Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Sharp Amway Prospect Gets It!

As you can see from this letter people who are real business owners, had parents who were real business owners, went to a real business school, that kind of thing where they have real business owner mentality and not phoney Amway pretend business mentality when you’re really a commissioned salesperson can see right through the Amway scam. If this person was an ambot they'd have committed an Amway mortal sin - NEVER QUESTION UPLINE!!!!  Because this person is only a prospect and not an IBO they didn't get chewed out and publicly humiliated but they did get the old Amway asshole runaround when they asked hard questions about compensation and how does one grow their Amway business and other questions that real business owners would want to know. And then they got insulted. Yup no ambot can resist insulting someone who's not in Scamway!

Hey Anna,

Not sure if ya want to share this in your stories or not, but I just thought I would share my Amway qual meeting exp. with you.

I started thinking about doing something from home as a "supplement" to my current work from home business. I run a wonderfully successful daycare/preschool program for 1-5 year olds and it grosses me $3500.00-4000.00/month not including my legit tax write offs to Canada Revenue. (I mention this as it is a key part of my story) As well I get a great tax return each tax year!

Now, when I started looking into Amway it was because my friends are IBO's and I wanted to "help them succeed." When I googled it I got a handful of good reviews, but most of them talked about sinking $$ into it, and getting next to nothing back...

I am of the small business self employed mindset so I dismissed it at first as others not wanting to do the work so I went to my second BP. (Board Plan) It was a charasmatic couple talking about how mom "finally got to retire and stay home with her baby, and see all of the baby's milestones....."yack yack. And, they claimed they were able to do this is 3 years and that the man of the duo was 2 years away from doing the same thing... Sure great.

But how did you do that? How did you generate leads for your business? How do you make this sustainable? What kind of profit are you looking at? (ballpark) What sort of upfront costs are there? (As I know in starting some businesses have startup costs)

When I asked these questions and told the upline that this is needed to start a successful business I was given a "cold hand shake" and told that this would be answered in my nuts and bolts meeting, I just came from it today.....


This asshat dismissed my daycare business as small and "not living the dream" When in reality though I am not a gazillionare we live in a nice home, and live quite comfortably (again not driving mazzorotie's (sp) or anything) my husband also works full time in Network Operations at a local telephone co.

But we aren't living the dream!!! Whatabuncha bull!!!! At least I am using my degree, and we both (my hubby and I) take pride in what we do. But we aren't living the dream. (WTF)???

The only reason I looked into amway was because of my friends, and because I wanted extra income to pay off student debt. As well as credit cards.

In today's nuts and bolts the guy admitted that they don't want people buying cleaning products they want costumers buying Nutralite, Artistry, and big "PV BV" products. He also admitted that he lives off of his tax return at the end of the year, and that he and his wife still work ft...Not only that he said he ditched a family wedding to attend "dreamnight" because they were dedicated and wanted to do everything right. WTF is wrong with this douche??

All this in front of IBO's in the last steps of the process????? Not a once did they tell you how to be a success as an IBO, instead they went on and on about CD's and WW, (World Wide) and the spring confrence (sp) thing....


I pulled them aside and told them that if this is what they wanted from me that I'd be fucking running out the door, and that they can kiss my business savvy $$ making ass goodbye..Surprisingly I was told they wanted to give me an offer!

JUST AN FYI people those CD's will teach you NOTHING ABOUT RUNNING A BUSINESS NOTHING. They are braging about how rich they are; nothing more nothing less; if you chose to get involved with amway, though I doubt you would after reading this....DON'T BUY INTO THE BRAINWASHING SHIT!! And don't let them make you feel like shit for working a JOB THAT EARNS YOU A RELIABLE PAYCHECK!!

BECAUSE IF THEY ARE TRULY HONEST WITH YOU THEY ARE NOT RETIRED from the jobs they work just for amway...


  1. OK, WAIT...THESE STUPID-WANNA-BE RICH FUCKS DISMISSED HER REAL SMALL BUSINESS AS 'NOT.LIVING.THE.DREAM'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Remember people, what smells like shit, and feels like shit (and tastes like shit)...IS DEFINITELY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. So now, all you Amway-FUCK-CUNTS, please go kill yourselves through whatever methods you find I can sleep well tonight...YOU STUPID A-HOLE FUCK-UP, MOMMA-SMOOCHERS, BASEMENT-CRAWLER, COCKROACH-SHIT-PICKER-EXCUSE FOR BIRD SHIT PUNKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You tell them, except they're probably not here reading it!

    2. you people are so blind it literally sickens me.

    3. "Blind" to what, Kolton? The "dream"? The business "fantasy"? The B.S. and downright LIES spewed by uplines to hook in new suckers and keep them "believing" so as to continue to pick their brainwashed pockets so as to line their own?

      One thing folks here are NOT blind to... facts, statistics and REALITY. But apparently YOU are.


    4. KoltonD - you ambots are so blind it literally sickens me. Unlike you Amway ambots who mean that in a condescending way I mean it because I know you're so blind with your hatred towards people who get the truth out there about Amway that you don't stop and think about why so many people have the same story of losing money, not making money, and being abused by the assholes in their Amway upline. If you don't want to learn from other peoples experiences then go ahead and learn the hard way and that's sickening to watch that we can't help you.

    5. I see this happening in my extended family.What they show to the people outside is fake as compared to what really they are living.

    6. Anonymous - you have just described the Amway cult. Fake it and pretend that everything is going great when the reality is the Ambot is losing their money and their mind.


    Hi Anna,

    I, too, was once an Ambot, however I saw the light pretty early on! Above is a link I found for a NZ newspaper article. Reading it shows the tru character of Ambots! Also, I blog my own experiences at

    Layla! :)

    1. Hi Layla. Glad to hear you're no longer involved in Amway which means you don't have the financial and emotional distress that ambots do.

      I couldn't get your link to work. Maybe its my browser. I've asked the person who manages the blog for me to take a look and put a live link up.

  3. The blog states that you have to be invited to view it.

    1. Thanks Anonymous. My blog keeper said the same thing. Shut out. Maybe Layla will change the blog settings so others can get in to read it.

  4. The link worked for me, from Google Chrome. After reading the article, I typed "Amway" into the search box at the top of the page, and found several related New Zealand Herald articles, too.


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