Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Amway Ambot Work Week

Ever go to an Amway meeting and hear the cult leader mock the audience who work jobs by saying you dumb shits are trading hours for dollars.

To that I say its better than being in Amway and trading hours for pennies!

Money and time. We all have the possibility to make more money. Well maybe not if you’re in Amway. But we can’t make more time.

We all have the same 168 hours in a week. So lets break down an ambot week. And lets say the ambot has a regular full time job. Let’s call it 50 hours a week for the dreaded J.O.B. plus travel time getting to and from work.

That leaves 118 available hours in the ambot’s week.

Let’s take morning. Get up and do all the stuff you have to get done especially if you’re getting kids off to school. Let’s call it 2 hours each morning for 5 mornings in a work week.

Knock off another 10 hours to leave the ambot with 108 available hours.

And seeing as how we’re on 10 hours lets call that the amount of time an ambot has to spend on their cell phone dealing with phone calls and texts from the assholes in their Amway upline every week.
98 hours left in the ambot’s week.

The ambot is ordered to listen to brainwashing CD’s or read an Amway pressure bought book for at least 15 minutes a day. I want to deal in round numbers so call it 2 hours a week being brainwashed buying into the Amway tool scam.

96 hours left.

What about Amway meetings? This will vary depending if there’s a weekend event going on which will tie up the entire weekend and suck away any remaining hours. For the sake of argument let’s say there’s not. Amway meetings start at 8pm and last 2 to 3 hours where the same board plan that was shown at the last 500 meetings is shown again and then there might be some bullshit “teachings” or night owl or whatever dragging on for longer. “Serious business builders” must show up to Amway meetings an hour before they begin, so 7pm so you can sit around and bullshit with the other cult members. Then there’s travel time to get there and back. Ambots usually attend at least 3 cult meetings a week investing around 6 hours a night = 18.

96 hours less 18 hours. Oh shit where’s my calculator?

78 hours.

How many hours a week does an ambot spend prospecting others? Going to Barnes & Noble, Safeway, the mall, gas station, wherever the ambot can find victims. Phoning people they know to beg them to come to Amway meetings or buy Amway products. I’ll call that the 10 to 15 hours/week the cult leaders claim you spend working Amway in your part time though it might take more hours than that to snipe prospects and work on your name list. Call if 15 hours.

That leaves an ambot 63 hours in their week.

How many times in a week does some fucking asshole in the Amway upline phone the downline ambot and demand their immediate presence. So the ambot has to drop whatever they’re doing and haul ass to the bastard. Or counseling with upline? Lets lowball it and call it 5 hours a week wasted time traveling and putting up with upline asshole.

63 – 5. Do I need the calculator again? Yup. I’m bad with numbers. 58!

How much sleep does an Amway ambot need? How much they need and how much they get when they’re done doing the Amway thing for the day ain’t gonna be the same answer. Who remembers hearing Amway cult leaders saying you can sleep when you’re dead followed by the Amway ambot chuckle HUA HUA HUA. Let’s call it an ambot sleeps 35 to 40 hours a week. And just so I don’t need to get the calculator out again lets call it 40 hours week. Slightly less than 6 hours sleep a night.

58 hours from above - 40 hours sleep.

That leaves an ambot 18 hours in their week to eat dinner every night and spend quality time with their family or visit friends or hang out or spend time on hobbies and that will mostly be on the weekends. Oh wait when you’re an Amway ambot you’re not allowed to have any hobbies except for Amway.

Remember when I said you can’t make more time.

Quit Amway and that frees up at least 50 hours/week!

And the best thing is you’ll be saving money again instead of frittering away on Amway products and tools.


  1. At every Amway meeting I went to upliners are always talking about how Amway will allow you to spend more time with your family. That is one BIG FAT LIE. The Amway meeting/training last for hours. They usually starts around 8 pm and last up until about midnight because of training.

    Training is nothing but a bunch of Ambots talking about how many people they recruit during the week and how much money they make. Also during the week the upliner will invite people over to they house just to make as many phone calls as possible. This could go on for hours too.

    I regret spending time in Amway meeting and function, I rather spend that time with my family and pets.

    BTW Ambots look down on people who watch TV and movies, they rather you spend time listening to CD and attending Amway function. They say that TV and movies are polluting your mind. I say Amway and their garbage message are polluting my mind, that is why I called them shitway.

    1. Hey were you in my house? I could've written that! Ha ha!

      That extra "training" is usually where the sack of shit Platinum bitches at the cult followers for the way they dress, the way they look, their car, their friends, make that unsupportive friends, and demanding to how many prospects they'll bring to the next Scamway meeting and how many tickets they'll buy for the next Amway major function.

      Bitch bitch bitch.

      I'd rather shovel outhouses than go to an Amway meetings or hang out with those lousy bastards!

      Call them Shitway cause all they want to do is brainwash you to believe the shit they're shoveling.

  2. Hi Anna, I love reading the stuff on your blog…I guess I have something similar to relate to.

    I have an incredibly hypocrite friend. She joined Amway when it was Quixtar a couple of years back, and ever since then, she says the same thing about watching TV. She insists watching TV or listening to the radio will pollute your mind, unless of course you’re listening to one of those creepy CDs they sell to you at their functions!

    She canceled her cable and goes to her friend’s place to bum off her iPad and her internet because she can’t afford either. She also spends most of her evenings at her friend’s watching her TV (I thought Amway people weren’t allowed to watch TV!). I heard once her friend calling her out on it, yelling at her for bumming cable and internet off of her daily.

    I guess I have a question for ex-ambots: “Once you lose contact with most of the world outside of your Amway circle, how does it feel when you have to come back?" I know I don’t have a right to ask this question, I guess I’m just curious. "Do you feel homesick, do you feel alone, or shunned?" "After you’re dream is over and you have to wake up again, and live out here, with the rest of us in the real world…how do deal with it?" "How do you build your life back together?"

    "More importantly…how do build yourself back together?" This was just a question for ex-ambots…due to the fact I can’t imagine my ex-friend without Amway now, both her and Amway…from what it looks like…have become one in the same! I think she might kill herself if anyone tries to separate them (her and Amway).

    1. Hi Anonymous. Glad you're enjoying reading here and sorry to hear about your friend.

      The Amway cult leaders try to discourage their followers from watching TV because they want to control all information the ambot receives and to eliminate outside sources. Also watching TV takes time away from when the Ambot could be spending time with other cult followers or listening to Amway propaganda on CD's.

      And your friends story is similar. They can't afford those things cause they're in Amway. They have to buy the minimum products and tool scam shit or face being abused by the cult leaders they love so much.

      We have one former friend who has never talked to us again because of Amway. Most everyone else we were able to pick up with who all told us how much they hated it when we asked them to come to Amway meetings or buy shitty overpriced products. It's embarrassing.

      In the Amway cult the ambot has been separated from all their friends and family and are told their only friends are the Amway friends. But those Amway friends are only friends as long as you're buying Amway shit and tools. When you quit Amway you'll be shunned. Some former ambots actually like the assholes in their Amway upline and being shunned by them is very difficult. For people like me who couldn't stand the fuckers no problem.

      It sounds like your friend will be emotionally devastated when she quits. And yes she will quit once she's been financially devastated because that's what Amway is all about.

    2. I think i would be good at amway. I like to play golf tuesday afternoons and havve a few beers afterwards. I go to the pratice range 2 other times a week. I enjoy a 20 miles cycle ever third day. I never do anything except read and take in a movie on sundays. And i also like tp spend a couple of half days a week gardening. Now anna i hope you agree i would be perfect at amway. We have such similar goals in life.

    3. And doing those things on a windy day - bonus!

  3. I bet with very dimes the Ambots are having some special function right now. As I said before I was trick into Amway by a college roommate. The info session are beyond stupid. It is the same bullshit every week with different speakers. Training is hell (sorry for the language). Training went on forever and all they do is talk about how many people they recruit and how much point they made selling products.

    I am relieve I got out ASAP. And it is true Amway look down on people who watch TV and movies. They rather you fill your mind with their CD. The people in Amway are so different from other people I hang out with because they don't watch movies, play video games, go out with friends, or listen to music. These people are clearly brain wash.

    1. Right, I did Amway for about a month and it was the 3rd info session I went to brought up a few red flags. It was the same thing over and over and the training like you said was people telling the people in the room how much PV they had that week, and how many people they either brought, talked to, etc etc. I got out in time before the big function in April. Amway is a big waste of time and money with the same bullshit meeting after meeting, after night owl, after team meetings, after conferences.


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