Thursday, May 23, 2013

Amway Ambots Using The “Living The Dream” Prospecting Angle

Here’s a piece of advice to Amway ambots who try to prospect by pretending they’re “living the dream” to potential recruits. If you’re still working J.O.B.s and pretending you’re free and living the dream, prospects are gonna be on to you. Those of us who’ve been there done that know the be rich and retired in 2 to 5 years Amway scam is just that = a scam. You gotta do better than that for the new crop of prospects who’ve been prospected before and have access to the Internet to do research. Amway ambots lies and lines have stayed the same for years. Another reader shares the joys of getting prospected by an ambot. Gotta love a prospect who tells Amway IBO’s to go fuck themselves!!!

I once was recruited for Amway, and even signed up for a few months. I immediately stopped when I found out my sponsor and his wife had been at it for a few years and were STILL working jobs! They of course made it seem like they were living the "dream."

A few years passed and I had started my own business - something that actually created value in this world, when I ran into those sponsors. They had a proposal to make to me and I agreed to meet them for coffee. To my surprise they never talked about Amway in this coffee meeting and had proposed what we thought was a legitimate partnership with another business that they started. They invited me to a "marketing" conference, and told me some very successful "entrepreneurs" would be speaking. I thought I might learn something so I decided to attend. To my horror it was a Fu&^%&ing AMWAY rally. After the meeting, they asked me what I thought and I politely told them that I was not interested in Amway. They asked me if I wanted freedom and told me I would be an idiot to pass this "opportunity" up again. I told them to go F&@ck themselves.

A couple years have passed since then and my business has outgrown their "dream" business ten fold and they are still slaving away, loosing friends, creating enemies and trying to recruit people who want to "live the dream." I don't think they get it.


  1. Oh my gosh, you guys need to watch this cheesy Scamway video.
    The totally unrehearsed, laymen and not at ALL hired ambots are SO natural and convincing lol. *eye roll*
    Also, if the video alone doesn't make your eyes plop out like two marbles from rolling them so hard, the comments will.

    Here's the link:

  2. Im assuming you're aware of this

    1. Hi Nick. Yes we know. Amway is all about duplicating!

    2. They duplicate success!

    3. Well, Nick, if success is defined as negative profit, loss of family and friends and a brainwashed "positive" outlook devoid of any semblance of reality, then you are right... Amway definitely does a great job duplicating that.


    4. Well everyone has different measures of what they consider success!


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