Friday, June 14, 2013

Moving Out Of State To Get Away From Amway Ambots

Normal thinking people who have never been in a cult might think its quite drastic to move to another state to get away from Amway or more accurately the assholes in your Amway upline. I’ve been there. I thought about it myself. I was looking up houses for sale in New Mexico and Arizona just to get the hell away from those fucking Amway assholes in our upline. It didn’t come down to that for us. This just goes to show how horrible it is dealing with Amway people and the abuse you get from the fucking assholes in your Amway upline and all you can think about is putting some distance between you and those horrible evil Amway ambots. And you think about it not because you don’t like the house you live or where you’re living and because you want to move away from your friends and family. You think about it because you want to get away from the abuse doled out by those evil fucking bastards in your Amway upline and you don’t want to see those assholes ever again. For people like us who own their business and the land it sits on its not so easy to just up and move and start over again somewhere else. You have to sell the business first or maybe sell the business and the building separately and these things don’t happen overnight so some people can’t just up and move at a minutes notice even if it is to get away from the biggest fucking assholes you’ve ever met in your life. That’s what Amway does to people. When the reason why you’re looking to move is because of Amway that might look like a really shitty reason to move to another state but that’s what people think about to get away from those bastards. Here’s a story of a woman who had to do it. Forced to move out of state just to get away from the Amway evil. Thank you for sharing your story!

I hated your nasty language, but I agree with you that Amway/Quixtar, whatever they are calling it today, is a nasty "business." My husband and I were in it twice and all in all for several years. Both times, it was the same thing. It doesn't matter "who" your upline is...the business stinks. The first time we were in, we were so "controlled" and "watched" by upline as well as downline, we couldn't even go to a movie for "fear" someone in the "group" would see us and "tell" on us to everyone that we weren't "showing the plan." We were Direct Distributors, not making a penny "net" in the business! It cost us a fortune! We were intimidated into spending money on functions, tapes, tools, etc. We were threatened and told that our downline would "go around us" and deal directly with our upline if we didn't do what they told us to do. It was mind control pure and simple. We had to be on standing order for hundreds of tapes and were told to sell them! If we couldn't "move" them downline, we had to just "eat them!" They would not buy them back and we were forced to buy whatever amount upline told us to buy. They were making profit on every tape we bought, no matter if we could afford it or if we wanted to buy them or not. Our upline Direct even told us when I balked at having to pay for all those unloadable tapes, "Satan is just using you against me and I need to pray against you!" More intimidation! To not do everything we were told meant we no longer "were in the business." We finally moved out of state just to get out from under this control! I have never felt so free in my life as the day we moved away from there and from them!!!!!! Pure joy! Many years later, my husband wanted to "try again" with a different upline, thinking it was just "the people" we were associated with. Nope...same, same, same story!!!

I'm thankful today that we ended all association with Amway. Looking back and seeing today what we didn't know back then, it was wise, wise, wise to leave! Our upline Diamond was apparently having a 14-year affair with his Amway secretary and had 2 illegitimate children with her. He and his wife divorced. Our upline Crown had an affair apparently, as well. When I see all the divorces among the Amway people we personally knew, it's almost mind boggling! That's what "the love of money" will do for you!!

My first husband died 6 years ago; four years later I remarried. I found out the man I married carried a $35,000 credit card bad debt due to his involvement in HerbaLife. Incredible!!! A couple of people made a killing off of the millions of gullibles like us!

Whenever you get that first sniff of MLM...RUN, DO NOT WALK, FOR YOUR LIFE!!! It will chew you up, spit you out, and you will be left in debt, feeling foolish, and without family and friends...which you will have to rebuild. Use wisdom. Don't even think twice. RUN!!!! As fast as you can in the opposite direction!!!!!

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  1. hi anna, just wanted to let you know that i read this blog everyday. it makes me feel a little better just reading the updates. im still nursing the heartbreak i received when my amway ex-boyfriend left me. but yeah, im pretty relieved i'm totally 'free' from it as of now, no pressure and all.
    cheers to you!


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