Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Have An Average Life!

I get the occasional ambot stopping by who accuses everyone associated with this blog of having an average life.
What’s wrong with that?
Average life means owning a house, a car, having savings, maybe going on nice vacations. Not everyone is destined for greatness and fame and fortune. Not everyone craves it either. Many people are happy leading quiet average lives.
Amway Ambot life means being a renter or if you owned a house somehow the assholes in your Amway upline convinced you to sell it and use the equity to invest in your Amway business (ie fill a garage with useless Amway products no one wants), driving a junker car, no savings, huge debt probably on credit cards, alienating friends and family hounding them to join the Amway scam or trying to sell them overpriced substandard products, no money to take vacations, and probably heading to bankruptcy, foreclosure, and divorce court.
Amway assholes think that people who lead average lives are the people who are serving them meals in restaurants or cleaning their houses or washing their cars. What Amway assholes fail to realize that not everyone who leads an average life works in those three occupations. I’m not going to sit here and make up list thousands of pages long of all the occupations in the world that an Amway asshole would never come across in their day. Ambots have an attitude that they’re superior to everyone who is not in Amway. Fortunately the rest of the world does not have such a snotty snobby attitude as those Amway assholes! We might be average but we’re not liars, scammers, and don’t go around destroying other people’s lives. As human beings, average people are generally speaking much better at being compassionate caring individuals than Amway ambots will ever be. What’s with these Amway assholes that they have to label everyone? Well that’s why this blog exists so we can label those assholes in Amway! Those fuckers don’t like it when the fingers are turned back at them!
What’s the perception an ambot gets after attending Amway meetings? That everyone in Amway lives in a mansion, has a fleet of sports cars, travels first class around the world, and has gazillions of dollars rolling in every month while they sit on a tropical beach somewhere drinking cocktails. Who remembers seeing all those videos of a Diamond lifestyle that they play at every Amway meeting. The message is there. After 2 to 5 years of being CORE you will automatically have this lifestyle.
That’s the greatness that comes to those in the Amway cult. To everyone in Amway that’s definitely the message at all Amway meetings. That people in Amway are so much better and far superior to people who live average lives.
The rest of the world will keep going to their average JOB and live in a average sized house and stay at home cause they can’t afford to go anywhere. And when they reach 65 they will automatically either drop dead or be broke. That’s the other part of the message at Amway meetings.
There’s a lot of ambots out there who’ve been dreaming of this way above average Amway lifestyle they’ll be living one day and it ain’t happening for them. Instead they’re dealing with no savings cause all extra money has to be spent on Amway. They’re dealing with credit card debt and maybe other bank debt if they took out loans. They probably can’t afford a mortgage and the expenses that go along with home ownership so they rent instead. They likely have alienated their friends and relatives. If they’re married they might be going through divorce and losing their family. They might be heading to bankruptcy. Those scenarios are more likely for an ambot that the dream about the mansion and billionaire lifestyle.
Would I rather live an average life than one full of emotional and financial distress? Yup. So to you Amway assholes out there I’m happy living an average life. Maybe you’ll figure it out one day too


  1. The though of being in scAmway heaven even for a day makes me get all bowed up like a Halloween Cat. Instead I'd take average anytime. In fact I'd rather be in hell with a broken back!

    1. ExAmbot - I'd rather be in hell than in Amway. It'll be more fun!

  2. An average life is better than what most IBO's can afford.

  3. I met anice and attractive young woman who I'm currently dating. She is involved in Amway and very passionate about it which concerns me because to me it seems like a Scam. She wants me to meet her Amway team and she says that's as big of a deal as Meeting her family. Should I break up with someone over Amway? She talks about how wealthy she will be one day but she doesn't even have furniture in her apartment and she's 30. She has 24 people under her and as far as I can tell that doesn't bring in any significant sum of money

    1. Hi Anonymous. I hope Jerry sees your post and responds. Amway recently destroyed his relationship with his girlfriend. Amway is all about destroying the relationships of their cult followers. And family or friends who refuse to worship Amway the follower has to eliminate them from their life.

      You are absolutely right. It's a scam. Look on the right sidebar for a link to a free ebook called Merchants of Deception and read that. It's very scary. Here's a guy who has 1000 people underneath him and at best he made 35k one year. Your new girlfriend has a long way to go and it's not worth it.

      Read the book before you meet any of these cultists so you'll know what to expect. They will be very nice to you in a fake way, a common cult tactic called love bombing. She will put you in front of one of the best damn sales closers in the business, a guy who would probably do good selling used cars or time shares, who goes by the title of Platinum. He'll put the screws to you and want to get you in the cult too. If you refuse he will make your life hell.

      Have you even met her family? Probably not because she's alienated all of them because of Amway.

      She is in a cult who wants all her money and time, no different than any other cult. It is how she's been brainwashed. Is that what you want in a relationship?

    2. I almost want to ask where you are from anon... but don't answer that.
      My ex is roughly the same age, has roughly the same downline, so its a bit scary, but it would seem we are just on different ends of the same situation.
      Back story, briefly, we had been dating a while and I was ready to buy a ring. I put it off, due to her joining amway. Glad I did. Soon, they had me going to meetings, listening to CDs and all the things I thought I should do to be supportive of her. I never bought into what was being said in any of it because it all seemed like rubbish. Then, they asked me to join. Decided not to, but wouldn't tell them why. Then, her upline decided it was best I not come around anymore because I was to negative (realist). Then, they planted seeds of all the bad things I was (controlling, sexist, abusive, negative, broke, a loser, a sinner, and other falsehoods). We split. Even today, her upline tries to bash me publically, meaning I must still come up in conversation. (So much for briefly)
      I can't really advise you to stay or go. All I can say is ask her to meet her AMfam outside of the business, and anytime they bring it up, ask to talk about something else. If you care for her, don't mention the word scam, or you'll be gone.
      Also, if you decide to stay, and not join, don't be a crutch for her. If you buy anything, keep your order low, and don't have her influence your family to buy. These pity buys or love buys are what help keep a failing IBO floating a little longer.
      Good luck anon. I hope it works out better for you than it did for me.

  4. Thank you Anna and Jerry for your insight and advice. It's very much appreciated. To answer your question Anna, I have not met her family. She seems to only see them 2-3 times per year. I see my parents 2-4 times a month. And Jerry, she wants me to go to a big meeting in October but after watching an old NBC Dateline episode about Amway and what those big meetings are about, I cringe at the thought. Looks like this relationship is headed toward a major conversation about this. I will not mention the word 'scam' and see where things go from there. My plan is to tell her how great she is and successful she could be though I doubt the path she's chosen to get there. . I'll post an update here to help anyone else in this situation. But damn, what a shame that good people get caught up in this, rejecting a middle or even upper middle class 'normal' life for this promise of great wealth. -Matt

    1. I agree. Normal is nice, and the people who are told they have great potential in the "business" would have far greater potential applying themselves to anything else out there. Imagine what a half-way decent Platinum could do selling more than just household products and dreams.
      Oh and yes. YES YES YES the dateline video is very much what still goes on today, regardless of how many times they tell you its the "New Amway".
      It is sad that she only sees her family a few times a year. I cherish my family, and it seems you do too.
      I hope your conversation goes well. Just avoid those key 'negative' phrases (Scam, pyramid, etc.)
      Again, good luck. I hoping for the best for you.

    2. Yeah really if you're going to be flogging household products by word of mouth sales you need to make sure the quality is equal or better than what is already in the stores and for a better price. As many ambots have found out that criteria is not met therefore they have no sales. Except to themselves thanks to the advice of upline assholes who tell you to buy from your own shop. When your shop is full of overpriced products and you're the only customer that makes you an idiot! Amway meetings never change. The audience is always screaming and chanting following the cult leaders instructions. Creepy.


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