Monday, May 27, 2013

Amway Prospect Says Amway Is A Bad Proposition

Here’s someone being prospected by an Amway ambot who hears all the bullshit everyone hears like how Amway sells the best water and vitamins around. Prospect figures out for a $50 case of water that works out to about $2 apiece. Then you’ve got that tired old Amway ambot overcoming an objection that bottled water costs $2 if you go to a convenience store. Well you dumb fuck ambot that would be because the convenience store has expenses. Electricity for the fridge that keeps the water cold, pay the employee selling the water, rent/mortgage, taxes, insurance, business license, etc, etc. Lets take the store owner and his $2 cold bottled water out of the equation. Anyone can go to Costco or Walmart and spend just over $2 to buy a case of water if you keep an eye on those sales! Amway has to make their case of bottled water around $50 to work in their profit and then make sure that everyone in the IBO’s upline gets a piece of the commission. That’s why all Amway products are so expensive RIP OFF!!!!!!! Prospect hears the same old bullshit we all hear at Scamway meetings like how Perfect Water is miracle water and Amway vitamins will cure whatever is ailing you. Yawn. Ambots are STILL using that line about asking a friend about surgery if he’s not a surgeon. But its OK to ask an ambot about surgery just because they’re in Amway that automatically gives them a medical degree and the knowledge to dispense medical advice! Those fucking Amway assholes are so Unoriginal! And prospect sums it up. Joining up with Amway would just be tooooo embarrassing.

In one Amway meeting, the speaker asked a potential downline how much he spends on bottled water. He replied $2. If he asked me, I would've either just said I buy 'em at Costco for MUCH cheaper than that, or just bottle my own water through my water filter. He then said if you're going to spend $2 on bottled water, buy the Amway water... it's oxygenated so it's better for you, and it goes towards your PV. I'm no expert on this, but my online research later on confirmed that there's very little to no benefit for water that oxygenated.

Same deal with the vitamins... they're good for you and you should definitely be buying them for good health.

In a one-on-one conversation with a "sponsor", he had the nerve to use scare tactics like if I need financial help, are my friends going to lift a finger? In all fairness, if I have problems paying bills, my rent, and other expenses, they likely will not be able to. However, I know any ONE my friends will do ALOT more then ALL the people Amway person ever will.

I lied and told him that I knew someone personally who did Amway for a year, and it didn't work out. It was a lie, but I'm confident in the stories and experiences I've read online about that. He then retorted "would you ask a friend about surgery if he wasn't a surgeon"? This is also awful, b/c it implies that someone doing Amway for a year couldn't make it, then having to be in it for at least a year to get significant returns is simply a bad proposition.

I think the most amusing line I've heard was an Amway goon telling the newcomers that there's that WWDB convention coming up... you're gonna spend the gas money anyways, so check it out. IT'S 115 MILES, ONE-WAY, TO THAT CONVENTION CENTER FROM WHERE THE CURRENT AMWAY MEETING WAS BEING HELD... No, my weekend plans did NOT involve driving 115 miles, x2 for a round trip, and if it did, it'd take alot more precedence than a week long brainwashing seminar that I'd have to shell out waaay too much gas money for, not to mention $100 ticket, and 2 to 3 nights of hotel lodgeing.

They tell you Amway is a $50B business like that alone is supposed to be reassuring... McDonald's makes multitudes more $$ than Amway, but I ain't gonna go there more than once month, if ever.

I was amused how when I went to a sponsor's home for another torturous meeting (I believe the only thing that kept me from gnawing off my own arm was playing games on my phone, and making a todo list of things I need to get done when I got home) was the refreshments and snacks she served were the supposedly "inferior" brands. She wouldn't provide any of the Amway beverages and stuff.

That's the most model about Amway and MLMs... It's one thing to do a job, but they want to drag other people in to do the same thing. Never mind how this won't work for me... It really would be embarassing for me.

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