Friday, September 27, 2013

Nobody Wants An Amway Ambot Neighbor

Here's a laugh for the day. Everyone's nightmare to have an Amway ambot neighbor.


  1. The ambot flame war in the comments, for the video, is the best part! All the terribly misspelled, grammatically horrendous, canned amspeak. They can't spell common words, but fancy Am-terms are perfectly spelled.
    "delayed gratification"
    "time leveraging"
    "money compounding"
    (not one of these terms make sense, or describes something real)

    Then they spout off their typical BBB, FTC, $8 Billion, Olympic athletes, thousands of partner stores that "endorse" Amway (they have a business arrangement, if they endorsed it, their employees would join up), blah blah blah. Their arguments are all the same, and the anti-Amwayers have various arguments. HILARIOUS.


    1. Jerry sometimes the comments here are way better than the post too. Take on a life of their own. Amway ambots spend too much time defending their scam. Lie, deny, and distract. Why not just get involved with a legitimate company with a good reputation.

      Love the bedroom scene.

      Jesus Christ!

      No we're not a religious group.

      Ha ha! Love it every time I watch it.

  2. Excellent blog here. So much to say about this intelligence insulting, annoying, in your face, undignifid, hypocritical, inferior product selling cult, that I'll have to tell my story when I have more time and more space. I was almost tricked into this twice, and was brought to my senses by my dad. I'm not a good fit I'm the first place as I'm not a team player, and am not kissing up to some "upline", which leads me to this one question. In "merchants of deception", one indoctrinated Ambotett, was a woman Dr. - a pediatrician. If her upline was never anything more than a janitor, she still has to "consult with upline" on all matters? Really? Kiss his Ambutt?don't get it. They brainwashed my best friend. Story in the near future!~ Never drank the Kool-Aid.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for dropping by. Would like to hear your story. We all have the same story. We got scammed.

      Kiss Ambutt! Love it!

      No I never drank the Koolaid either. Fortunately you listened to your dad instead of doing the Ambot defensive thing and accusing him of being a negative unchristian dream stealer.

    2. I think its funny how they tell you you're dumb for "working for someone else", then show the "plan" that illustrates how you'll be working for whoever signed you up.

    3. Exactly. You're a commissioned salesperson working for Amway and have to abide by their rules and prices. Real business owners make their own rules and prices.

  3. Well it's me again after a weekend of agony. My girlfriend and I had a big argument about all that is Amway. It all started when we were on our way to a friend's book-reveal. She put one of those bloody CDs on. I'm usually a very timid and subdued person and nothing gets on my nerves... but THIS!?!? By all that's holy how on earth have I EVER been able to listen them!? It's nothing more than a guy bragging about his alleged success.

    I didn't want to upset my girlfriend more than she already was, but she eventually noticed my efforts to contain my rage and switched back to the radio with an irritated "Happy now?"

    Then we had the talk... probably the most agonizing talk I ever had in my life. It was filled with stuff like:

    "Why can't you support my business?"
    "It's not a business if all we're doing is buying!"

    "When I went to the mall, I was trying to make new friends!"
    "Trying to find an opportunity to show the plan is NOT making new friends!"

    "I'm not brainwashed!"
    "When you exploded the other day, you sounded like those damn CDs you keep listening to all the time!"

    It was painful as hell, especially since I'm rather shy and try to avoid confrontation most of the time. Then, yesterday, as I was getting ready for bed she cracked me up with one last line: "You know, you could listen to one more episode. Just take an XS with you tomorrow"

    I laughed so she wouldn't see me cry. The only glimmer of hope is that she asked me for the link to "Merchants of Deception" so she could read it. Given that english is her second language though, I don't know how effective all of that will go... but still, a little hope is better than nothing :(.

    I can't tell you all how grateful I am for this blog... I'd go utterly crazy otherwise.

    1. Tobbi, I'm sorry you had an agonizing weekend.

      Damn.....I hated those fucking CD's. And that they always had to be played at the highest sound level so it sounded like some backwater oreacher shrieking from a revivalist meeting tent. And the worst thing is for a good couple of years afterward those fucking Amway CD's kept dropping out of unexpected places. Stuck somewhere in a bookshelf or tucked behind a rarely used pot in the kitchen.

      And you're right. Your girlfriend is repeating everything she's heard on those CD's or from the assholes in her Amway upline. They put a lot of time into brainwashing their followers to come up with an argument to counter any objection from "dream stealers".

      Tats a good sign she's willing to read Merchants of Deception but if she doesn't speak English all that well I'm not sure if it just won't get lost.

      I'm glad you found the blog. Here is where you'll hear similar stories so you're not going through this alone.

  4. Ughh .. I'm happy I found this blog. One of my friend from church who I have never met for very long suddenly gave me a call like a month ago. She sounded very excited about her new "business" and wanted to show to me. I agreed and met her, and then she was doing the Amway pitch about the 4 quadrants of people and whatever. She mentioned she knows a couple doing this business who retired at age 26 and is now a Founder Platinum. What confused me was that she never mentioned about what kind of business, and even when I pressed her, she only briefly mentioned about Amway, saying what she is doing is personal development training and building network. She said her Network21 is more than just Amway and is a tried and proven system with lots of successful entrepreneur. So, I really tried to be open-minded with the whole thing and agreed to come with her to one of the so-called seminar. Even before entering the hall, I felt very cheated as she never mentioned to me that the seminar costs $35 and it lasted from 7pm to 11pm ... I was not very happy with the stupid seminar, as all the speakers ever did was to flaunt their supposedly glamorous life and being pretty much a douche bag. In my life I've met several people who can put the combined wealth of people in that hall to shame and yet they never flaunt their wealth in front of people like that. I believe most people are not interested to see pictures of strangers having trips to Saudi Arabia, funded by a company who is supposed to save marketing costs by paying back to the customers, and yet still has enough money to pay for luxurious trip for so many people. I was damn bored as I can't find any personal development (all they did was really just boasting about their life, without any hard number), much less business opportunity. After the seminar they get me to talk to their Platinum up-line who forcefully asked me to come to Amway office the following week. I'd assume I will be cornered by their whole team to pay subscription and buy their products. Should I still go and tell them to fuck off, or should I just play lazy and ask them to talk somewhere nearer to my house? I still need to return their stupid CDs and books though lol.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Looks like you're seeing through the scam. The only people making money are the ones collecting the proceeds from selling those $35 tickets so people can come listen to them brag about how rich they are. Boring.

      Yeah tell them if they want their books and CD's back that they can come to you or you can courier it collect back to them. That'll cost more than the shit is worth!

      People in Amway are prudes. So if you tell them to fuck off and curse at them is probably the one way you'll get rid of them. Or you can have a little fun and tell them that your dream is to produce and act in gay porno movies. Ask them if they'd like to invest in your venture and just keep at them to invest their money in your gay porno. That'll get rid of them.

    2. Can you burn the CDs and just mass distribute them? On one hand, that's distributing copyrighted material. OTOH, does the law even consider Amway a real business? They can't even get a tax rightoff for crying out loud. Or just joke with them and said you burned copies for all of your friends and now, they're benefiting from them ;) (coasters, stylish Frisbees, etc.)

      I've been to 3 meetings. The only reason I'd go to another one is to just to talk with other potential downlines, socialize with them, asking things like when they sensed bullshit... was it how the room was full of suits that clearly did not contain any authenticity of a business, how the speaker manages to talk for so long without any useful information, how the audience and the goons in the back row just agree or "fake agrees" everything the speaker says, just how the crowd resembles a cult, etc.? Perhaps to talk down to members.

      Or also to take pictures of the "diamonds" who stand up, say their name and their occupation. Going to several meetings, it seems they're the same damn people who go to those meetings over and over again. Ask the hard questions like how you can make money when you need to have many downlines and sell $300 worth of stuff a month just to make good money, but remain skeptic since even you you're not buying what they're selling, let alone be able to convince friends, families, and strangers to do the same thing.

      Speaking of which... they charged you $35!? See 2.8 movies for that price!

      When a former coworker called me out of the blue and told me he noticed I was always a go-getter, I immediately called BS in my mind... he sat with his back to me, and didn't pay enough attention to me to know. First 10 minutes of that meeting, I thought to myself "you jerk... you lied to me!"

    3. Lol .. I would totally tell them about the gay porn dream if only this friend of mine is not someone I know from church. She knows several of my friends and I don't want her to spread gossip about me. The ambots at the "seminar" were very obsessed with dreams about not having to work, which they equate as freedom. Also, do you know what it means by the triangle shape they like to make with their finger? And the clapping rhythm they keep doing every time the speaker raises his/her voice was just ughh .. They are even worse than any of the most fanatical religions I have ever heard about.

    4. Anonymous - undoubtedly there are some ambots out there burning CDs and selling them cheaper probably thinking they're the first guy to think this one up but I believe in Merchants of Deception some Diamond was outed for dubbing tapes.

      Not only is it the same people showing up for these meetings but the speaker always says the same thing too.

      So you're a go-getter? You're probably a sharp guy too! Ambots are always looking for 5 sharp go getters to join their team! The next time they say that you're a go getter just say where the hell did you get that idea? Wow are you ever fucking wrong. Ambot repellent: swearing!

    5. 2nd anonymous- you should do it anyway. If she spreads rumors and they get back to you you can always say yeah right who believes anything a liar in Amway says. How do you know when someone is lying? Their mouth is moving.

      That triangle thing is how they let others know they're part of a pyramid scheme!

    6. I just did some research on Amway product's pricing, specifically their detergent. They can fuck off if they think any sane person would want to buy their detergent. I can buy 3.6 kg detergent for $11, and they dare to sell their stupid 3 kg "concentrated" detergent for $82++. Please tell me they are kidding. Even if theirs is 3 times concentration, no way they can justify over 9 times the price of supermarket. I'm not even talking about cheap detergent, I'm talking about a middle priced detergent. I can actually get cheaper one at $10 or less for 5 kg.

      I'm going to meet them again on weekends just to mess around with them. I managed to reply with cynical tone towards needing to go to their storage, so they happily offered to meet somewhere nearer. The books they lent to me: Copycat Marketing 101, which is a book I won't recommend to any person with IQ above 100, costs them $9. I looked at Amazon and the stupid book is sold at less than $2 a piece. Do they even have a brain to look online and compare the prices? I can get books with 5 times the thickness of that book for $5 or less. I couldn't believe that $9 price tag lol.

      And they also gave me brochure leadership weekend seminar or whatever the name that is, with speaker Ray and Karla Keller (never heard of them). The seminar alone costs $100. If you include the fact that you need to stay 2 nights in a hotel + transportation cost, it will probably costs somewhere around $500 or so.

      I also sent my friend's upline the following questions:
      -. How long have you been in Amway?
      -. How much do you spend monthly on BSM?
      -. How much do you spend monthly on Amway products?

      His answer was around:
      -. 1 year+
      -. He only bought what he needs (which I'd assume to be every single recommended materials)
      -. He only bought the products when it ran out (never specify how much or what kind of products he use lol)
      So, I came to conclusion that, if you really don't spend that much on those stupid stuffs, why is it so hard for you to answer my simple question.

      Also, I did some research on the internet regarding the system and came to a quick conclusion that: If you don't sell lots of products yourself, you are not going to get lots of money from Amway because the 21% (or 25%) rebate is the total applied to your whole group. So, if your downline is already at 21%, you won't see much money from their effort, except for the 4% leadership bonus (if you qualify). It really is not much.

      I still would like to open my friend's eyes and would like to show her that this is not the way to freedom that she dreams of. Sorry for ranting so much. I really don't like how those people are taking advantage of my friend. She is not like a rich person, but I believe she can live comfortably without all of these bullshits. Now, I'm not sure so much, since I got the impression she really goes for all of the seminars and buys all of the BSM.

    7. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for telling us what's going on. And yes this is the place to stop by and rant.

      Yup they are totally serious about the $80 laundry soap. And yes you can buy the same size at Walmart or wherever for around $10 that is the same concentrate so big deal when the ambots brag about that.

      Somewhere on this blog is a post called the IBO guide to wasting money doing laundry. A woman left a comment that her daughter wet her bed. Gee thanks for sharing! She said she tried washing it in Amway SA8 2 or 3 times and she still can't get the pee smell out. I suggested she try TIde or a scented detergent. So you might want to ask the ambots about that. Talking about the pee smell not coming out of the sheets when using their Amway soap will make them uncomfortable and the person you tell this too will try to switch the blame on the woman doing the laundry or her washing machine. Just keep after them because they won't have an answer about the pee smell.

      When you're in the Amway cult you are forbidden by the cult leaders to go to Amazon, eBay, Craigslist etc to search and buy the books. That's how the Amway cult leaders make the bulk of their income selling these "tools". They likely bought a shitload of those books from Amazon at $2 to sell to their cult followers at $9.

      The real money in Amway is selling tickets to those events to hear them speak. Waste of time and money as you've figured out.

      Stop by and let us know what happens.

    8. Yeah I noticed the same thing as well during our extremely short tenure in Amway/WWDB. All of their reading material was cheaper at Amazon/Barnes. I would pay for reading material over their recordings any day of the week though. Most of the reading was more of self improvement/motivational stuff anyways something not extremely biased like their recordings.

    9. these jerks never give you hard numbers when they're needed. NOT counting first month's expenses as money leaving the business? Nor do they give you info to direct questions. What is the job description? "Let me ask you, how much do you want to make?"

      Pretty much, if I had to deal with these folks again, I'd either counter-fuck with them, or just straight up ignore them. It'd depend on my mood.

      I suppose I could use their arguments against them too... the laundry detergent prices were quite a "sticker shock" (BTW, another poster mentioned his upline tried to downplay this to him and his girlfriend), tell them in an economy where all of the uplines and many others are getting laid off, why would you pay more money for far less product, even taking into account "concentration", which doesn't always make it a better value?

    10. Thanks for all the support. I will update my story after I meet the upline tomorrow. I have a feeling they might have given up on me though haha .. Maybe I should send them some more questions before I meet them. I am thinking of something like "How many people have you scammed?" or "How much profit do you get from selling these overpriced books, cd?" or "Do you know the meaning of conscience?".

      Meanwhile, I tried to listen to the cd given to me. OMG! I can't imagine anyone willing to listen to that rubbish for more than 15 minutes. The speaker (Mats Holmberg according to cd cover) repeats the same thing I heard in the stupid seminar over and over and over for I dunno how many hours (I don't plan on finding out how long the audio is). I only listened to that audio for like 15 minutes while reading this blog and feel like I've lost 1 or 2 points of my IQ.

      How can those people listen to these stupid speech everyday + once a week for weekly seminar + once a month seminar + 3 times a year weekend function??!?!?!?!?!?!? I felt like I was going crazy hearing those stupid "motivational" speech yet again. Where's the part about the business? Where's the part about the revenue and expenses? Where's the part about operational things? Where's the part about projection, contingency? I only hear about 15 people a month, open house, don't be negative, and Jo......bbb (funny how it contradicts don't be negative).

      I forgot to tell you guys during the seminar I went to, a couple hurriedly left in the middle of the seminar. I was damn bored at the time and was considering of walking out as well, because it was already like 10 pm and I don't think I want to see another picture of that douche bag of a speaker. I decided not to because I'm too nice of a person and don't want to hurt other people's feelings.

      Also, does no one tell all of these so called "professionals" that to do a business well you need a fucking business plan, you need to record your revenue and expenses, and you need to review your financial and operational at least every few months? The speakers never even mentioned these so called basic stuffs anywhere and yet people still get scammed. I am really confused. These concepts should not be that foreign if someone has working experience.

    11. The life of an Amway Ambot is to lie, deny, distract and defend. Can't let recruits know they're going to an Amway meting instead of whatever ruse has been said to trick people into coming to an Amway meeting.

      Anonymous, those CDs are part of the brainwashing process and that's why ambots listen to them over and over. You did better than me. I couldn't listen to one for more than a minute befor blood pressure skyrocketing. And unfortunately I had to listen to the whole thing and multiple times. That does nothing for anger management issues! And no there will never be any real business advice at an Amway meeting. No business plans, no how to get business licenses, buy business insurance, learn profit and loss statements. Ambots with that kind of training and record keeping would figure out theyre losing money in this scam.

    12. Big update!
      Lol, so yesterday my friend called me to schedule a meeting today. I asked her the things like how much she is paying for tools ($100+ per month), how much is her total expense far, and how come this business does not have a normal plan, projection, etc like a normal business. I think I should give up on my friend coz she answered me like a robot. She mentioned all of her expenses she does not consider them as expenses, but rather as investments. Mind you my friend background is accounting, so it rather confused me. As far as accounting goes, if you don't put it as expense, you can only put the costs as assets, but you can't put those kind of stuffs as assets coz they're literally worthless.

      So, today I met her Emerald upline at Coffee Bean (something like Starbucks). I didn't know I was going to meet this Emerald, as previously my friend said I was going to meet his wife or what. Then 15 minutes before scheduled appointment she messaged about this Emerald shit giving me time despite his busy schedule, and I immediately mentioned I will be late when I could've made it in time. I was trying to look whether this stupid Emerald is really as busy as he says (I think not). I arrived 20 minutes late and the sack of shit hadn't arrived yet lol. Mind you our "short" time of discussion lasted for like 2 and a half hours coz the Emerald is damn busy.

      The person started giving usual bullshit of 2-5 year, 10hrs/week and I can get $10,000/month as passive income. Then he explains his statistics of 1,000 sample size is big enough to represent the whole population. I told him straight away that I've never heard those theory before and my background is Mathematics. He gave me some stupid excuses, then continue with usual Amway does everything for him, so he can concentrate on sales. Yeah, true Amway does everything for him and charge him a huge margin on their products. In the meantime he kept telling me accounting is shit and waste of time, knowing full well that I do account in my current company. If accounting is shit probably Amway should ditch it as well and pay those diamond and emerald anyhow they want hahaha ...

      He also said when he went to Emerald function in Los Angeles last year, there were few thousands of people (he mentioned only 3,000 at first, but later didn't want to be specific). I later asked him how many people are in Scamwork 21, which he answered few hundred thousands. Lol, so the foolproof system only has success rate of around 1%? And they still want to tell me it's 100% success rate?

      To be continued ....

    13. Continuing ...

      We then proceeded to compensation plan, which he explained to me in details coz I pushed really hard on that. My conclusion is, if he only has 3-4 legs at Platinum, his "passive" income should not be at $10,000, but more like $3,000 to $4,000 gross even with the bonus. What a fucking liar shit Emerald. He mentioned he has lots of downline at 3% so he can earn another 18% on them. No shit, the downline at 3% probably only spend $400 max per month, so he got like $72 from each of them. And I really doubt he has lots of 3% downline. 3% downline probably already quit after long time not making money, but losing money for buying shitty products.

      We then moved on to what they call CEP, which basically means subscription of stupid ass cd and books, and functions. They dare to tell me first that they sell those tools at costs, then when I pointed out to them, cd don't cost $6 to make. You can buy blank cd at $0.10 or maybe less. With the production costs and freight, I doubt that cd costs more than $2 per piece. Not to mention the book they lent to me costs like 5 times of Amazon's price. They then changed their tune that it is a for profit organization, need to pay office rent, employees, etc. They also said it's not about the costs, but about the quality. Wow, what is the difference in quality between the very same book from them (at $10) and from Amazon (<$2)? They then mentioned about my college degree and investment on it. Excuse me? College degree is something with value, something that is required by a lot of company to get a decent job. It's not a useless shit of cd and functions with no contents.

      I tried to close the discussion by saying I can't agree with the system that benefits from its member by a lot (basically saying it's a scam). And wow, they are very persistent on me trying some more cd and books or some of Amway products. I told them I don't want to waste time on overpriced products and that I hated those cds, can't stand listening to other cd anymore, the cds are useless and give nothing beneficial. Then they tried to force me to listen to other cds coz they have few millions of cds (OMG! are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!). I almost rolled my eyes coz $4x(few hundred thousand of members)x (few million cds) = gee no wonder Jim and Nancy Dornan and those asshole Diamonds are rich. So, I flat out told them no, no , no and NO! Yet they still tried to sold me so I just told them I won't change my mind no matter what and that their system is shit (and implying it's a scam) haha ... I think I should be free now from them. Hurray!

    14. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your story. I'll probably bring it up in a future post because its kind of fun listening to you get one over on that lying sack of shit Emerald!

      Your friend is a robot that's what happens to Amway salespeople. Amway + robot = Ambot.

      Yes in Amway they're always trying to confuse people with the numbers throwing around the big bucks to be made but when breaking it down like someone like you who is good in math can do you can point out the flaws and the lies.

      And I see how they're still using that same line about how the scammer is taking time out of his busy day to meet with little old you!

      Yup the old you spend more more for quality Amway bullshit. Good on you for pointing out what's the difference in quality from a book that sells on Amazon for $2 to one sold by Amway for $10.

      They always insult people's education choices. First off all that money went to tuition instead of tithing the great Amway god. Plus once you sign up with Amway that now makes you an automatic expert in any field - doctor, accountant, lawyer, etc. so why did you waste your money on tuition paid to a school when you can get that and more from Scamway argument.

      Love how he admitted the for profit system. And you got it. The only ones making money are those at the top of the pyramid who profit from the sales of CDs, books and tickets to hear these scammers speak to the masses about nothing in general except buy more tools message.

      Love how you summed it up. Thanks!

  5. Anybody want to have some fun? I've been getting bombarded with telemarketers lately. Some college loan thing. Spaz named Alex calls me up and starts sharpshooting me questions about continuing my Education. I stopped him mid sentence. " Alex? How would you like to make over a million smackers champ?" I'm expanding my business in a fantastic multi level marketing opportunity. Are you interested?" A pause, " uhm no, I'm sorry, I..." "That's great! I'll have one of my ibo representatives give you a call to get together for coffee! I promise you you will be richer than all your dreams.!!" " I uh.... No that's...." " come on sport, you don't want to be a non dreaming telemarketer all your life do you?" He hung up. At one point he reminded me that I was being recorded. I said " awesome! More people to hear about this great opportunity!!!" ~ never drank the koolaid.

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    1. Hey ricky you've been here before haven't you?


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