Friday, May 3, 2013

Getting Prospected By An Amway Ambot

A reader shares their story......

Initially, I told myself I wasn't going to go through any of these blogs, as Amway has already wasted 4 hours of my life. However, these have been very nice reads, and I'm still coming out ahead financially and time-wise since I never bothered to sign up with Amway.

I've got waaay too many things to say about the 3 meetings I've gone, but if this won't be my only post, at least I can pace myself....

For my most recent Amway meeting, I had a feeling that it was more MLM/Amway/Quixstar bs. Because of a miscommunication with my "new sponsor", I decided to give this a shot. When entering the meeting, existing members and the "goons" standing around the perimeter said that since I was new, I should go up front. I told them "no thanks", I'll stay here in the last row. I played games on my phone for 20 minutes, but I just had to leave. When I left, my "sponsor" and other "sponsors" were waiting outside the door to confront us and to sign on as an IBO and/or go to that convention in 3 weekends.

I told him I'd rather just continue working my existing job. After no success of getting me to sign on, my my "sponsor" and called a "senior goon" to help pursuade me. I gotta hand it to these guys... they really know how to say all the right things, while completely being deceitful in leaving out the important details. It's just downright creepy how aggressive they are in getting you to sign up for those things. For signing on, they say things like "The population of [whatever country he thinks you're from] is [whatever that figure is], if another person like you comes upon this opportunity and wants to join but you didn't take this opportunity, what do you say about that?, if another person like you joins, what do you say about that?". Don't care, but I can see how they try to get your hooks into you with that one. They also say "do you think your friends will help you if you have money problems?". If I'm having a problem paying rent or bills, I can't say for sure that the friends I've known for years will help, but it sure as hell won't be you guys.

And then they tell you that the big convention coming up is a great opportunity to learn more. Heh... during the meeting, one of the videos literally had nothing but buzz words like "empower" flash by... tells you NOTHING about being an IBO. They tell you "you're going to waste the gas anyways, so just check it out". Again, "heh".... it's 115 miles to get to that convention from where we were. Even if I had some big thing planned, it wasn't going to be a 230 mile, round trip thing. I wouldn't have to spend $100-something on a ticket, not to mention $100 to $150 a night for a hotel, and reading this blog confirms my suspicion that it's the same bullshit on a grander scale... larger room filled with more suckers, more diamonds, and now with higher ups beyond them.

I've learned my lesson, even in tough times, when someone gives you a business propisition like this, ask the 3 questions... "Is this Amway/Quixstar/MLM?", and tell them you need a "yes" or "no". Not... "it's an e-commerce business". Hope that wasn't too long... I kept it as short as I could, but it sure felt good posting this.
Again, these guys are manipulative, overly/fake nice, and creepy all at the same time.

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