Monday, May 13, 2013

Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2013

This year the Puryear Family Reunion will be held July 13 and 14, 2013 in Spokane, Washington.

The Duncan Family Reunion will be held in Portland, Oregon at the Oregon Convention Center July 26 to 28, 2013.
So you know what that means. Another blog full of keywords to help Amway IBO’s find their way here because nobody in their upline tells them piss all about World Wide Dream Builders Amway Family Reunion cause that stuff’s all top secret. Gotta help them find out the truth what really happens cause no one in Amway will tell them. Except for the hand your money over part!
This year’s theme P2S – Plan 2 Succeed
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!
The best way any Amway IBO can succeed is getting the fuck out of Amway!
Cost is $330 single or $555 per couple. Slight discounts if you purchase before June 13 – take $10 off. Whooppee. That $10 one or another is gonna make you an Amway millionaire! Freedom! Flush that stinking job!
That cost is higher than the $125 ticket price at other Amway functions because it includes hotel room, two shitty meals where I think the Diamonds sit at a stage at the front of the room and get to eat something better, and tickets to the brainwashing conference. Ha ha for IBO’s who live within driving distance getting fucked and being forced to take a hotel room where they ain’t gonna get no sleep anyway because the assholes in their Amway upline will force them to stay awake all night attending Night Owl brainwashing sessions that serve no purpose other than to keep the ambots sleep deprived. A common cult tactic is when cult followers are sleep deprived they are more likely to agree to anything. Just be like me and say fuck you to the assholes in your Amway upline when they tell you to get your ass to the all nighter Night Owls and tell them you’re going back to your room to sleep. That really fucks up the Amway uplines plans to brainwash you.
And what happens at the Amway Family Reunion brainwashing function? Ambots spend most of the day being bored by losers who qualified as Platinum sometime in the past year. Those brainwashed Platinums stomp across the stage and gush about their love for their upline Amway cult leaders. There might be some other people coming across the stage too who qualified at a certain level in the past year like Emerald or Diamond. They all say the same shit and their only objective is to either bore the shit out of the ambot audience or make them envious enough that they’ll get fired up enough to want to stand on the stage one day too and they’ll work extra hard to scam people out of their money by buying shitty overpriced Amway products and signing up to be an IBO. As the evening DRAGS on some Diamonds will get up on the stage with the typical motivating brainwashing you can get bored by at any Amway function. They’ll brag about their riches real or pretend. They’ll say its training and introducing new ways to fuck over potential prospects. That kind of thing. Nothing ever changes. They keep you up late at night boring you to death at Amway World Wide Dream Builders WWDB Family Reunion and then expect you to go to Night Owls. Really what do you need a hotel room for you don’t get to spend any time in it sleeping.
If someone even remotely related to you in Amway cause this is why its called Family Reunion it can be crossline of crossline of crossline some asshole in your Amway upline is gonna tell you to rush down to the stage and stand there gazingly adoringly at the fuckers up on the stage and show them cult love. If you get close enough to the stage you gotta thump on it like a child would do when they’re waiting for supper.
Who is going to be boring the shit out of the ambots at this year’s WWDB Amway Family Reunion:
Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear
Dave Severn
Glen and Joya Baker
Greg and Laurie Duncan
Dan and Sandy Yuen
Jim and Judy Head
Matt and Sandee Tsuruda

Yup the same old tired speakers you hear at every Amway function who are older than hell. So much for all these new Diamonds that are breaking all the time according to those fucked up ambots who sometimes stop by this blog to leave comments. They sure ain’t getting the fees for speaking like they thought they’d be getting at this level. All they want is their piece of the tool scam pie.
Family Reunion sucks!
All Amway functions suck!
World Wide Dream Builders sucks!
Amway sucks!
Save your money and stay away or you’ll suck too!


  1. Hello anna. These seem crazy prices. Any idea how many will turn up. I saw on another site that puryear used to get 50000 people in a stadium years ago . Can that be right.

    1. Hi Anonymous - at over $100 per ticket that's a good profit for him and how the old tool scam came about. I don't think he'll be seeing those kind of numbers in Spokane not exactly a convention hot spot.

  2. Are there any new diamonds? All of these tired old diamonds spoke when I was an IBO back in the 1990's.

    1. According to ambots who stop by to leave comments Amway is breaking tons of Diamonds.

      If they are the old guard ain't letting them got too big a piece of the tool scam pie. Make the biggest bucks at Amway conventions so why share the pot?

    2. Hi joe cool. I think there was one new diamond in wwdb. This was dean whalen and thats the first in 8 years. So not much growth for that group. And with the quit rate i suspect the groups are shrinking. I guess all the old diamonds are out of qualification therefor

  3. The fewer or none new diamonds means many lives have been spared scAmway's misery. And the world is equally that much a happier place.

    1. Very true. Also the Ambot might break their asses, walk over everyone, and abuse and bully their downline to buy buy buy and get to Diamond but to hold it. People get tired of being bullied and losing money and quit and then the pyramid collapses.

      And the world is still a happier place!

  4. I've been trying unsuccessfully to save a young friend (he's almost like a son to us) from Amway. Today I read your entire blog, 2010 to present. I'm sorry you lost so much to Amway, but I have to thank you for writing about it. You've given me logical answers for some of the twisted lines he parrots, and you've entertained me along the way. At times today I was crying from laughter, and believe me, I needed that!

    1. Wow that's some dedication to read this blog in a day! I hope it's been of some help to you. We make it entertaining to keep people interested in reading it. There only so many ways to say scam and explain how Amway's business plan is awful so this blog focuses more on the human emotional factor. We all dealt with assholes in our Amway upline and were bullied and abused and pressured to buy shitty mway products and go to useless functions. Amway takes an emotional and financial toll.

      I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Key is you said he's young so you've been reading this blog you know eventually in the next few months he's going to run out of money or be at the limit of his credit cards and won't be able to keep spending money on Amway and then he'll figure out he hasn't made any money and will quit. He's young. He can recover from this. It's the seniors who show up to say they blew all their retirement savings on this scam and now they have to go back to work in their 70's and 80's. Very sad.

  5. Greg Duncan said last weekend if you show the plan 100 times in a one year period, it's his "opinion" you'll then be making six figures.
    Your opinion?

    1. LOL!

      The same Greg Duncan that another blogger posted a video link where he says you can make $250,000/month and then an Amway spokesperson said they shouldn't be going around making outrageous income claims like that.

      The same Greg Duncan who says he pays for everything in cash and then declared bankruptcy listing off all the places he took out credit and owes money to?

      Your opinion?

      Hopefully the same opinion as mine.

      Just another Amway liar.

  6. Wise words from someone who has already solidified her failure in this business. Why do you even waster your time?

  7. This morning I sat in prayer,
    Praying…God thank you for everything. Thank you for the man I have. Linking his heart of Hope and mine of Care. I long to love like you lord. I now know what it is to love people who hurt you physically and emotionally but how you ponder on them with nothing but love and to see them later love you back even more. How beautiful to reach that through someone. And I see God how you turn people from hating you to loving you. How it is possible. I’m sorry we have broken your body and you love so beautifully. God I do not know what I am meant to do. It was not to start a business in printing because that door closed quickly. I am in full of wanting to help people and gather those who love you grow. I have leadership in me and I do like to be demanding and in charge but change that into a graceful manner.

    1. Yeah keep trying to convince us that Amway isn't a reigious cult.


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