily rape the innocent, and those involved should be ashamed. They're not, and more's the pity...greed-heads, all.


  1. Did you know that there are people on the internet trying to “expose the lies behind married to an ambot”. I had to laugh because if these people (possible ambots I’m not 100% sure if they are though) actually took time to read this blog they would see that in the comments allot of people have simular stories about Amway are they also lying to other people? I doubt it. I mean what is the point they don’t gain anything from posting on the blog unlike Amway up lines who gain your hard earned cash by lying to your face. I guess an ambot is only going to see what their up lines tell them to be the truth. They probably think that anyone in reality aka the losers or dream wreakers is lying. On her blog I’ve read a lot of times where she has given a ambot her email address so they can prove their wealth with the business they haven’t done so some have even gone as far as to block her.im sure that if someone was to show her factual evidence (think tax return or any other legal document about how much they earn because of Amway) then she might be likely to agree that that in that persons unique case they have made money with the business. (For Those making money it would be due to their down lines throwing in money to “build their business” but in the ambot world money is all that matters right?). I personally love this blog colourful language and all. So keep up the good work anna.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. Glad to hear you like the blog. Me and one other person write most of the blog posts plus there are other contributors plus some of the comments people leave we turn into posts. I have a couple of helpers, one who moderates the comments and another who manages the blog and uploads my posts and they have also provided ideas but don't write any posts. Without all this help this blog would have run out of material a long time ago! As you've noticed there are so many of us with the same story. We all saw the same things and we all heard the same things. People stop by and say yes that's exactly what happened I could have been in the room with you. If Amway assholes want to believe that our true stories are lies well thats their problem. Like I really care what sleezy scumbag creepy lying ambots think! When confronted with the truth Amway assholes are all about lie, deny, and distract. People in Amway thrive on spreading gossip, rumors, and lies. People in legitimate businesses don't have to put in that much effort! We're here to tell about the hell we lived through and the abuse we took from the assholes in our Amway upline and the emotional and financial distress. Our stories help others going through the same situation and hopefully prevent others from getting involved in this cult. You don't see me all over the Internet reading posts by people who love Amway and leaving comments. I've got better things to do with my time. If ambots stay in Amway long enough they'll figure it out when they're getting divorced, going through bankruptcy, and losing their money and family.

  2. Ambots are the scammed and Scambots are the scammers.

    Pathetic-- that's what ambots are. Scumbags-- that's what the scambots are.

    If you ever bring up the failure rate to a scambot, they'll say-- so
    what, in life 99% of people are failures, so if 99% of people in Amway
    fail... It's no different from what's happening elsewhere in life.

    Let's look at this. Wealthy people in life represent probably one or
    two percent. In my opinion, what I consider wealthy, is upwards of
    150k per year AND NO DEBTS (house paid, cars paid, zero balance on
    credit cards, education funds paid, money in the bank, etc).

    Look at how these scammers play with words, and facts, and people's
    willingness to swallow their crap. If you wanna do a fair comparison,
    it should go like this--

    What percentage of ambots make money in amway?..... Answer-- a
    fraction of one percent.

    What percentage of people make money in their job?.... Answer-- one
    hundred percent.

    Everyone who goes to work gets paid. Everyone who goes to amway,
    uhhhhh, not so much.

    Anna there's something else I keep meaning to bring up. You keep
    saying that 99% of ambots fail. And sometimes you say that a fraction
    of one percent are making money. I know that you and I and all the
    other logical, sane, UN-brainwashed people understand what that means
    but because ambots are so stupid, you should clarify that a fraction
    of one percent, (as in 0.1% ) means that there aren't 99 losers
    pumping in money for one "winner" to make money, but RATHER,
    999 losers pumping in money for one "winner"
    to make money.

    Ambots have selective hearing thanks to the Scambots brainwashing techniques.

    You're great

    1. Ambot Dick - sometimes its too hard to tell the difference between ambots and scambots!

      Anyone who reads the Amway literature and looks at the small print where it says - and this is just my fictional number because I don't have any Amway shit in my house to refer to - .0000367% (or somewhere similar) earn this money. And the Amway literature is referring to $1000/month or whatever. Either way its a fraction of 1%. I also think you're lowballing the number that 999 losers are pumping in money for one winner. In his book Merchants of Deception Eric Scheibler says he had over 1000 losers in his downline and he was still only making a couple of thousand a month. And putting in all of his waking hours because that's what Emeralds do. I think someone working a minimum wage job and putting in less hours a week could make more money a month that an Emerald does.

    2. Anna. I dont believe you can make money unless you are a crown. Where are the rich diamonds. I saw the plan 30 years ago. In that time i saw only a handfull of people making money and that was from tools. People like britt, yaeger, dornan , chen and a few made money. But they have hundreds of thousands in their groups. And in fairness to them they are outstanding leaders and motivators of people. A rare skill. The ordinary guy just cant do that. They are there to throw a bit of money upline for a while. They have no hope of doing more. This is an impossible task.

    3. Anonymous - as you said you gotta pretty much be at the top of the pyramid to make good money at Amway most of it coming from the tool scam. The system is designed for failure but every now and then someone makes money at the scam.

    4. "The ordinary guy just cant do that. They are there to throw a bit of money upline for a while. They have no hope of doing more. This is an impossible task."

      AKA MLM fluff, the lifeline and source of MLM pelf.

    5. Ambot Dick, in BWW it takes 500 ambots to achieve & at least sustain an emeraldship, numerous more before getting there, an atrocity. This atrocity is even worse in a diamondship - 1200 to 1500 minimum to achieve it and an atrocity of at least 6000 (my best guesstimation) poor saps who once believed they were gonna be rolling in the scAmway deep-end of bazillions, but discarded with from the scamtrain after having met the same reality as many more before them.

    6. Thats about the numbers you need to get to diamond. Takes 10 years which explains why we see no nex diamonds over the last 10 -15 years. But even when you get to diamond you cant sustain it

    7. As is the same for any level you reach in Amway. Maybe the ambot had enough room on the credit card to buy themselves 1000 PV pin but probably can't do it again the next month.


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