Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another Amway Casualty Part 2

A reader shares her story:

Our involvement in Amway is getting results. I see our savings start to go down. The credit card debt is getting higher. We’re fighting a lot. I’m reading up on Amway on the Internet and finding out the lies we hear at Amway meetings. I’m always hearing about how Amway owns the Amway stadium in Orlando, Florida. I show my husband where the city of Orlando owns the stadium and they pay 40 million for the rights to have their name on the building for 10 years. No different than other stadiums. Every major sporting event seems to be held in a building named after a corporate sponsor paying for the advertising space. My husband tells me not to believe anything I read on the Internet because it’s all a bunch of lies. He calls the Internet the bathroom wall like everyone else we know in Amway calls it. They don’t want anyone finding out the truth about Amway and how it’s a bunch of lies and a scam and a pyramid scheme.

I’m dragged out to the last Amway function I’m going to. I refuse to go to any more meetings. These people piss me off to no end. My husband buys 10 tickets to Dream Night in January. 10 tickets? Who’s going besides him? Not me! Not anyone else he’s begged to come either. I tell him to return the tickets and get a refund but I know he won’t. He’s got to look all big and mighty in the eyes of the jerk asses in our upline.

We had a really miserable Christmas. Fighting all the time because of Amway. It destroyed our lives. The people we met in Amway are out to cause trouble in our marriage and destroy our lives. They are the most evil people I’ve ever encountered and I’m powerless to stop it. They’ve brainwashed my husband and convinced him that I’m a horrible person, our kids are horrible, our jobs are horrible, and on and on it goes.

I went to a lawyer and served my husband with separation papers. He moved out. Staying with another IBO I think. There are about four or five people in his line who live in the same house and they’re all half his age so he’s probably staying there with them until they get tired of the old man in the house.

I don’t know whether or not we’re going through with a divorce because this is all very new. It’s been devastating for me and one of the hardest decisions I’ve made but I have to do it for my own emotional well being and try to get my finances back on track. I can’t go through the emotional upheaval of evil Amway any more. This is a horrible company. They don’t care about people. I phoned to Ada and complained about our upline and the lies told at Amway meetings. Nobody cares.

At least there’s websites like this where we can share our stories of the misery Amway has brought to our lives.

Thank you for what you do.


  1. I hate them with a passion.If you google Amway you will find alot of negativity. They even spread false rumor against their competitor P&G. P&G sell many house hold products like Crest, Iams, Folger coffee, They even supply free stuff for troops serving over sea. How sweet of them.

    Well it turn out that a few on shitway upliner accuse them of practicing Satanism and that they contribute to the church of Satan. The file a lawsuit againt Amway and won. Here is the link http://www.startribune.com/business/11209336.html

    One thing for sure P&G, unlike shitway is top 15 of the most admire company in the world.

    1. Hi anonymous! Thanks for stopping by with that information!

  2. This is a testimony to how powerful the Amway brainwashing is; so powerful that your husband chose Amway over his family, willing to dump even his kids to stay in the cult. This is where the true evil of Amway shows itself. It's not just that they passively let this happen, it's that they demand total allegiance to Amway even in the face of your family being destroyed.

    Here's a sentence never said by an Ambot: “Your marriage and family need serious repair. You need to focus on that for awhile. Fix your relationship with your family, then come back to Amway when you’re ready.”

    Sorry to say, but until your husband hits rock bottom, you have no chance of getting the old him back. Meanwhile, don’t count on steady child support payments from him, unless you get his wages attached. The Ambots will tell him to forgo feeding his children to buy extra rally tickets, ones he can’t even use.


    1. AnonTB - very true about those words never spoken by an Ambot. They don't care about nothing except their greedy pursuit of money and don't care who they destroy to make a buck. She didn't say it here but the kids are older, too old for child support I think, but as a father your kids are never too old if they need something like a few bucks for groceries or to buy insurance and dad can still help out. I can never figure out why people get so brainwashed they'll put the Amway cult first over their family.

    2. "Wages attached"? Will that even work? I don't believe any agency would consider what you make at Amway to be "wages", and even if they did, you're only getting a percentage of... $10 a month? Up to $200 if he somehow was super successful? But many amway folk lose ALOT more money to get that money, so in the end, it's all for naught :(

      @OP... sorry to hear this is going on. Hang in there, and keep a level head!

    3. Yup Amway is all about losing a lot of money to make a little money.

  3. You made the right decision by getting a divorce. First of I have to let you know that once these people get hooked in this, there is no way back. My friend’s wife is super-core and they parted ways two years ago because of this. She joined in the fall of 2005 and at first my friend was compliant but later he began to realize what this business was all about. They talked about it and decided they needed some time apart, her upline convinced her that if he truly loved her he would not just support her business journey, but join the business because joining the business would secure a future for her. If he didn't join, he simply didn't love her (“If you love your family, you want the best for your family, and the best is Amway)!

    Needles to say, he didn't join, so she gave him the boot. A couple of days ago he told me he sat her down again and tried to reason with her about the ‘two-year’ goal, and then the five year goal…and now the so called ‘residual’ income. He told her that would never happen, there is no such thing as a ‘residual’ income in Amway. He didn't want to break her heart and shatter her dreams, but he did anyway. He told her she would never become a millionaire, that she would never be walking the beaches of the world like they promised. He told her that Amway was a late incarnation of the 70’s and 80’s door-to-door sales-pitch, something like the peddlers in our home country Mexico, just thought of as more formal. You would simply sell deodorants, soaps, and vitamins door-to-door. There is no such thing as an actual commission because you’re simply putting anything you receive right back into the system anyway (You’re investing in your business!). He told her “the more you spend, the more you’ll earn, but we’re talking pennies to the dollar here”. For every $400 dollars you spend you’ll get a $20 check in the mail. If such a business model were reversed, and instead for every $20 dollars that you’d spend you’d receive a check for $400 dollars in the mail…then that would be an incredible business venture. However, a venture which would compensate their sale’s associates in such a manner would hit rock-bottom soon. He told her the only reason why Amway is a billion-dollar company is because the so-called IBO’s are indeed the customer, you buy not from yourself…but for yourself. A real business owner tries to move inventory, not keep it.

    She said she doesn't care what he or anyone for that matter has to say, because her upline warned her that people around her might not believe in her (“They don’t think you can do it, they think that because you’re a woman you’re dumb and stupid, and therefore can’t make wise business decisions on your own. He warned her that losers don’t want to be alone; they try to pull you under with them so they can feel better. Therefore, she didn't care how long it will take for her to achieve her goal of becoming financially independent and immensely wealthy…she would be there 20 years if it were necessary.

    He has given up on her, but wants nothing more to do with Amway.

    1. Anonymous - sorry to hear about your friends. Yup everything you said. Ambots only want to drag others down to their level. They got scammed and so that gives them the right to scam other people and keep them close by brainwashing them to believe that no one outside the Amway cult should be listened to. Scary.

    2. Your friend's plan to use logic to turn his wife around was a good one. It's sad that she is so programmed that she is impervious to logic and facts. I'd like to offer another approach that may be worth trying, if he still wants to get her back. Please see my post in the previous blog article, "Another Amway Casualty." In my post, I describe how to calculate how many prospects per day and per hour of free time you need to approach to achieve your goals.
      Calculate this out with her, but instead of using my numbers, USE HER NUMBERS. She can't dispute her own numbers. Then calculate out the numbers and compare them with her recent results.
      In the end, you'll say something like this: "You've approached 50 prospects in the last year. Using your numbers, you need to approach X000 prospects to reach your goal. How many years will that take?"
      And, "You've recruited 3 people this year. Using your numbers, we've calculated that you need to recruit XXX people to achieve your goal. How many years does that work out to?"
      Even if her numbers are optimistic, it's likely that they will be much, much worse than the result she is achieving. Anyway, give this a shot, I hope it helps.


  4. Ambot hostels! The line I was exposed to talked of doing this! Since they spend all their time together, they should all live together, fill their house with product for when company comes over (yeah, like you would have friends outside of that house), they could hold meetings there and have a setup for showing the plan!
    The line I was exposed to consisted of mostly kids under 27. Married or not, they were in full agreement to join the upline (no pin to tag on him) and his wife. If everybody is getting rich, why live like college kids?
    It hasn't come about, yet, but if that upline couple keep having financial trouble, it will probably happen.

    Maybe they will name the hostel, "Peter Island"


    1. Jerry - ambot hostels is very true. I knew at least 3 places overloaded with ambots. Stocked full of Amway products and the ambots reciting Amspeak. Yeah they should all be rounded up and forced to live somewhere. Maybe these 8pm warriors can declare war on Peter Island and hole up there.

    2. Too nice for them. Maybe Peter Island can be the home of Ambot widows and widowers. We could put on quite the solicitation free resort! Walk beaches, drink umbrella drinks... no soap, no false hope. Live the real dream!

      It would be a fantastic place for that Ambot rehabilitation center I've talked about. Join Amway, get brainwashed, be promised trips to Peter Island, drop out, need rehab, go to Peter Island!


    3. Jerry - I like the rehabilitation center the best. When ambots have been financially and emotionally destroyed they should go there to have free room & board and have deprogramming sessions. It's a nice dream. And Amway is all about dreams.

  5. To the Amway asshole from Kelowna, Canada using Shaw IP

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    I am not your secretary.

    We do not pass along your messages.

    If you want to get hold of any of the persons who assist on this blog contact them directly because I’m not your secretary.

    If you read this blog you would know that the person who manages the blog for me, keeps the posts up, keeps the various gadgets up and running was the victim of a cyber stalker last year. This is a matter of police record. Last year I agreed to allow the police to track the visitors to this blog for cross reference purposes to track the movement of the cyberstalker on this blog and to other web pages that my blog manager is associated with.

    I have no idea if you are the cyberstalker or what your association is with the cyberstalker. If you believe the correct answer is neither you might want to stay away from websites and leaving comments where there is an ongoing police investigation. The person who moderates the comments took screen shots so they can be turned over to the police if needed. You don't say anything offensive but clearly you expect me to be your secretary. Forget it!

    Do you love Amway so much its worth attracting the attention of the police and being added to an existing cyberstalker file?

    The person who moderates the comments has been advised to delete anything further from you but I’m betting you’re not dumb enough to return. And if you are we’ll put the police file up here. Cyberstalkers are sick.

  6. Someone here pointed out that King Of The Hill episode with the MetaLife MLM scam. I recently saw the rerun. It was funny then, but sooo much more hilarious when you've had direct exposure to this crap. Oh the quotes...

    Bobby: this doesn't taste like Raspberry Truffle!
    Peggy (scornfully): You're eating it wrong!

    (Later on)
    Bill: I sold all of them, even the Raspberry Truffle!

    Peggy: I am finally getting the recognition I have given myself.

    1. Ha ha you're eating it wrong. So that's the problem with Amway food bars. Ha ha ha!!

  7. As Anna has pointed out most people who sign up for Scamway buy some of their over priced products and get a few "pity purchases" from friends and relatives. But again as Anna said and Amway statistics bear out most are long gone with-in two years. It's a shame though about those like your husband who some how stay in and are so manipulated it ruins their life...


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