Thursday, May 2, 2013

Amway Ambot Lines to Reel in Prospects (Suckers)

At meetings we attended the IBOs were often berated by our sack of shit Platinum because prospects had not been brought to the meeting. Most people can’t find anyone to come to a meeting once they mention Amway. The sack of shit gave IBO’s suggestions on how to trick people into coming to a meeting without letting on its an Amway meeting. Yeah, that’s a real honest thing to do. What a wonderful upstanding honest company we’re associating ourselves with when we have to resort to dishonest techniques taught by our dishonest upline. Here are some of the “lines” he taught IBO’s to use when contacting or approaching prospects to get them to come to a meeting. And yes upline really does use the word “line” or “lines”. In addition to taking notes, Ambot recorded them too. Got him! This topic could also be titled “how do you know when you’re being prospected by the Amway cult”.

1.      “I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on a business I'm looking at. I really value your opinion and could use your input.”
2.     “We do sell Amway products but that's only about 20% of what we sell. Everything else comes from over 2,000 other companies most of which are Fortune 500 companies.”
3.     “How would you like to be your own boss?”
4.     “No it's not Amway. Its World Wide Dream Builders.”
5.     “Have you ever thought about starting your own business?”
6.     Want to go with me to listen to the world’s greatest motivational speaker? It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.
7.      “Don’t you want to be free and not punch a time clock?”
8.     “Are you tired of working a J.O.B. and making your boss rich?”
9.     “Do you ever look at other ways of making money?”
10. “I'm in the process of expanding my business in the area and I'm looking for a few sharp guys who are interested in being financially free within the next two to five years.”
11.   “I work with a team of multi-millionaires developing business online with over a thousand companies. We’re looking for ambitious guys who want to create a secondary source of residual income through a proven mentorship program.”
12. “Do you know anyone who might be interested in making a couple of thousand extra dollars a month working part time only 10 to 15 hours a week?”
13.  “Don't you want your wife to come home from work and be there for your children?”
14. “I know a really sharp businessman who has some great ideas. I can’t promise you anything but how would you like to meet him for coffee?”
15.  “We work with Benny the Bastard who owns Benny the Bastard Enterprises out of Miami. He owns his own consumer distribution company. Maybe you've heard of him?”

Feel free to load up the comments box with the lines you were taught to use to trick people.


  1. #8 is funny, they claim are you tired of your job and making your boss rich, yet in Amway, you are there to make the uplines and the diamonds rich.

    1. Anonymous - that is very true! People in Amway just love to twist the truth to suit their purposes and back peddle and deny when you throw something like that in their faces!

  2. I don't understand the benny the bastard line

  3. Anna you covered my lines well already (oh crap, were formerly mine, not anymore is right). Here's a few more I have managed to recall,
    Is this Benny ToBeSuckered? Great! I am Ambot BeenSuckered. I was given your name by Hootie don't care about you, you know him? Oh great, great guy. He said you are a sharp guy and you always keep your eyes open for business opportunities? Oh great...
    Hey you are a sharp guy we should keep in touch, what's the best way to reach you after hours? (ez way to pull a cell at Barnes and Noble, LOL)
    Do you keep an open mind to look for business opportunities?
    My friends and I are getting together to discuss a business opportunity. Lot's of sharp guys who are moving and shaking (oh LOL I meant movers and shakers) I thought you could benefit.
    There's a young, successful sharp guy coming into town to talk to a few selected sharp guys about a business by invitation only. I thought of you - I can get you into this private gathering (yeah right, nothing but the same lame ass Tuesday meeting, trickery)
    Hey bud, what are you doing tomorrow night say 8 pm? Nothing? Great I will swing by.
    I have been invited to look at a business and I could really use some of your insight into it. I value your opinion.
    (The IBO is an already an IBO, duh! This is trickery but normal for ambots)

    1. ExAmbot - ha ha you got it! Yeah I'll swing by tomorrow at 8 seeing as how you got nothing on. Fuck off I'm watching Glee! Does watching Glee make you money? Maybe not but at least I'm not losing any watching it. Can you say the same thing about going to an Amway meeting. You're not making money but you're sure losing lots!

      I've written posts about how ambots are always looking for sharp guys. Maybe a better answer is I'm not sharp and I don't wanna be!

  4. There's also the random "bump-by" while walking, he says he's seen you somewhere before, you mention probably because of whatever social event, convention, fair, classes, mall trip, whatever. If you mention something related to financials (such as unemployment or going to work), it leads right to a "business opportunity". If it was anything else, it STILL leads to scamway.

    I got solicited by a former coworker who said he noticed I was a "go-getter". I called BS in my mind, as we didn't work that closely together, but was interested at the prospect and figured "what's the harm?". Luckily, all I wasted was still too many hours across 2 meetings and called it off, but man they had my hooks in me for those moments.

    About #8... the irony is staggering. :D

    1. Anonymous - yeah I forgot about ambots using the go getter thing.

      I guess the old don't I know you from somewhere line still works!

    2. ^^

      Forgot to mention... the coworker mentioned this opportunity was "like Amazon".

      That's the sales pitch they used in the meeting, saying that companies like Amazon are fine because if some product doesn't work out, they can always just sell other stuff, unlike a manufacturer which would be in trouble. Again, this made alot more sense when I was listening to it at the time.

    3. Amway ambots use Amazon as part of their slide presentation because Amazon has a good reputation and more people have heard about it than Amway and then the Ambot tries to say they do the same thing as Amazon does.


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