Thursday, August 15, 2013

You Didn't Try Hard Enough! Screeches The Amway Ambot

“You didn’t try hard enough!” Is the battle cry of brainwashed ambots.
I’ve heard it lots of times. At Amway meetings and comments left on this blog. Some brainwashed ambot who has been religiously studying at Amspeak College shows up to accuse me of not trying hard enough.
However not one single ambot who I know personally or who has run out of prospects to harass and instead reads and comments on “negative” blogs has ever once defined the criteria of what is “trying hard enough”. Or for that matter what “not trying hard enough” is either.
My ambot wanted to succeed at this Amway business, even though the odds - with a 99% failure rate - were stacked against him that he wouldn't. More than the promised financial freedom with the gazillions of dollars in residual income that would magically show up each month in our bank account, success in Amway would mean basking in the bliss from the Amway cult leaders that he adored so much.
All over the Internet are blogs and forums from former Amway IBO’s who say pretty much the same thing. They worked hard, put a lot of hours and effort into building an Amway business, and despite doing everything their cult leaders told them to do and being CORE it didn’t work out.
Similar to the ambot battle cry of not trying hard enough there is also the same flimsy accusation they fling out at former IBO’s who didn’t sponsor anyone - because they didn’t try hard enough.
Some Amway IBO’s sign up due to pressure from whoever the recruiting ambot is - more than likely a family member or good friend. Anyone else and they would have probably told the ambots to go fuck themselves. These unwilling IBO’s paid their $150 or $200 I think someone recently said it costs now or maybe just rounding up - got their start up kit, and that was the extent of their Amway involvement. They never had no intention of putting in any work, just wanted to help out the person who hounded them into signing up and get them off their back and probably won’t renew their Amway membership at the end of the year. Those are not the same people who get the word out on the Internet about how they were scammed into the Amway cult and tell their story of what really happens when you’re an Amway IBO because they really
 have no idea what happens if their only involvement was paying the registration fee and telling the sponsor to fuck off and leave them alone.
My Ambot worked hard and put in plenty of effort to build an Amway business. He spent hours glued to the computer taking the Amway university program. He spent hours studying the Amway literature and product magazines. He memorized everything. He could answer questions about the Amway board plan or Amway products and knew as much or more than his upline. He spent hours listening to CD’s and reading books that the assholes in his upline pressured him to buy. He spent many hours each week hounding prospects to come to meetings. He went to every Amway meeting, rally, seminar, and major function. All those meetings ate up at least 50 hours a month and if a major function out of state for the weekend was in there, easily over 100 hours a month attending Amway meetings including travelling to them.
Let’s not forget the endless hours each week he spent talking on the phone and dealing with the endless text messages from the fucking upline Amway assholes.
Ambot easily doubled, if not tripled, or quadrupled Amway’s estimate of 10 to 15 hours per week once all the meetings, dealing with the motivational bullshit tools, and studying Amway is added up. Then add on the countless hours prospecting potential recruits to come to Amway meetings or buy shitty overpriced products.
Ambot put in plenty of time and effort and his upline still rode his ass accusing him of not working hard enough. He was told the reason he wasn’t succeeding at the Amway business was because he was lazy and not trying hard enough.
What kind of motivation techniques is the upline using accusing people of being lazy, not trying, not working hard enough? This is clearly more than my Ambot’s upline because so many former IBO’s have the same story that their upline said the exact same thing. And clearly is still being taught today judging by its pretty much in every comment left on this blog by some angry brainwashed ambot screeching out Amway propaganda.
“You didn’t try hard enough!”
Yeah? Well fuck you!
What exactly is the definition of “trying hard enough” when it comes to Amway? Clearly it is spending more than 100 hours a month attending Amway meetings, functions, prospecting, etc. It is clearly spending more than $1000/month on Amway and Amway tools like my ambot husband. Not a single one of those Amway bastards screeching out their brainwashed Amspeak “You didn’t try hard enough!!!!” will give a definition of what trying hard enough means. The slink off when asked like the little Amway sewer rats they are. Just when you thought those Amway bastards had an answer for everything – they don’t!
And how does the fucking Amway upline motivate their cult followers to keep trying? Oh wait. Those bastards do not motivate. They brainwash. Like the good Amway cult leaders they have been trained to be, they scold, they mock, they punish, they blame. Even more than wanting to succeed at an Amway business, the followers want to please their leader. They try harder, they put in more effort like 100 hours a month wasn’t already trying hard enough. The ambots are scolded and belittled time after time when they don’t get results. The Amway cult leaders blame the ambots for their own lack of success.
Never blame the Amway system designed for failure and Amway tools and overpriced Amway products. Blame the ambots instead! They didn’t try hard enough. Amway is a blame the victim scam.
Fortunately, many IBO’s get tired of this degrading treatment and quit “the business”. Now the only thing they have try hard to do is to keep one step ahead of the assholes in their Amway upline who will be hopping mad that they have lost this stream of income.


  1. I think it's simple enough: If you're a diamond, you tried hard enough. If you're still in it, you're on your way. If you give up, you didn't try hard enough.

    1. Nick - in a nutshell you got it that is the simple Ambot answer. It's when you press for details that they crawl back into the sewer!

  2. I just discovered this blog and I would like to say THANK YOU! It is so nice to read it and know that other people share the same hatred that I have for these MLM scams. I lost my boyfriend to an MLM called Zoivi (or ZVI for short) and these posts just show me how similar all of these pyramid scheme cults are. As I read I could easily substitute the word "Amway" for "Zoivi" every time. The post you made about the classic “you are being too negative” phrase struck me because I remember being told that over and over again and thinking that I am not being negative I am just stating the facts! I relate to so many of the experiences you have had and I think it is great that you are spreading the word about these travesties and that this blog has the potential to reach out and inform so many people. I really appreciate it and keep up the good work! :)

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thank you for stopping by. Sorry to hear about your boyfriend. Amazing that so many of these MLM cult scams operate the same way. It's sickening how they destroy people's lives. The insults and the bullying is no way for someone to live. That's why we're here. We insult and curse back and ambots are shocked that there are people out there who don't love the great Amway gods the way they do.

    2. Anyone ever tried feeding back the same Amspeak back to them? I'm tempted to go back to an Amway meeting just to f@#$ with them...

      I'm not going to the [amway approved hotel], I can get a cheaper motel down the street and put more money into the business.

      When they're trying to prospect you, they often talk over you. Simply interrupt with "do you agree that it's rude to interrupt people while they're talking?", do you agree that buying spending $500+ just to get a $10 check is a way to go broke?", "do you agree that the big amway convention is bigger waste of time than this meeting"?

      Don't go to a meeting? Tell your upline ambots that they're being negative and need to chill out.

      I wonder if they'll even get the irony.

    3. $10 says you won't do it!

  3. Why would you have to try hard. If its a real business you just try normal and it should work. If it does not then its because of faults in the business model.

  4. I've had a friendship all but ruined because of this awful pseudo-pyramid. So sad to see someone you care about drink the Kool-aid and lose themselves in the process.

    1. Sorry to hear about your friendship ruined due to Amway. Yes it is really hard to see someone you care about drink the Kool Aid and get brainwashed by these Amway assholes. Hopefully your friend will get out of the cult before too much financial and emotional damage has been done and try to restore relationships.


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