Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Emerald Teaches Us How To Go Out There And Find Customers

In a meeting run by the asshole Emerald he said he or the sack of shit Platinum would teach us how to go out there and get customers.
What? You mean there’s more to it than sniping prospects at Safeway, Barnes & Noble, and the kids baseball game?
About an hour later he elaborates by saying the best recruits are people who are young enough not to have heard of Amway, in other words late teens to early 20’s are the best prospects.
The Emerald also extols the virtues of hounding single mothers and people in debt.
He doesn’t say that single mothers are necessarily in debt but he says they are most likely struggling financially and don’t have enough time to spend with their children and an Amway work at home job would be perfect for them. People in debt would like to get out of debt. (Oh boy would Amway be a horrible opportunity for them. Amway = MORE DEBT!!!)
So how do you find people in debt? Most people who are at their limit on 20 credit cards and behind on their rent and water bill don’t usually go around bragging about it. What is an IBO to do? Run up to random people and demand to know their financial position?
Uh huh, they’d probably get a big fuck off for their trouble.
How about sniping customers at Barnes & Noble who are looking at books on how to get out of debt?
IBO’s feel a sense of entitlement to prospecting at Barnes & Noble because that is one of the shops that Amway has a portal for online shopping. Unfortunately management disagrees. They say Amway IBO’s are the biggest violators of their “no soliciting” rule.
Back to the bullshit about teaching IBO’s to go out there and get customers. Like everything else to do with Amway its nothing but hot air. They never discussed anything about how to go out there and get customers other than a vague description of the people the IBO’s should be targeting - single mothers and people in debt. No helpful advice on how to convince these people who can least afford it to spend money chasing Amway dreams of riches.
Normally when someone teaches you to do something there are step by step instructions. Its like learning to drive a car. You don’t just go out and get a car, get in, and start driving without instructions. Well I guess you could but the results would likely be disastrous.
Just like Amway!
There are no instructions on how to recruit an Amway prospect other than get out there and lie to them. Don’t tell them it has anything to do with Amway just tell them its an awesome business opportunity and you’ll get rich working part time in the next 2 to 5 years. Lie to them. Give them any line you can think of to trick them into getting to an Amway meeting and the cult leader will do the rest of the work for you at convincing them to sign up.
Does Walmart have to lie to get customers to come into the store? Does Starbucks have to lie to get customers? Does Wendy’s have to lie to get customers?
Offer a product that people want, don’t rip them off, and the customers will come. You don’t have to go out and hunt them down and lie to them. That’s the difference between a legitimate business and a scam.
The asshole Emerald never did tell us how to go out there and get customers but he did teach us a lot about bringing misery to people’s lives.


  1. And that's why ambots have zero to negligible sales to legitimate customers. There's a lot of talk about customers but that's all it is. This crap is based on self-consumption and a lot of talking about customers by big shots to appease scAmway bosses that they are complying with getting and teaching ambots about customers. The only entity with customers in this setup is scAmway itself. Yes they sell to ambots. Ambots are more concerned about sponsoring the next person and doing their 100pv, then apportioning that PV into at least two imaginary customers entered manually in their so called back office. Lame.

    1. The last time someone leaked a copy of Scamway annual report it showed less than 5% customers are not IBOs so that shows a lot of ambots buying from their own store.

  2. If you mention that you're out of work, they'll use that as an "in".

    "".... trick them into getting to an Amway meeting and the cult leader will do the rest of the work for you at convincing them to sign up.""
    After a meeting, the ambot would use sort of "scare tactics" like if someone else were to show up and take this opportunity, what would you do (like if it were some once-in-a-lifetime thing), "what is keeping you from joining?", "if you have financial trouble, your friends won't be helping you" (... probably not, but I'd gander any single one of them will do more than all of Amway would). When I wasn't budging, that ambot waved over some senior goon to try to get me in, trying to assuage doubts and negative info from sources with retorts like "do you trust your friends with surgery?".

    Man, these folks are still leaving such a negative impression on my mind.

    1. Anonymous - people in Amway are the most negative people I've ever met. Yup according to the assholes in the Amway upline no lowly IBO has what it takes to convince someone to sign up for the scam that's why they have to get the prospect to one of the cult leaders like the sack of shit Platinum who are the only ones qualified to close sales and sign up new suckers.

    2. Years back on the old Myspace some brain-washed young lady (otherwise very nice) was looking for scamway recruits and compared people who fault MLM with those out there on the internets (so she claimed) who posts negative things about Ghandi!!! OH my that sure made me laugh...

  3. I recently joined Amway and the people are really nice and helpful. So far i havent gotten the "prospect" talk but i will definitely keep my eye out. Im sorry but no one is making me spend my money when i have crap to pay for. My upline is kinda demanding with time, i guess he doesnt understand I HAVE A LIFE with my hubby and friends/family. oh well he will live lol

    1. Hi Anonymous. At first they're nice to you. Actually people in your cross line who don't make a penny off you will probably continue to be nice to you. In that fake way Amway ambots have. The people in your upline will fluctuate being nice and abusive to you very soon if you aren't buying enough products or bringing people to meetings or signing up new prospects. If they can't make money off you they won't be so nice to you. And with your attitude - and I say way to go and you stick to your guns! The people in your upline will be extremely pissed if you're not spending money and running up your credit card after your savings run out and putting your friends and family above Amway and spending time with them instead of your Amway upline, well the writing is on the wall. You're what they call a disobedient Ambot who must be punished. And you've got the right attitude! Love it! Keep reading my blog for stories of how you'll be abused and the financial and emotional distress that will happen thanks to Amway.


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