Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Amway Ambots Promise Children They’ll Be Rich Beyond Their Dreams

My parents were in Amway for about 10-12 years in the late 1980s-1990s. my stepfather was brainwashed into quitting his job and trying to make Amway his profession. Meanwhile, we suffered with no money while my parents spent every dime on meetings, seminars, products, etc. They were always gone and my sister and I were left on our own--we never got to take a vacation or go anywhere while they went to Hawaii, Las Cruces, and multiple destinations all in the name of "business." My stepfather even purchased a Cadillac, as that was supposed to be the "success" car. He wasn't allowed to have facial hair because people with facial hair were untrustworthy...really?? Empty promises on a weekly basis that "we will be rich beyond your dreams, we are going double diamond," etc. I was only a teenager but I knew it was a load of s---!!! I was so angry years later when my stepfather insisted on trying to indoctrinate my fiance into the Amway cult. I told him under no circumstances are we joining and yet he still bothered my fiance. I absolutely detest these people. They are brainwashers. The whole concept is so ignorant. I remember buying products that were not Amway brand and I was told to hide the "alien or negative products" when Amway guests were coming over. Many times the product shipment would be late and we would run out of toilet paper and other necessities yet we were not allowed to buy other brands. It is a ludicrous business and anyone with intelligence will steer well clear!
My mother and stepfather divorced right before I was married. He had some other issues besides being an Ambot. My sister never quite shook her bad childhood experience and became quite a wild child. Tragically, she died at the age of 25 because of complications with her bipolar medication. I, on the other hand consider myself fortunate. You are correct--I learned to spot BS early on and I consider myself a very skeptical person. I am the Chief Operating Officer at a successful company--I work hard every day at a job that is challenging and fulfilling. You could say my difficult teenage years prepared me for my current position--providing support, honest, hard work and spotting disingenuous people who might harm the business. Thank you for providing children and families of Ambots a chance to vent.
I hope my story does help others who are affected by the Amway lifestyle. I hope it persuades them to leave the madness, take care of their children and lead a normal, productive life. If one spends too much time "chasing the dream," they will eventually wake up and find that life has passed them by and they are unfulfilled and bitter. Anna, thanks again for your blog and for nurturing us who have been affected by the travesty that is Amway.

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  1. Wow! thank you for your story! i know so many lives negatively affected by this so called business! Divorces upon divorces. i hope people read your story and realize they need to get out before their life truly becomes a mess!


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